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    took Reni and Erin to the castle on Thursday, very dramatic landscapes all around.

    He proposed in small chapel and she said yes!!

    After dinner they were taken on a tour of the castle, there had been a few murders there - one a pregnant servant girl had been 'slaughtered' in what is now called the 'Red Room' because her blood was all over the walls. Probably the poor soul was pregnant to one of the nobles of the time. The stonework actually shows an outline of a pregnant woman.(natural stonework). Reni had terrible feelings in that room.

    Anyway, that night, in their own room, he had to sleep with a lamp on ALL NIGHT - he was so freaked out!!!! This is the boy who loves gothic tales and horror films.

    That's ma boy.

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    I miss the heritage there for sure. Did she say YES!

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    Have they set a date yet?

    Borthwick Cstle sounds wild and romantic and like something out of Stevenson or Scott. Is it in Midlothian?

    If only those walls could talk. How funny that Reni had to sleep with the lamp on all night. Ha, so they won't be spending their honeymoon there?

    Hope you get to stay in the Earl of Dunmore's Pineapple one of these days, Rosie!
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    she said YES, forgot about that bit!!!!

    Yes Borthwick Castle is in midlothian Ken.