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    Just stopping in to ask you the name of the 2nd Frank MCcourt Book? tried to look it up ,,Watched "Angelas Ashes" and wow was that a good one too!,,,,,,Thanks!,,,Sis

  2. rockgor

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    I have it right here: 'Tis.

    Haven't read it yet. I read the third one where he was a teacher. That was a wonderful book.

    My mother was always trying to get me to read "Angela's Ashes". I was too polite to tell her, "Isn't it enough I was an abused child? Do I have to read about kids in miserable circumstances too?"

  3. sisland

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    Oh' That's it! Thanks! And the 3rd?,,,,,,,I hear you on the Child abuse!,,,Hope your kidding tho!,,,,,,it was ok to spank kids with the belt or the leather strap when i was growing up too,,,,,,Not fun!
  4. kholmes

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    The third was Teacher Man. Best book about teaching I've ever read. Glad you enjoyed the adaptation of Angela's Ashes. Great book and movie, though grim, huh?

    Not a childhood I would have wanted. Hope Rock's was nothing like this.

    Of course, I can see some similarities between Rock's and Frank McCourt's sense of humor!
  5. rockgor

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    I see that I butted in here. When I posted I had the notion I was on one of the book threads.

    Sorry to say the home I grew up in was dysfunctional and alcoholic. No joke. My siblings and I are all depressed/crazy/maladjusted to varying degrees.

    I had hoped to break the chain of dysfunctionality, but that was hubris. I spent more time w/ my son on a weekend than my father spent w/ me in his lifetime. Nevertheless my son and I ended up estranged.

    Now, your comment about books on teaching,Ken, reminded me of "Little Aliens", a book about teaching in New York's lower east side a century ago. Anybody ever hear of it? I read it several times when I was a kid.

    I looked on the net, and this is what I found. The author was Myra Kelly who was a teacher. She came from Ireland, attended New York's Hoarce Mann school and Columbia U. teaching college. She taught at PS 147. Not sure, but I think her books are all short stories.

    Anyhoo the Los Angles Library has 7 of her books, but "Little Aliens" cannot be checked out. A couple others apparently can tho. Going to try and get one.

    A couple years ago I checked out a book that was about 100 years old. I was amazed they let me take it out. It was a book about being a Mississippi river pilot on a steamboat, and it was written by one of my ancestors/relatives. He left the job to go fight in the Civil War and never went back to it.

    Kelly died in 1910, about 34 years old.


  6. sisland

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    Not butting in Mr Rock! Don't ever think that!,,,,,,Yes talking about Grim up bringings,,,,,Mine was a mix of Strick religous Values and to never ever look bad in public no matter what the cost,,,,,,,

    My Father had a quick hand with the belt at times,,,, and since i was the youngest that meant i was at home for 4 years after the others had grown and gone,,,got to be a sounding board for his anger,,,physicaly,,,,,,oh well enough of that!

    i'm off to the library today to pick up "Into the Wild" and 'Tis,,,,,,,The 100 year old book about being a Missouri River guide sounds Wonderful Rock ,,,,Do you Know the Name of it? Thanks for the replies!,,,s
  7. kholmes

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    How dare you butt in on my thread from Sis!

    Just kidding, my friend.

    You know what Freud would say about your childhood?
    "In my humble opinion, considering it from all angles und perspectives, based on my clinical experience, dat sucks! But at least you got to spend it in Minnasoda!"

    Over on the book suggestion post, I left you a message about the MGM book. The Kelly and the river pilot books sound fascinating. The Albuquerque Library doesn't have Little Aliens--except for the kids of immigrants from Mexico. Wait, was that a racist joke?

    I'd also be interested if you can remember the name of the river pilot book.

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