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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by prachim20, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. prachim20

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    I am interested in trying keppra, maybe in a trial. Anyone been in a trial? How was it?
  2. CAAnnieB

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    Hi prachim20,

    In 2003, I was hospitalized at Stanford Hospital (Palo Alto, CA) for pain. The Dr's felt the majority of my pain was from FM. Their stance is that Narcotics are not an appropriate treatment for FM pain (in fact they told me Narcotics worsen FM pain), so while I was hospitalized, they tapered me off pain meds & onto Keppra. They have had good success with FM patients & Keppra for treating the FM pain. I was put on the maximum dose & then sent home.

    Well, I went through a terrible withdrawal period from being taken off several meds too quickly (long, sad story), but eventually I was able to take the Keppra again. Unfortunately for me, the side effects were too severe for me to remain on it. It DID seem to help my pain tho'...

    I tried several times to take Keppra, but each time brought me the side effects...The worse side effect was stomach irritation. I have been battling Chronic Gastritis for about 5 years. Most meds make my stomach worse & Keppra was no exception, so I had to stop taking it.

    Other side effects I noticed were: fatigue, lack of motivation, dizziness (at high dose)

    I find it interesting thatI was given this drug so freely back in 2003 (and at a high dose) by Stanford, yet most Dr's do not prescribe it today for FM pain! I know that UCSF was doing a clinical study on it & FM...

    Keppra is an anti-seizure Central Nervous System med...similar to Neurontin. I suppose if Dr's & patients are getting good results with the Neurontin; there's no rush to push this newer drug? Or maybe once there's an offcial clinical study published; everybody will be wanting it!

    Good luck.


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