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    Here is the latest. I went to the ER during the night with atrial fibrillation. My heart rate was 250 when I arrived.

    I wonder if some of it was that we had zero visibility most of the way in a major snowsquall. I am west of Kitchener and we get lots of them.

    After calcium channel blocker, the heart rate returned to normal(?). My heart rate is 'normally' around 100 and I teased them to not let it drop to 'real' normal. They sent me home at 4:30 am.

    The ER doctor was very rude and wanted me to discontinue the FFC supplements. I will do that (temporarily) as I am aware that my body is very sensitive to meds etc. So I will resume them gradually.

    I contacted Dr Juguilon at FFC and will also follow her direction.

    Kerrilyn, I looked up (google) OHIP and there you will find the number of a form for your doctor to sign (if you have one who will do it) BEFORE you go to FFC and OHIP will pay it. (it is too late for me) If you have problems finding it just let me know and I will look it up when I feel better. I stayed 2 days last week because I had an IV each day.

    Otherwise, everyone (ALL PATIENTS) pay FFC up front. US patients then collect from their various insurance providers.

    I know how you feel Honora (high and dry). Would it be that hard for EHC to have a doctor list of doctors who will treat. What good is a diagnosis by itself?

    I am a member of mefmaction association out of Ottawa. They provide for members a doctor list and a valuable publication bi-monthly.

    Hope this helps. I feel a nap coming on :)


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