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    I have read several posts of yours and find a lot of similarities between our experiences. Could you tell me a bit more about your problems with Dysautonomia? ~Thanks~

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    Hi Inga, sorry just happened to come along this post. If you just type in dysatuonomia on computer it should pop up. Alot of neurologist instead of using the dd word have been placing us here. Maybe to cover some face since they would not recognize fm. I did not find the best info on some of these sites. One part of it is the bodies inability to get out of the flight or fright.When it does equalize is when we get those from out of no where times that we feel better actually type of energy we should have. Also irregular pulse and when you lay down you can feel almost a back-up or heart stopage for a few seconds. It is a scary feeling.How long do you think you have had lyme. The treatment on long term antibiotics is so controvercial. When I was on doxy I was sick, but I just can`t take it for yrs. only to fall back. I am such a mess body wise from all this that I am concerned about all the other infections it opens one up to, remember it kills bacteria we need for survival. That is why doc`s normally don`t like to even use antibiotics now unless absolutely ness. Let me know your stat`s did not find on profile. I know how upsetting all this is when you can`t figure out what is going on iin your own body. I worked with one of the top researchers here and she has had to fight politics and lyme,very scary stuff.Do take care and keep me informed, I did not forget you just got lost,who am I where am I lol???? Had company and not doing very well. Hugsssssss