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    I just read your post about leaving here. I just wanted to say that when we hear what we don't like and then allow it to determine whether we stay or leave then we are giving our power to somebody else. In this case, to someone we have never even met.

    Please consider this before you make a decision to leave if you ever come to that. If you leave, you may possibly rob the one person you could have helped with your opinion or your hope, strength, and experience.

    We all have something to offer this board and somebody here has something to offer us that might just save our lives. I want to say that I always appreciate the OTHER opinion and if I am offended then I should look deep within myself and see if it hits a little too close to home. If it doesn't then I can forgive and forget and chalk it up to someone's bad moment or problem within themselves.

    I hope you stay here to offer your love.
  2. kerrymygirl

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    I appreciate your time you took to post. I was just getting those gut feelings because I am a 1 on 1 person. Feeling their body language and facial expressions. Do not get me wrong many times I only open my mouth to change feet. Also enjoy a good healthy discussion. Just some comments reminded me of my x and how he had to cut someone down instead of realizing everyone can agree to disagree without being mean. Some of this is better on chit-chat board.Since I can`t get out much I found myself here and using the phone more than I care. At the clinic I felt I was doing something to help our fellow chronic pain sufferers. They said when I touched them my hands heated up,usually always cold and they felt better, such as giving them hope and strength. Here it is just harder for me but yet. I get so much from people all over the world which still amazes me.Most are truly good,but hurting people. I am like a guy get frustrated when I can`t fix stufffff. Sweet Hugssss