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    I know exactly how you feel. The last month has been awful. My world really feel slike it is shrinking and the cold wet weather doesn't help. Friends don't understand and I am at the point where I don't even kow where to start to make new ones. I no longer work so I am pretty much housebound. It would be so nice to have someone just stop by to have a cup of tea and talk. I guess people are just so busy these days. Even my ex-pastor said people are just very busy(guess that is why he is our ex-pastor) Where do you start to develop friendships. My husband is great but he is a teacher and is sooo busy- his nights and week-ends are full of grading and preparing. His guggestion is to volunteer- but I don't see how. Some days it is such a chore to take a shower and pick up the house a little. I just want this lonlines to go away and to have my life back. How do any of you make new friends? Sorry this is so long glad to have this place because my heart feels like it is breaking.
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    Yes, I am sorry for you and so many that our worlds have become docs,treatment,searching for help,understanding and some cure. It was not that long not for probably all the pent up feelings you are harboring alone. Chronic illness is such a lonely disease. Thow in my gramma`s time the neighborhoods and friends helped each other alot more. My Gram used to tell me she would go into quarantened homes and take food and provide comfort. Now we are lucky if anyone looks 1 straight in the eye. Even when I was sick and it took everything I had I would take thanksgining or Christmas dinner to shut ins and spend time. I still go to assisted living and spend time with shut-ins. I had been helping out at pain clinic till last accident. Counciled and did work up on alot of fm pt. I had alot happen,as I mentioned before, so now it is just me,trying to get better with too many failures. That is lonely and depressing,like yo-yo dieting sets 1 up,happy your better than bang.My world is too small for me to fit. What happened to the days when people cared about each other and not just themselves?? I hope you have better days to come. Hugssss