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    Oh no offense, but I wanted just to make clear that my Dh does read posts as he is disabled and at home with me. I also recently asked him to type some dictated messages that needed urgent replies,when my back was out, even though I realise now I should not have done that.

    I hope this does not make me suspicious as you said that anyone invoolving a Dh would. Can you excuse me please? I feel badly you may find that odd.

    Love and again no offence,

    Anne C
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    fOR UNDERSTANDING. It is OK I went to bed at 7.45 and did not read any other post you may have sent.

    I am British and we are a very polite lot, we older Brits, and VERY "proper", if I say, "no offense", then I do mean that most sincerely. I am sorry that people have been sarcastic towards you. I would never do that to anyone, on the boards or off. If that happens I think you should let the Moderators know as that serves no purpose and is always hurtful.

    As I was a psychologist for many years, there are some posts that I feel need a quick answer. It is an area of expertise I think I can really help in.

    Although I was resting my bad back, there were a couple of urgent posts I wanted to answer, also one lady who was worried about stomach polyps. I guess I could have got Dan to just type them and sign my name, but I thought that was dishonest, so I dictated and he typed. I won't do that again.

    If you checked my posts you will indeed see, and thanks for mentioning it, that I am always positive, concerned, trying to encourage healing and positive solutions. I really hate it when people leap onto these negative postings and encourage more negativity as all it does is create more anguish. I can see you feel this way too.

    I wrote to you as I felt that because I mention Dan quite a lot, and had him help me type, (which is not allowed really as I now understand it)and because you had said that Dh comment, then people may lump me in with these awful hoaxers. Those who know me won't I know that.

    My only concern is that anyone who read the post in the long Munchausens Posts,who does not know me, may now think that anyone who mentions or involves a Dh is somehow suspect, and I don't know how to fix that.

    Maybe I should go back to the site and say something there or maybe you could edit that letter to make that a little clearer. I do worry about what people think.

    I will try and alter my profile to reflect more on the life I have, which despite many obstacles, is pretty good.

    Thank you for replying, Anne C
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