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    Ketamine? Is this a good choice for a drug. Recent stuides are being done on this for uses with person's with FMS. Isn't this the drug with a street name of "special K". Seems dangerous to me. Anyone tried or considered?
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    I looked Ketamine up on line and this is what i found. I hope it will be a help to you. If you are looking for a nerve block to help your pain I have heard of people using neurotin. But anytime you try something like that it can be dangerous and I don't know if your doctor would agree to you taking it.

    Ketamine is an anaesthetic used primarily for veterinary purposes. Ketamine blocks nerve paths without depressing respiratory and circulatory functions, and therefore acts as a safe and reliable anaesthetic. It is commonly injected intramuscularly, but can also be taken orally and nasal pharyngealically. Ketamine is only available to physicians, and is not commonly sold as an illicit drug, and is scheduled in several states. [Erowid Note: Ketamine was placed in Schedule III in August, 1999 making it illegal to possess in the United States without a license or prescription.] The most common trade name for Ketamine are Ketaset and Ketalar, which are intramuscular veterinary Ketamine HCls.

    I wish you the best in looking for somethingto help your pain

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    My pain specialist uses this on himself when he is in severe pain. He says it's the only thing that works for him. He's had a number of spine surgeries. I don't think he practices when he's treating himself with this though. Usually the does tai-chi (sp?) and swims to keep his muscles strong but when he gets jammed up, it's Ketamine.

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