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    Did anyone see the last episode of "HOUSE"? He mentioned ketamine and I knew I had seen some research on it and that it can reset the pain signals to normal in some patients. They did mention in the program that a lot of research has been done in Germany with ketamine. Here is one article I found.

    Analgesic effect of ketamine in a patient with neuropathic pain].
    We report the effect of a single daily dose of ketamine in a 54 year old woman with fibromyalgia and severe post-traumatic neuropathic pain. A number of different approaches for pain relief had been tried with little effect. An intramuscular test dose of 0.4 mg/kg ketamine combined with 0.05 mg/kg midazolam lead to analgesia which lasted for almost two days. Long-term analgesia was also obtained by 250 mg/kg ketamine hydrochloride taken orally in the form of capsules every night at bedtime. The patient has now used this dose for nine months.

    Ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist. A single sub-anaesthetic dose of ketamine causes a long-term depression of pain intensity in some, but not in all, patients suffering chronic pain. This effect is distinctly different from the short-lasting (10-30 min) analgesic effect in cases of acute nociceptive pain. The long-term depression of the intensity of chronic pain states may be due to a reversal of NMDA receptor-dependent long-term potentiation of synapses in central pain pathways. By giving ketamine as a single dose at night the mental side-effects are reduced or avoided.

    Oye I, Rabben T, Fagerlund TH
    Farmakologisk Institutt, Blindern, Oslo.
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 1996 Oct 30;116(26):3130-3131 [Article in Norwegian]

    Has anyone tried this type of therapy and has it worked long-term?

    Take care, Sally

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    Bump. Anyone from Australia? I think they have used this more in Australia than in the US.

    Thanks, Sally
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    matthewson New Member

    I guess everyone that has done low-dose ketamine therapy must be cured and not on this board! LOL

    Take care, Sally
  4. matthewson

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    Oxycontin is being abused by drug addicts, but it has helped numerous people on this site. Xyrem is known as the "date rape drug" but it is being used for treatment of narcolepsy and also as an off-label treatment for FMS. Just because a medication can be abused doesn't mean that it doesn't have any indications for use in the treatment of chronic pain.

    If you google ketamine and fibromyalgia, you will come up with some interesting articles. Try adding fibromyalgia to your google search.

    Take care, Sally

    Interesting enough, some people HAVE been cured with ketamine therapy. It supposedly resets the pain signal mechanisms. Ketamine therapy has been used for RSD, which is very resistant to treatment.
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    I was given ketamine during my c-section when my incompetant dr thought he cut my bladder. I thought I was dead because I kept seeing the bright light. When I finally cleared out of that I was told it is the legal form of LSD. I did not like it one bit.

    I have worked in an ER and I know that ketamine is used for kids for conscious sedation to reset broken bones. I have since been told by other Dr's that it is not very good to use ketamine on adults.

    I am just giving my experiences with it. I would have much rather had something knock me out instead of that yucky feeling. The way the portrayed him not knowing what was real and what wasnt is very true it messes with your mind.

    Good luck
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    The newest research shows that ketamine injections work on medication resistant depression.

    I've suffered enough so that I would be more than willing to try ketamine, either to reset my brain to relieve the constant pain, or to manage the symptoms of depression. Once I've done a little more research I'm going to start contacting the local medical schools to see if these treatments are available anywhere near me.

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    Had no idea there was research going on. I tried it by mistake over 15 years ago and it cleared my symptoms for over 2 weeks. I had no idea you can get it in a pill. Anyone suggestion on getting this treatment would be greatly appreciated. It is not just the pain it cleared but brain fog,memory loss, depression, you name it. I was back to my old self years ago. I think there is a lot of potential with this drug.
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    xyrem is not being used to "cure"fibromyalgia it is being used to help with dr suggested it to me because I have tried everything and this is my last choice. I am putting it off just because I have heard that it really knocks you out and you have to get up and take the 2nd dose after 4 hours. But I have read reports that it has helped tremendously.
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    I have FM/MPS complex, CFIDS/M.E., now Lyme, etc. for many, many years and am 32.

    I was given INTRAVENOUS Ketamine by a very credible doctor six years ago which was very experimental, and not only did it not touch my pain one bit, but it made me feel "depression" which I actually don't have in the primary or secondary form. Apparently, temporary depression is a rare side effect.

    So, I took two weeks off and tried it again only to have the same reaction of "depression" for a good three days. Now I have an idea of how people with clinical depression feel. Those uncontrollable thoughts are awful. My heart goes out to you all who suffer from depression. I've got the 24/7, incessant head pain...If it's not one thing, it's another.

    For those who don't know, Ketamine is the legal version of "Special K" which people take in clubs illegally.

    I'm far from being "cured" or even close to remission, but I'm much better from my other treatments. Ketamine is not on my "happy" list. lol

    LB32 (Leeza)

    There is a doctor in Italy who tried very low doses of arsenic for his dying wife with M.E. (yes, dying from M.E.) which "cured" her or basically put her into remission. This was easily five years ago. It's very controversial as you can imagine. I guess it would make some sense that a toxin/chemical would or COULD kill off a toxin/chemical (s) in our bodies...? Hm...deep thought for the day. lol
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    Arsenic is actually used in Equine Veterinary medicine.
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    I had no idea arsenic was used for equine veterinary medicine. I know of one other case of an individual getting the same arsenic protocol (one of my doctors did it as a favor to the Italian doctor) who reacted favorably. Of course, I can understand why a doctor would not want to pursue this route. It's dangerous and controversial. I did, however, beg my doc (this one in particular out of my many) to try it on me, and he/she said that he'd/she'd rather see me alive with these illnesses and laughing (laughter is some good old fashion medicine) than possibly dead. LOL

    We just have to hang in there and share whatever we know. I'm certainly not giving up at 32 years "young." haha I could say I "lost" most of my twenties, but I did gain a lot of knowledge and "strength" and have come a long way like so many here.

    Ok - enough of my novelas...Can you tell I was a former English major?!?!? Hard to believe at times. lol

    LB32 (Leeza)
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    Arsenic is sometimes used to treat lameness, and to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in HORSES. TRUE ! Read it here. Oh, hell, this is so good, it deserves its' own post, don't you think?
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    Thanks for sharing the article. Ever since I knew about the PWME/PWC in Italy who was treated with arsenic by her doctor husband, I've wondered how it worked...

    Glad you made a new post!

    LB32 (Leeza)

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