keys locked in car, moved this weekend update

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    We'll we are finally moved in, I thought locking the keys int he car was the end of the world. I wanted to have one day this weekend to relaxe after all this moving, but that did not happen. Do not get me wrong. I did no lifting etc, only packign boxes but little did I know what Sunday would bring me.

    We have two dogs one a blue healer and the other a lasa-poo.
    The lasa-poo is about 16 years old and the blue healer is 3. The blue healer was very scared about moving and acting very funny on Sunday and wanted to leave out the door and jump in the car or the moving truck every chance she could get.

    I guess the older dog did something to make the younger one upset and all the sudden the younger dog had the older one by the head and was biting him. My husband tried pulling them apart and stuck his hand in. All the sudden all I was seeing was blood from the older dog and blood on my husband, and the younger dog was thrown out the back door. After looking closer my husband had his pinky finger basically hanging and the older dogs head was ripped clear open. I had to take my husband to the hospital and had my father come over to tend to the dog.

    The dog really needs stiches rigth now, but I can't take him in. We barely are making ends meet right now. So I am tending to his wound. My husband is doing better but he is in alot of pain. I am sure the dog is also.

    So to let everyone know I did not get much sleep yesterday. Is was spent on worrying about my dog and my husband.

    The other dog is still at home. She is normally so gentle. she is our 60 pound lap dog LOL. She was scared. We are keeping her confined right now though until she adjusts.

    Please pray for myy husband and my dog that they will heal quickly so we can get things back in order.

    Thank you all,


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    I admire your strength! I don't think I could move if I had to. I believe I would burn everything first :) Isn't that always the way, you have the stress of moving, and then have to deal with all the extra stuff. Change can be so hard on animals. I wish your hubby, you and the sweet dogies a quick rebound. God Bless You!
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    For all the thoughts.

    I did contact the Humane Society and they said they had no vets that they could suggest that would help with a payment plan. I also asked for suggestions and they had none.

    I then decided to contact our vet that we have used for several surgeries for our older dog in the past to see what they would do, and they said to bring him in. I have an appointment for him at 4:00 tomorrow evening( the earliest they had) they said until then to continue what I have been doing and just keep an eye on him. I guess they said they will determine what he needs done at the time I take him in.

    The vet said he will work something out with us.

    They have not done that in the past so I did not think if them at all when this came up.

    Thanks again, I will update you probably on Thursday on what the vet tells me tomorrow.
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    I feel so bad for you. I understand the point that you are at right now. I hate to be the realist of the group - especially since I am the animal lovequeen over here.

    The first thing you need to do is get the office manager on the phone and find out HOW MUCH THIS VISIT WITH ANTIBIOTICS IS EXPECTED TO COST!!! Then find out EXACTLY what the payment options will be and you want that contract in writing. (this avoids hassles is your bill accidently gets sent to a collection agency because they got a new billing clerk or something.)

    Second thing you need to do is evaluate your situation. I know you love your dog - that's not being questioned.

    You're dog is 16 years old. How much more time do you honestly believe that he has left?

    How tight are your finances? Can you truly afford to do this right now? Can you shave his head and use butterfly badages to close the wound? Can you provide adequate home care of peroxide cleansing 3x a day and antibiotic ointments (the oily kind) to protect the wound? Do you have a way of keeping those furry little paws off his itchy head? If you don't have a plastic collar a Country Crock container can be used. Cut a whole in the bottom and stick it on his head.

    I've doctored and nursed back to life more pets than I want to count to spare the hardship of vet bills. There are many things you can do at home. Unfotunately there are some things you can't.

    We lost Amber's cat to kidney stones. We got to the vet too late on a Saturday afternoon to save him. The vet refused to put in a catheter and let me bring him home even tho I was willing to waive all wrongdoing if he died. There was no one there on Sunday and I did not have $1,500 to take him to the emergency clinc. It would've cost me $150 if his vet would've seen him. That one zero makes a real big difference. It cost me $40 to have him put down because there was no way in he77 that I was going to take him home to suffer and die slowly.

    I wish you the best and hope that everything turns out alright.