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    Good morning,
    You are in my thoughts and heart today. Hope it's a good one.

    You replyed to several of my post, and i didn't give you a personal reply back.
    I like your picture with your sweet dog.

    My kitty is looking better and healtier already, and his diahrea is clearing up, yeah!

    It's pretty good when we feel like we rescued the kitty from the rescue home!!LOL

    We went back to that rescue place yesterday, to give them some rabbit cages so they had more room. And came home with another critter.

    A little black lionhead bunny. My son named her froggy.

    Do you have any words of wisdom for our Tam??

    May the Lord Bless you today,
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    bumping for you to read!!
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    I just have to tell you that tears welled up in my eyes when I read this

    I had just read and answered Tams post and was praying that what I said was ok and that it may in some way help her. You see, I too was in a similar situation , so I just shared my heart and my story with her. I pray it will in some way help her.

    I am out of that relation now and in a beautiful wonderful relation, that I know I am truly blessed to have. I was in a bad one 17 years and it does break your heart, change you into a different person to live like that. I am so glad I can live with joy in my marriage now, I can only wish that for all people, since life is just so short.

    I am so glad you help the animals for they are so special. I had to help my puppy through a very hard time of it. She was bought in a Pet Shop and she was very sick. I nursed her through a 4 month period, she also had to have surgery, but she pulled through. She is now a beautiful 1 1/2 year old full of life.
    Thank you for doing the work you do with animals and taking them in yourself.

    I try to volunteer off and on for a womans shelter near me. They need so many things and all the help they can get, I am just not always feeling well enough.

    God Bless you in all you do and may the Lord be with you and your family


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    Just want you to know i read this, and thanks for the
    hug, and blessings,

    Body's telling me to go to bed, so i'll catch ya here again tomorrow.

    Sleep well,