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    It's supposed to be a good Lyme story. Go to Lymenet for details:;f=1;t=057807

    Link to more info about Brooke:
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    she is so right!

    I hope this story gets lots more publicity!

    Thanks Munch!
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    I read the article. What is the "experimental medical treatment" that saved her life and may have cost her Dr. his medical license? I will not be able to watch, as I do work and have not come into the modern age of TiVo (will try to remember to set VCR). Please post if anyone sees the show and/or knows the answer.
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    it will be long-term abx and HBOT, as they did mention those 2 and showed her continuing to get IVs weekly.

    I don't get 'local' network channels on basic satellite package, so there's no way I'll be able to watch it :( - unless one of the others picks it up, like CNN. I'm hoping a friend may be able to tape it for me... hope somebody here can get up at that ungodly hour to watch it!!!

    all the best,

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    and their doctor did not take 'sides' as to whether or not Lyme can persist, and he certainly sounded open to it...

    but the accompanying article really sucked! It did not offer the alternative viewpoint as being credible in any way nor did it give as a source for more info.

    You can see it here:

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    I was disappointed in what they aired. Camp A must have way more $$$$$$$ than Camp B. I'm disappointed that the truth doesn't make it on TV.