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    I see you are doing well,new wife, new home, it will all settle down soon tho.

    I saw on tv last about a "cat walk" on the Hopi reservation of the grand canyon in AZ. Do you live close to that? It looked so cool just to walk over the canyaon and look down a place when 3 empire state buidling could stand on top of each.

    I haven't been posting a lot myself, trying to go glass work and finish the last major project on my house, a screened in back porch.

    I am very happy for you and look forward to some games when things settle down.Carla
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    Much thanks!

    I hope you post a picture of your glass work. And your screened-in porch sounds like a great place to sit and drink coffee in the morning this summer.

    You'd think the Grand Canyon would be close to me, since I live just one state over. But the new skyway is on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, on the far western side of the Grand Canyon, so that's about 450 miles from Albuquerque, where I live.

    I hiked from the rim to the river years ago, and once took some Navajo kids backpacking to Havasupai, an Indian village in the Grand Canyon where there are beautiful waterfalls. Havasupai has no roads going to it and is the only place in the country where US mail is still delivered by burros!

    Environmentalist and hardcore Native Hualapais don't like the idea of putting such an object as the skyway on sacred land, but many more think it will help the struggling Hualapi people.

    I think it's a much better idea for the tribe than other ways of making money (i.e. building a casino), and the Grand Canyon is so big that the skyway is an extremely tiny blight on the land in comparison, and a much less intrusive one than the helicopters, trains, hotels, and RVs full of tourists that are always swarming the south rim of the canyon.

    I also think it looks thrilling. If I were up to it, I'd go see it, and ride my scooter out on to it!

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