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    I guess you must have watched today and the victory ride to Paris...

    Yes, I believe he is from San Diego, but I didn't know the other things about his family and him. And to think he's going to have a new hip in the very near age 30. Amazing.

    It was neat to see his daughter with him, and all the other children of the winners there with their dads. A very neat thing.

    My husband has been a cyclist for many years and my son actually rode in the nationals with Lance Armstrong when they were both 16. Of course, many did, but my son likes to boast that he beat Lance...Lance had a breakdown or an accident that prevented him from finishing.

    Truly inspiring stories of these men overcoming great physical difficulties to win. It was so great to hear the "Star Spangled Banner" play in Paris.

    We are looking forward to the new tour of CA next year.

    Nice talking to you about this.

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    I wouldn't have missed the ride into Paris this morning for the world! I started watching at 7 am, mountain time.

    The furious sprint around the Champs Elysees was spectacular, and I'm glad Tor Hushovd, who was injured by the big yellow hand early in the race, won the stage. So in about fifteen minutes, I'm going to watch it again (on OLN), with Al Trautwig and Bob Roll doing commentary. I spent the spring of 1986 in Paris, on a semester abroad, and I wore out several pairs of shoes, walking around that city. I got to live with a French family about an hour's walk south of the Eiffel Tower.

    After three weeks, Al, Bob, Paul, and Phil start to seem like old friends. It's really too bad more Americans didn't tune in to this incredible sporting event.

    Floyd Landis's story is remarkable, isn't it? I'm hoping he'll be able to ride just as well with his new hip. Was that his daughter? I wasn't sure. I can't believe another American won--and with a great comeback story. I'm not sure whose comeback is more inspiring: Greg Lemond's, Lance's, or Floyd's.

    It was hilarious to see Robbie McEwans's son, Ewan McEwan, in the full-size green jersey. And Michael Rasmussin's son, too, in the polka dot jersey.

    That's neat that your husband once rode in a race with Lance--and beat him, too! Talk about bragging rights. I've done a bit of mountain bike racing, but never road bike racing.

    Where is the Tour of California held? That sounds like an intereresting new race. It's too bad bicycle racing isn't big here like it is in France or Italy.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the race, too!

    Vive Le Tour!

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    I especially loved the guys with their kids! That was so great. Yes, that was Floyd's daughter. He started young, it seems.

    He is such an unassuming person; it is a pleasure to listen to him and to watch him...and he's so good. His story is great. I know people who have had joint replacements, and with the new technology and his youth and perserverance, I think he will be able pick up where he has left off....but with less pain.

    My SON...not my husband...rode with Lance. My husband is a cyclist but fast approaching 60 just like me; however, I'm a little behind him. (-:

    I do love watching cycling, and I don't know where the Tour of California is. I believe its first year was this year, and they advertised that it will take place in February of next year. I will be looking forward to that...hope we might be able to see some of it.

    Vive the is an amazing race and the winner has to be an outstanding individual athlete and team player. Don't know many other sports events that require what this amount of both.

    Take care!
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    rode with Lance! Sorry; I don't read as carefully when I get tired. :)

    I'm surprised that that was Floyd's daughter, but it's neat to see the media respect his privacy. I hope Floyd remains the soft-spoken, unassuming hero he's been. It was great to see a race in which riders were riding drug-free, at least relatively. I hope Floyd can continue riding just as well with his new hip.

    If you're missing France already, the Evian Masters golf tournament is on starting Wednesday evening, and going through this weekend. I've actually really gotten into women's golf: with great players such as Annika Sorenstam, Michelle Wie, and Paula Creamer. Last year's tournament was held at a beautiful golf course near Lake Geneva. The women's tournaments have been more interesting than the mens', except perhaps for the British Open this past weekend.


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