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    Sorry to worry you. My heart gave a squeaking lurch when I read people thought I might be sicker - or worse. I won't let it happen again. Thank you for the idea to get dad to go to another computer and explain where I am if this one doesn't work.

    How are you, Holmes? What's happened these two or so weeks? I noticed you put up a new pic in your profile. Wherever it is, that's where I want my next vacation to be. ;) I love the way the clouds curl around the base of that thing.

    I forget when this happened, but a few weeks ago it was a cool 5am with the sun just beginning to lighten the sky (I had been up all night) and I decided on a short walk. Blame it on the cabin fever. I walked down the path behind our house. I was the only one out there that early. I noticed all the little flowers, trying to remember every detail of the land and what my shadow on grass looked like. Then I felt like I had reached the end of a tether and could go no further.

    I was worried that I would fall, and looked at the grass to see if there was a place to lie down. The far end of the walking trail was just a few meters away, but I couldn't picture going forward. I turned on the spot. The sight of the ground moving under my feet was making me dizzy, so I paced out most of the rest of the way back to the house with my eyes shut. My body was tense to keep from falling. I made it back. A friend told me later that I shouldn't try to walk alone in my condition. The incident takes on a humbling shade in my mind.

    Where's your bio info, K? I don't remember what state you are in. Buzzzzzzzzzzz, if you get my meaning. ;) Don't bee shy. Okay, I'm up too late!!!!!!! :D
    (((hugs))) Shannon
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    Someone posted a news story about a 32-year-old woman in the UK who died of "complications from ME/CFS" and even though I was initially certain that your computer had gone out, the thought crept into my mind that maybe something happened to you as well. Silly, huh? But I guess it does show how people can come to mean a lot to you, even in the virtual world.

    A walk, and outside, on grass! That's wonderful--although your friend is probably right about you walking alone.
    I'm glad you made it back okay.

    I'm glad you're able to play your guitar a little bit. What are you playing?

    I bought a reclining camp chair and a camping cot at KMART, but I haven't really used them yet. Still haven't acquired the scooter yet, but my doctor has put in a request to my insurance company. They're likely to reject the claim, since I can walk very short distances.

    Since you've been gone, I've been doing the usual: reading a lot, writing and playing my guitar some. Some of my former students have stopped by to visit. That's been great because I definitely wouldn't have been up for having company last summer, and I feel like they actually miss me and like stopping by to talk , rather than just feel like they're paying a visit to a disabled person.

    One of them, Luis, lent me his Sony Playstation 2 and a dozen games. While I ordered cheeseless pizza for us all, Luis and his girlfriend, Katie, taught me how to play the game, Katamari Damacy, a strange Japanese game in which you propel this giant ball around, collecting all sorts of odd objects as you go.

    Another student invited me to his seventeenth birthday party, and I actually made it out to that, wheelchair and all. Instead of receiving gifts, he wanted to give out gifts. So he gave me the 1970s western, THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE, on DVD. I'm glad I made it to his party, but I've been feeling a bit worse this week as a result of going, I think.

    I've been getting accupuncture and taking a lot of Chinese herbs, but it's too early to tell if they're helping or not.

    I updated my profile. I'm not sure what happened to it. I must have deleted it by accident.

    I'll definitely be BUZZING some time soon!


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    Sorry I took so long to write back. It's been tough getting used to the computer again. I get tired and sore faster than before. Today I've been able to write more, though.

    Sounds like you've had some good times these weeks. You must be an awesome english teacher to have such good students sticking with you. You're not just a sick person! :) I'm glad you got to go to the party too. Did he let anyone give him presents?

    I'm glad your bio is back up. Did you have to write it over again? I'm thinking of updating mine too. I've been here since last August. I've changed quite a bit in that time, for the better, of course. It's been a great place for me. And I'm glad to be able to use the computer longer tonight.

    Hope the insurance company will give you the scooter! What do you think of the acupuncture and herbs? I did acupuncture for several weeks last year, and, as best I can tell, it helped me for awhile. I loved having something to get out of the house for that was a quiet, lying down activity. ;) They had an aquarium too.

    On the guitar, I'm playing a few basic chords with difficulty. But that I can do anything at all is encouraging. I'm getting the slightest whisper of callouses on my fingers. Ah, yes, I'm poking them proudly now. :) I have a book of religious songs that gives the chords for guitar, so I'm working with that. It's good to have something that I remember the tunes for. I made up a couple of songs too. There's one about an 1800s brakeman who gets mangled in a railway accident that's not too hard to play. A good "poor me" song for when one's needed. So, it's true, I'm a just a beginner. But I like it. I still have my recorders to play as well. I have eight of them now. Five of them are stuffed into the couch cushions where I rest during the day for easy access. :) And yes, I do need that many. They each sound a little different.

    Would you like to exchange addresses so that we can mail eachother? I think we would have to meet in an empty chat room here at an arranged time, and then we would exchange e-mail, and then we could e-mail the addresses.

    Don't worry about me dying. Docs say my heart is fine, as best they can hear. I worry about people dying too. Not as much as I used to. I would always think dad would die if he was out too late. But he's doing well. He keeps wanting me to see his chiropracter (I think I mentioned this before). Dad had a lot of neck trauma from old injuries and a car accident, and he felt much better after everything was in order again. Dad just won't quit looking for things to help me. He's been talking to his naturopath about me. She's supposed to be a very good one.

    Have you been reading much lately? I've resumed plodding through a 600 page book of folk tales from around the world, along with my usual fare of juvenile fiction. I like folk tales because they're written in such a clear and brief way, and in that short space they manage to move a person and make a good point. (I once joked to someone that the point of Hansel and Gretel was, "Don't take candy from strangers!" But it's got a lot more going on now that I read it again.)

    Take care.
    (((hugs))) Shannon
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    You're idea of pretending you're 95 and then being thankful for all of the things you CAN do has to be one of the coolest ways of dealing with this illness that I've heard of.

    My student with the birthday didn't let anyone give him presents. But I brought some flowers for his mom for hosting the party. I guess I've been very fortunate to have had some great students.

    No progress on the scooter yet, though my doctor did put in the request to my insurance company.

    I did have to rewrite my bio. Somehow, I must have deleted it when I was switching photos, but I'm not sure how.

    So far, it doesn't feel like the accupuncture and herbs are really helping, but like you, I greatly enjoy the trip out, and the DOM really listens to me. None of my symptoms surprise or puzzle her. She has a tendency to find pressure points, though, that hurt when she sticks the needles in. But it is quiet and soothing, and I love it when she gives me a little back massage when we're done.

    It's great that you're playing religious songs on your guitar. Does your guitar have nylon or steel strings?

    Have you written down any lyrics to your songs? I'd love to hear the "1800s mangled brakeman song." What chords are you playing?

    Eight recorders! That's an impressive collection. A Navajo friend once taught me how to play a few notes on a Navajo flute, but I was terrible at it.

    I'd love to exchange e-mail addresses. I think we're in the same time zone. When would be a good time for you to meet in the chat room? I've never actually been in there. Please don't say 3:30 in the morning!

    From 8am until around 1:30pm, I tend to be out in the living room, laying on the recliner, rather than in the bedroom, where my computer is. I'm usually on here sporadically in the afternoon and evening.

    I'm still reading a lot: the autobiography of Charlie Chaplin; a Hardy Boys book; a Christian book called THE GOOD LIFE, by Charles Colson. For some reason, I've been reading a chapter a day in different books, rather than sticking with one at a time.

    My aunt also sent me an unpublished novel she wrote, about my grandma and my grandma's best friend, when they lived here in Albuquerque back in the seventies. My aunt calls it a mystery in the "Chick-Lit" genre: in the book, my grandma and her best friend discover a dead body out in a high desert canyon north of Albuquerqe and try to figure out who killed the man. It's fun to read, especially with my grandma as a protagonist!

    Looks like we're getting some enthusiastic readers of our online story.

    Bee happy.

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    My brother calls me Shannons. That's because my brothers are twins, and I used to reffer to them in plural. Guys! Brothers! Then they started doing it to me. Then Dave started calling his brother "Craigles" and Craig called his brother "Davids." Wacky, the whole lot of us. Thought it would make you smile. :)

    Ah, the brakeman song. I didn't write it. Looking back on my post it does sound like I meant it that way. It goes:

    Only a poor mangled being
    Nobody knew what's his name
    And they burried him out my the wayside
    In a rustic ply coffin and clay

    Only a brakeman, gone on before
    Only a brakeman we'll never see more
    He was doing his duty on the old (Texas train???)
    Now he is sleeping on the old state plain

    It was written back in the days when the railroad was new. I love folk songs like that, because they're really about things. Times, places, people, every feeling in the book. (Pop music to me sounds like the same love song over and over again!)

    I also know some other sad railway songs. It was a good set of tapes for me, "Western Railroad Songs," because I didn't know any sad songs before I had it. Even when I'm cheerful, I find myself belting out, "... and Baby's cries can't waken her/In the baggage coach ahead!" And then when I'm sad or trapped on the floor (this hasn't happened for a long time now, thankfully) I creak out, "There's a bluebird on your windowsill, there's a rainbow in your sky! They're happy thoughts your heart to fill, dear, enough to make you cry!" It all evens out with me. :)

    The songs I wrote were one about feeling left out, and an up-tempo one about finding redeeming qualities in people who appear to be jerks:

    Did they brush their teeth today?
    Did they not moon you on the bus?
    Did they give a dime to charity when they bought their coffee cup?
    Did they not do things illegal
    That they know they shouldn't do?
    Well then there's good in all of us
    And there's even good in you!

    It's a funny one. It's a lot of work to make a song, so I just have the two so far. I can play the usual chords: C, C7, G, G7, the A chords, the D chords, the E chords, and even the dreaded F chord. Just enough to get by and play most pop music. ;) Many pop songs can be played in just three chords. I have a chart that shows me which ones to play.

    My guitar has steel strings. I wanted to get a scaled-down classical guitar, but I'm getting used to Dad's big tough one. I'm frugal, I suppose. I still want my little one some day.

    Glad your bio's back in place. I liked the picture you had on with your patterned blanket, Peanut (did I remember right?) and laptop. My scanner's not up to the task, or I'd put myself on. I got dad to take some pictures of me last month. I was all dressed up for the dentist.

    Glad you're reading. :) I'm still reading my usual mix. I actually read through "The Rape of the Lock" by Alexander Pope - as much as was quoted in my poetry book. I have a goal to read the whole book through without skipping. Then I will know I can do anything! ;) Isn't it strange how everybody stopped rhyming in the 20th century though? Why did it happen, Teach?

    Right now I'm increasing my Bible study. Usually I read a portion of the Bible every night with the help of a Bible study aid, and pray a whole lot all through the day. Now I've introduced a morning study time, for the time between when I take my morning pills and when I can have breakfast. My goal is to learn the the Bible well enough to be able to share it with other people. What do you think?

    I remember I read a Hardy Boys book once. It had a gila monster in it, and they were pretty scared of it at first! Tell me, have you ever read any of the Tarzan books? I read Tarzan and the Lost City of Gold, and it killed an afternoon time most agreeably. :) The Chaplain biography sounds good. I love that part in one of his films where a girl rejects him, and then you see just the back of him, with his shoulders shaking, as if he is crying his heart out over her. It went on for several seconds until I felt a hot spring of pity open up for the poor guy. Then... he turned around, and you could see that he wasn't crying at all. He was casually shaking up a drink for himself! Love that guy.

    Sounds like your aunt has created a treasure. I hope you have a great time reading it. My Uncle Max, who made me Princess of the Land of Zoom when I was a mere hatchling, was writing his autobiography. He's a wonderful man. I hope I will get to read it some day. Last time I talked to him, he told me what the dewdrops looked like on the wild roses outside his boyhood home - and he's about eighty years old.

    Glad you'd like to keep in touch. My smilies aren't big enough for that. :) See? My real smile is TWICE that big! lol Okay, what I'll do is I'll see which chat room is the emptiest, and that's the one we can meet in. How about this Friday night (the 30th) and 7pm mountain time? Let's wait around till 7:10pm in case one of us is late. If someone doesn't show by then, we can do it another night. I'll have a look at the rooms after I write this and pick one.

    I'm glad you like my old person attitude. Kind of stopped the thread though, didn't it? lol

    I'll be thinking what to do next with the bee story. Would you like it to be longer, or should I wrap it up? You will be starting the next one, of course. :D I'm very excited to see what you will do.

    Well, bedtime for me. T.C.
    (((hugs))) Shannon
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    My computer won't let me into the chat rooms. This happened last time we had it fixed. I'm supposed to go to some website and enable something, but I will have to call the computer guy and ask him to help me with that. Well, I've got till Friday. Dad's going to Kelowna again this weekend to sing in Westside Daze, so if I'm quiet over the weekend, it's the ol' computer acting up and needing a brain transplant again. :) I think this will be easy to straighten out though.

    I forgot to say, I hope the acupuncture will get to hurt less over time. My first time going, it hurt so much that I cried (even though the lady said, "It CAN'T hurt THAT much!" Hah!), and then it hurt even more AFTER the needles were removed. But it hurt less every time I went, and there were some spots we just plain avoided for awhile.
    ((x)) Shannon :)
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    It will probably be next week before I am awake in the evening again... well, let's sit on the chat room for now. Till this stabilises, I'll be waking up after you go to bed. Night time is the best for typing, so I hope I can hang out here more these nights. Sorry.
    (( )) Shannon
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    Next week, or any time thereafter, would be fine to meet up in the chat room. I'm pretty flexible, except for your Kung Fu hours and the Everest climbing expedition I have coming up. ;)

    How about putting an end on our Bee story and then let's start a new one? It seems like it's run its course.

    I've never read any of the Tarzan/Edgar Rice Burroughs books. I may have to check out the Lost City of Gold one. The Hardy Boys Gila Monster incident doesn't sound familiar, though I read them all as a kid. In one book, I remember an old man climbing a mountain in Greece or somewhere like that, and Frank and Joe Hardy being impressed with how he climbed so easily while they got so winded, even though they were far younger. I'm tempted to go through the whole series again just to try to find that one incident again.

    Have you ever read Virginia Woolf's essay, "On Being Ill"? I don't know if you can find it online, but I think you'd really like it. She was an amazing writer.

    I'll have to find the picture of me, Peanut (you remembered right), and my laptop. Maybe one of your brothers can get your scanner working, and you can post your dentist trip photo one of these days!

    I love the kind of old-time folk songs you are playing. My Dad sang and played many songs like that when I was a kid, and I've got hooked on them now, too, even though in my high school years, I would have been more likely to be listening to Led Zeppelin, The Clash, or the Sex Pistols. I love the clarity and simplicity of traditional folk lyrics, the sense of gentleness, and the fact that so many of the old songs tell great stories.

    I like the lyrics to your "Jerk" song. I wish I could hear you singing it!

    I'm also impressed with your Bible reading and memorization. Have you heard of the "One Year" Bibles? You can get them in almost any translation: King James, Living, Revised Standard, NIV,... Each day, they give you a bit of the Old testament, a psalm, some proverbs, and a bit of the New, and in one year, you've read the whole Bible! I tried starting at Genesis and reading sequentially once, but gave it up somewhere in Numbers. But when I found the One Year Bibles, I read the Living and the NIV during two different years.

    Did you know that just west of you is the new iconography of the American west? It seems like every new western film that comes out these days (Kevin Costner's OPEN RANGE, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, and the recent TV western with Robert Duvall, BROKEN TRAIL) was shot just west of Calgary. Heavenly country, which I wish you could romp around in, but Alberta must offer some whopping tax credits to American filmmakers.

    Hugs, Shannons!


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    The Bee Story has buzzed it's last!

    I loved your telling of Celeste scaring away the lizard and watching lightening. You know what's funny? I still don't know whether Toby was a dog or a boy! lol I mean, it COULD go either way, right? :D I was wondering if I would find out which one he was, and hoping to hear more about Paul the gang, but I too thought the end had come. I'm tingling with anticipation (or some nerve disorder? lol) over what the next story will bee. Oops. :) You're up! :D

    Were the Hardy Boys twins, or just brothers? I just came back from telling Dave his bedtime story. I'm about ready for bed myself. Couldn't get a hold of Scott the computer guy today, but I left a message. Tarzan was cool. He's a bit of a loner, but he does get to meet a queen in that one. I tried to read A Princess of Mars, by the same author, but the dialog was so flowery that by page 2 I got a whopping attack of laughing out my nose, so that I was forced to stop reading. King Solomon's Mines was a good adventure story.

    Well, I'm zonked for the day. I'll write more tomorrow. :)
    Pleonastically yours, (you've gotta tell me some more of these big words of yours - I'm having fun driving my brothers crazy!) Shannon

    Hang on, I just got a flash of inspiration: Bee II: The Sequel! That's the one where the bees get radioactive AND mutated and start attacking the townspeople... lolololol No, not that!! :)
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    That's funny; for some reason, I assumed Toby was Celeste's brother. It didn't occur to me that he could be the family mutt!

    I liked the ending you gave the story.

    Stay fruity.

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    Glad to see the book club is gearing up for July, especially with the new members comming in. (Do you get an awe-filled tenderness aound newbies when they find board, like you've just seen Bambi being born and you don't want to breathe and startle him?) They all look like interesting titles. Great picture in your world game lately. I went "Oooooooohh...!" when I saw it.

    You're right about Calgary in film. My dad's in the newest Samuel L. Jackson movie here. He's just a guy in a crowd. :) He says it was neat to be there and see all the cameras. He didn't get up close to the actor though. The movie should be out next year. You know who got the worst movie extra job? Next time you watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, check out the scene where Charlie is running home after he finds the golden ticket. There's a guy in there that all you see of him is his backside as he bends over to pick something up. I picture him bragging to his friends, "I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. See? There's my backside, right there!" lol ;)

    I love folk music for all the reasons you mentioned. In my rebelious teen years (I wasn't VERY rebellious, really), the standard fare in our household was classic country music. That's when I went to the - gasp! - library, and picked out some classical music tapes. I played them until the floor shook. They're probably imprinted on my DNA right now, with "Hit's of the 30s and 40s" reproducing steadilly in my RNA even today.

    I wrote a song the other night when I couldn't sleep. It's called "Sleep Away." I think it's a keeper because I keep humming it to myself during the day now. The others dropped off when they were finished. It's in an old country style, kind of fast. The chorus is:

    Sleep away, sleep away
    Sleep, my baby, sleep
    Sleep away, sleep away, child
    Sleep, my baby sleep

    The verses go through the baby's life. His mother dies, his daddy turns mean, all his crops dry up in the sun, then, "Tonight when you lay down to rest/God will carry you home." Then it goes back to the beginning verse, slower, where the baby gets one more night of good sleep before all this stuff happens to him. But you know it will work out well for the little guy, and it's a tender kind of a song. And, it only takes three chords to play it.

    I'm very impressed that you read the Bible - twice! It is a good book for a Christian to read. :) I haven't seen the one year Bibles. It sounds like a good way to do it. I read mine straight through at first (it took four years). Then when I got sick and it became hard to read, I mostly stayed in Psalms. I have a study aid called Examining the Scriptures Daily, and it highlights one Bible verse, along with other scriptures that show how to apply the main one in daily life. I like to read it with my brother when he's going to bed. After that, I read wherever part of the Bible I'm in the mood for, or I read it at random. Which did you like best, the Living Bible, or the NIV? How did you become interested in religion?

    Dad's gone for the weekend. The weather is hot, best of all for me. A friend says I should move to Mexico. My knee-jerk reaction was NO! Then I thought, Hmmmm... maybe yes. :) Ah well, Calgary till whenever. We have this house leased for another year. Do you feel better in the summertime, K? How's your Aunt's book going? Scott the computer guy is preparing for his dad's funeral, so I'm still waiting on hearing from him. Dad's going to stay at Scott's house while he's in Kelowna.

    ((hugs & lemonaide)) Shannons :D
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    Today is the Fourth of July, tehnically speaking. I'm getting an early start into it. ;) The pre-dawn birds are singing now. We've already had Canada day here. It was on July first.

    I hope you're having a good long weekend, and maybe getting some visitors too. :) Today I met a man paralyzed from the neck down for several years now. A friend gave me his phone number. He has a great laugh. I have his e-mail too. The first part is abed. And I said to him, "Just like a bed." He was puzzled. "You know, like where you lie down. A bed." I explained. He laughed so hard. He hadn't thought of it before. I think English is not his first language. Another person to add to my calling list. :)

    How's the story idea comming? I check every day to see if the new story beginning is posted. I'm eager to see what it will be.

    I wrote two new songs. One's a sentimental love story about a boy and a girl growing up together. They marry other people, but they still stay in touch. The other is a 'hurtin' country song,' as my metal-loving brother would call it. It's just for fun. It's about a man who's crying "Strawberry tears, because you're not near," because he's associated his wife with strawberries, since the strawberry plants were blooming on the day they got married. She left him for someone else. It ends with, "I promised to love you all of my days/ I love you, please come back home." Tragic. The stuff of country. ;)

    Hugs, Holmes.
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    And happy fourth of July, Canadian style!

    I did have two students come by this weekend. They picked up all of my books, folders, and miscellaneous stuff from the school where I was teaching a year and a half ago. Eight boxes of stuff! It made me sad, but it was good to have all of my books back, and it was a fun visit.

    I illegally downloaded a funny Canadian song that I remembered from about 1980, called "Take Off." Are you too young to remember Bob and Doug Mackenzie? They recorded the song with Geddy Lee, the lead singer of Rush. The first concert I ever attended was Rush, back around then, in St. Paul, Minnesota, on their "Tom Sawyer" tour.

    Anyway, "Take Off" is a comic song with some Canadian slang:

    Take off, to the Great White North;
    Take off, it's a beauty way to go...
    It's a beauty, eh?
    Take off, you hoser!

    The song made me think of you.

    I like the lyrics of your sad country songs! If you were to add guitar chords, what chords would you use? How about Am, C, and G? I also think Em and D go well together.

    I've been listening to some old Dolly Parton lately. Very cheezy, but I like her seventies songs.

    Sorry I haven't gotten the ball rolling on our story yet. It will happen soon! I've been playing my guitar a little more, reading the Chaplin autobiography, and watching the Tour De France.

    I GREATLY admire the fact that you're calling old and sick people, and people like the ABED guy. Paralyzed from the neck down. Unbelievable. Can you imagine? How did you find out about people to call? I'd like to do something like that.

    What's your favorite Bible translation? I liked the Living Bible when I was young, because it was easy to understand. I love the majesty of the Elizabethan English of the King James (I've memorized the 23rd psalm in that version). I like the NIV a bit better than the Revised Standard, but I don't know why exactly.

    Hey, here's a poem by Hart Crane that Charlie Chaplin quotes in his book, called "Chaplinesque":

    We make our meek adjustments,
    Contented with such random consolations
    As the wind deposits
    In slithered and ample pockets.

    For we can still love the world, who find
    A famished kitten on the step, and know
    Recesses for it from the fury of the street,
    A warm torn elbow coverts.

    We will sidestep, and to the final smirk
    Dully the doom of that inevitable thumb
    That slowly chafes its puckered index towards us,
    Facing the dull squint with what innocence
    And what surprise!

    And yet these fine collapses are not lies
    More than the pirouettes of any pliant cane;
    Our obsequies are, in a way, no enterprise.
    We can evade you, and all else but the heart:
    What blame to us if the heart live on?

    The game enforces smirks; but we have seen
    The moon in lonely alleys make
    A grail of laughter of an empty ash can,
    And through all sound of gaiety and quest
    Have heard a kitten in the wilderness.

    I thought you might like it.

    LaterZ--as my students would say.


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    Okay, I'm exactly... just about... I think... 240-some pages into Chaplin's autobiography. Just the thing to get me through the night. Thanks. I wouldn't have felt responsible about writing the next story part without a pinch of historical accuracy. Very good starting point. I didn't have a clue where to go with it before reading the book, but I'm getting ideas now.

    I also opened a story club for everyone. I couldn't resist, what with the fun folks got out of watching the bee story develop. Now we can have a separate story going with everyone in on it, as we two wring our brains out trying to think what there is to do in New York in 1919. A little influenza, perhaps to narrow the cast of characters??? Invalids, derelicts, ledgerdemain, dolour... Chaplin has his own vocabulary, that's for sure. It's interesting doing research for this.

    I liked your Canadian song. I haven't heard it before. I like minor chords too. "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" was one of the first songs I learned to play, and I reveled in the drama of its two minor chords. Then I started making up fresh lyrics for it include my best friend's semi-feral pet cat:

    The legend lives on from the Chippawa down
    Of the mean cat that they call Marble Kitty
    The cat, it is said, has a fierce, tooth-filled head...

    Her little sisters laughed, and it was so fun! Later I changed the words of "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" to "Kisses Sourer Than Brine." In the new song, every girl turned that poor guy down, while he watched his friends marry off and yearned for feminine company and something other than franks and beans on his plate. But in the last verse, he expressed a sense of peace:

    Now that I'm old and I'm ready to go
    I just tilt my chair back and let my beard stubble grow.
    I don't get a kick out of sorrow and pain -
    So if I had it to do over, I'd go wifeless again!

    Gotta love him! Thought you might like this. You can use these three-chord combos to play most pop and country songs, practically anything you can think of. Try it out.
    C, F, G7
    G, C, D7
    D, G, A7
    A, D, E7
    E, A, B7
    Comes in handy for writing songs too, because you don't have to figure out which chords could go together.

    For calling people, I have a list of phone numbers of people in my congregation. We even have two fibromites. I stick to calling old and sick people because they need some cheering up, and I love the mild and funny way that they talk. Abed is in another part of the city, but a lady in my congregation gave me his phone number. He's been living in the hospital for years and years, and she visits him often. I've called him back since, but the line was busy... So it's good to know that other people are calling him too. :)

    My favorite Bible translation is the New World Translation. It's clear, literal, and translated from the original languages. What makes it my favorite is that it preserves the English translation of God's name in every place that the Tetragrammaton appears - over 7,000 times. It makes for a very personal reading. In the King James Version and many other Bibles, God's personal name is found at Psalms 83:18 and in several other verses.

    Psalm 23 is a favorite of mine too. :) With my brainfog and difficuly doing everyday tasks, it's comforting to picture a Shepherd telling me where the best food is, and helping me rest up for the night, and protecting me. When I first became bedridden, a scripture that moved me was Psalm 71:9 - "Do not throw me away in the time of old age. Just when my power is failing, do not leave me." I still get choked up reading it now.

    Thanks for the kitten poem. It's touching. Are you enjoying having your books back? I used to like looking at my bookshelves in my old house. (My books are mostly still stored in the garage still.) I posed a little wooden monkey that I found on top of my copy of a Planet of the Apes series book, which I never got around to reading, come to think of it.

    I'm getting less panicky (sp?) about the naturopath appointment for next week. I'm so grateful that all our members here are helping me through this. And the Chaplin Project came at just the right time. It was a night well spent reading the book. I appreciated all the pictures too. I'm sad about his mother though. There's a person I would like to meet. My grandpa's aunts were in insane asylums around then too, as I understand it, "for things they have medications for now," my aunt tells me. I wish they had had better treatment to help her back then.

    I'm trying to stay up till 2pm today. Night is too depressing for weeks on end, and the stress seems to be pushing things to flip forward again. I hope it will stick for awhile. Just hearing the neighbor's lawnmower now makes it all worth it. My head doesn't feel like it's directly connected to my body though. ;) It's weird being sleep-deprived. Perhaps I'll have lovely dreams though.

    Dad washed my sheets lastnight, so I'll have clean sheets! He even put the bed back together for me. He got this flat of cherries in Kelowna and brought it home for me, so I'm eating tart cherries two meals a day for convenience sake. At first I thought, "Ugh, these cherries are so SOUR! How will I ever manage to eat them all?" Then I pretended that these were SPECIAL cherries - lemmonaide flavored ones! - and I was cool with it after that. I practically sweat coping strategies, you know. ;)

    Have a good one, Holmes. Check out the post, "story club" and take a turn at it if you feel like it. Everyone is up to bat for the Story Club. I can't wait to see where it will go.
    (((hugs))) Shannons

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  16. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    You're reading Chaplin, too! I didn't mean for you to have to do any research to continue my story, such as it is, but I'm thrilled it got you interested in Chaplin. You're almost to the Hart Crane poem. It's on page 249 of the hardbound edition I read (white cover, with word "Chaplin" prominently in black). I loved everything about the book: Dickensian childhood, Hollywood in the silent era, rise to worldwide fame, illustrious friends, political struggles, wonderful photos...

    His mother is heartbreaking, isn't she? Not to give away much, but things do improve a bit for her. I just finished the book last night. Now I want to read a biography of Chaplin, to see what he left out or glossed over.

    Great idea; starting the round-robin/taking turns story for everyone to chip in. I used to have my students do that. Each student would start a story, writing for one minute. Then I would say "switch!" and everyone would give their story to the student to their left, who would continue writing for one minute,...until everyone got their story back and had to put an ending on it. Then they would read them aloud.

    The girls tended to write about romance and the guys about gangsta violence. There would always be one student who would try to trash each story. For example, he or she would write, in the middle of a romance, let's say, "And then he let out a foul smell which stunk up the room..."

    You get the idea.

    Your post on your experiences with your previous doctors was incredible. I can't tell you how much I can relate to doctors who made proclamations with the authority of God about my illness. That could be a whole chapter in your book on CFS. Just collect your best post on this site, and you've got one already. The problem is, printing out copies, editing, sending out query letters to publishers, etc... takes energy! It's all I can do some days to just lay in bed reading posts and watching the Tour De France.

    I hope your visit with the Naturopath goes well. I don't think the acupuncture is helping me, but the DOM is so understanding and knowledgable that just that alone makes me feel validated. None of my symptoms surprise her, or make her launch into proclamation mode or absurd psychological judgments.

    Thanks for the chord progression list! I'm always playing G,C,D, but it's good to mix things up a bit. It's fun to figure out what minor chords go with those progressions, too. E A B7 is definitely the best progression for blues. I tend to avoid barre chords on most days; they tend to take too much out of me. Do you have a capo for playing and singing in different keys?

    I loved your takes to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and "Kisses Sweeter than Wine." They were hilarious. Those songs are begging for parodies.

    All of my books are lying in boxes in the living room, so except for a few on top, I haven't had a chance to look through them yet. I'll have to check out the New World Translation of the Bible. Somehow, the KJ and others have made the scriptures overly familiar to me.

    I know what you mean about "sweating coping strategies." Thank God for the ability to do that!

    Here's to clean sheets, lemonade cherries, and sweet dreams.


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  17. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Thought you might like to have the lyrics to Kisses Sourer Than Brine. It only takes two chords to play, Am and D7. :)


    When I was a young boy who'd never been kissed
    I got to thinking it over how much I had missed
    So I grabbed me a girl, and I kissed her and then, and then,
    She said, "Oh, lordie, don't you kiss me again!"

    I had hisses sourer than brine
    I had *spit!* *spit!*
    Kisses sourer than brine

    I asked her to marry me and be my sweet wife
    She said, "You're a loser, and I've got a life."
    I begged and I pleaded and I pleaded again, and then
    Ouch! Dang it! Well, she kicked my rear end

    I had hisses sourer than brine
    I had *spit!* *spit!*
    Kisses sourer than brine

    I worked mighty hard, though I had no wife
    Working on the farm make a good life
    I had corn in the fields, I had wheat in the bins, but
    Poor me! I still had no girlfriends

    I had hisses sourer than brine
    I had *spit!* *spit!*
    Kisses sourer than brine

    Well, I used to have friends, but they don't come by no more
    They each have a wifey to love and adore
    They got married, no they didn't wait
    And I've still got franks and beans on my plate

    I had hisses sourer than brine
    I had *spit!* *spit!*
    Kisses sourer than brine

    Well now that I'm old and I'm ready to go
    I just tilt my chair back and let my beard stubble grow
    I don't get a kick out of sorrow and pain
    So if I had it to do over I'd go wifeless again!

    Yes sir,
    I had hisses sourer than brine
    I had *spit!* *spit!*
    Kisses sourer than brine
  18. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I had to get out my guitar and sing your version. Well, actually, I had to illegally download "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" first, to hear the tune again.

    You would not believe how many people covered that song:
    Pete Seeger; Jimmy Rogers; Eddie Arnold; Peter, Paul and Mary; Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne; Ray Coniff, Johnny Horton, the Kingston Trio, the New Christy Minstrals, Bongwater (Bongwater?), Andy Williams, Herman's Hermits,...

    I loved "They got married, no they didn't wait/
    And I've still got franks and beans on my plate."

    Great job on continuing the Tramp story. I'll continue tonight or tomorrow.


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  19. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I am so steeped in Chaplin right now. I've stalled in reading the autobiography (it started mentioning too many people I never heard of). I got some picture books though.

    I've been very weak and woozy this week, so I haven't been on the site as much. I wrote three new songs. One of them that I wrote today is about the callouses growing on my fingers from playing. Another one is called, "Five Hours Till Dawn," because I'm still nocturnal.

    I see the new ND on Wednesday. I wonder if I've wrung out all my emotional energy on it. I wrote for so many hours trying to politely say, "Don't be a jerk like all the other ones have." Finally, because of advice from a reliable source, Colossians 4:6, "Let your utterance be always with graciousness, seasoned with salt," I decided I'd better just tuck a basic thank you note into the questionaire instead. :) And so, I did.

    Grandpa wrote back to me (he has cancer) saying I'm too young to be so tired - and it's all right for him to be tired because he's old. So I wrote back to say that I pretend I'm a spry 95 year old. Wonder what he'll say?

    I loved your experience with the round-robin stories. Made me laugh. I think that student of yours was on to something. Folks do tend to stink up the place at inopportune moments. :D lolol How you show whether you are a person of class lies in what you do next. ;) I used to do round-robin stories with my brothers when we were little, but it always degenerated into tales of booger-eating. Maybe I'm a prude. lol I haven't gotten to read how the story here has been going.

    Who is the DOM? Glad you are with someone who is understanding. It was really great that so many people wrote into my vent thread. Everybody needs to feel accepted when venting. I don't think dad understands how undermining all these experiences have been for me. But he's been good about it. The other day, as he was going to drop off the questionaire, I said lightly, "Remind her not to be a jerk," and then sat there trying not to tremble or cry. And he reminded me that when he'd shown her my FFC labs, she'd said that some things were way off. That was very comforting.

    I also have an MD scheduled for November who may be helpful. I got his name through my who-prescribes-what pharmacy game. :) I'm so pleased that it worked! I phoned a large compounding pharmacy and asked for MDs who prescribe a particular hormone replacement suppliment, one that only savy docs would know about. This doc does mostly natural medicine, and is also mostly covered by health insurance. Good to have more than one person to advise me.

    Speaking of comforting, guess who called me today? It was Abdullah! The guy who's e-mail address is abed. :) I'm so thrilled when anybody calls me back. I'm more used to be on the giving end of calls. (Though, to be fair, I probably would miss most calls anyone tried to make because of the weird hours I sleep and how long it takes to get to the phone, even if I can get up for it.) He shared three scriptures with me, which were very good ones. I don't remember now what they were... One was about prayer. Anyway, it was a great present for that day. He's memorised so many scriptures, even their location in the Bible. Because he's paralyzed, he can't read when he wants to. I'm very glad that I gave time to Bible study when I was healthier. It's to hard to learn, read and remember things now.

    Glad you liked the Kisses song. :) I played it with gusto. Thanks for sharing the names of the other singers. I'm not surprised how popular it is. I sung it for the first time when I was staying with my friend in Cranbrook, B.C. Her family had to clean the gym that night, and I snuck in with them and brought the guitar. In the aerobics room, the sound was great. I struck that first melancholy chord, and started quavering, "When I was a young boy..." That surprised them! I also wrote new lyrics to Secret Agent Man, a song which I thought was the epitome of coolness at the time, to reflect the struggles of high school life:

    You're a kid who leads a life of danger
    Your teachers seem to get stranger and stranger
    With every test you take
    A lower grade you make
    Ods are you won't live to see tomorrow

    Boucherie Student, Boucherie Student,
    They've given you a number - you're student number
    And taken away your name

    I don't remember the rest. I was going to Mt. Boucherie High School at the time, of course. If you can find it on Google World, or wherever your satalite photo place was, you'll see the mountain I hiked on during lunch and free blocks. It's in West Bank, British Columbia, on the lake shore. It's not much of a mountain, but it was a great getaway place between classes. When I first saw it, having lived in Cranbrook with jagged snow-covered mountains all year long, I exclaimed, "That thing, a moutain?! It looks more like the heap of dino doo from Jurassic Park!" It really does too, as it's made of lumpy brown volcanic rock. ;)

    I don't have a cappo (that's one of those clamp things?). My brother Craig has a chart that's supposed to show you how to play 600 chords, but I haven't figured out how to use it, and I keep forgetting to ask him. I pretty much just stick with the ones I shared with you. I got them in a beginner book. Maybe I'll get the next beginner book in the series from the library if I get to used to the same old thing.

    I'm a little stumped on the Tramp story. I am comforted to know that I won't lose grades for being late. ;) I'll just do a very short hand-off if I can't think of anything. It's quite a challenge, as Chaplin was a REAL person. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through photos of him tonight. I got a book that gives stories and stills from all his movies, as well as a book of portrait photographs. I brought the book up to the computer hoping to be inspired, but I think I used up my creativity on my finger callous song today. ;) Ah Holmes, but to have unlimited energy to read and write all I want. Who would have ever thought it would take a struggle? But, I shall not dwell. As Dr. Seuss would say, 'I'm in pretty good shape for the shape that I'm in.' Have you read his book, You're Only Old Once? I think you'd get a kick out of it.

    4am already! Since my sleep schedule flipped, I lost a whole day. I was sure today was the 9th. According to my notebook, it was. Oh well. Anyway, TCM is showing two Buster Keaton movies tonight. I think I've seen clips of him, but never a whole film. Also, I'm off for my bath. Yes, I can avoid it no longer. And just when I'd gotten my hair to such a state of oiliness that it could stay put however I'd place it. ;) lol

    So what's happening with you lately? Thanks for making my life so much more fun. You're very good for everyone's morale around here. I'm puzzled though about your continual refferences to RATS in your bio. ;D
    ((bowing to your literary largesse)) Shannons
  20. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Hope you're having a good night/morning.
    Will write more tomorrow.

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