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    I nibbed into a posting between you and Shannon.

    I am curious. You said you bought a recliner and a camp cot.

    Probably would understand if there is another posting on it, but I never saw it. Why the cot?

    I was wondering if it was to lounge outside (sounds inviting to me) or some place in your home for additional
    place to relax?

    I know.......tsk tsk.....should not eavesdrop....LOL. But any ideas on comfort....I wanna' know about!

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    I did buy a reclining camp chair and a camping cot, for about $25 each at KMART. We keep the reclining camp chair on the patio outside, and a couple of weeks ago, I sat in it for a half hour at a nearby park. Most of the time around the house, I feel a need to keep my feet up, whether in bed or in a Lazy Boy in the living room.

    My wife and I would like find a way to get me out camping, but I have trouble getting up and down off of the ground. I also need a wheelchair for any short distances. So we figured that if she pitches the tent, and if we park very close to it, I might be able to go camping for one night.

    The problem is that campgrounds are a bit far to drive to for me, and many are closed due to high fire danger (we live in New Mexico). So we haven't used the cot yet. But I may take it to the park and just lay around in it one of these weekend.

    Stay comfortable!

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