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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! What's this about a bad spell? Someone put a curse on you? Bellatrix Lestrange, perhaps?

    Anyhoo I hope you are back to your old self soon. As the Norskies say, God Bedring; get well soon.

  2. kholmes

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    though someone once told me that I might have been on the receiving end of Navajo witchcraft. I didn't have any enemies, as far as I know, so I suppose this was just their traditional explanation for CFS. Of course, I first got sick back in Minnesota in the late 80s, so the witchcraft must have been retroactive.

    I have been feeling crummy, indeed, since around the 4th of July, and lately, I've had some kind of stomach bug or irritable bowl or something of that ilk to top it off. So if I haven't been on as much lately, that's why.

    Thanks for the "God Bedring" wish, my friend, and I hope you are doing well.
  3. rockgor

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    you're soon over your ilk. ("Ilk" and "elk" are both popular in crosswords.) A retroactive curse sounds even more exotic than Harry Potter.

    At the moment I'm mad as billy gumshoe! First I botched up a bridge hand. Then I typed a message to my partner, decided to erase it and accidently sent it.

    This Alzheimer joke has gone far enough. Too far in fact! I feel like an alien has taken over and is working against my interests.

    I'm sending an urgent message to the special effects dept. immeejetlee! I want this Stopped!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!