Kicked Out Of Another ER.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Went to my local ER for the 15 or 16th time in last year and a half last week .

    Well, I went in at 4 in the morning the other day, again feeling I could die and my gastro tract was so distressed I just couldn't take anymore and remember all my other areas of pain take off when I get these "everything else takes off" pain attacks.

    I was also sweating so bad ( this is happening more and more and this was the worst ) I just thought again for the 16th time I could die so I went in. As soon as this ER doc came in he asked what I was there for and I told him and he said, " I see you admitted yourself to our psyche ward last visit." I said yes, ( actually I wrote down on my ER admission form that I was asking for "psychological counseling" to help advise me how to cope with all the pain) ...I couldn't take the pain anymore after 1 and 1/2 years and they said if I went in to their mental health facility they would look at me physically also which they then didn't do. It was this inducement of having physical tests run on me to look for the physical cause of all tis pain that made me agree to admit myself. I was there 1 and 1/2 days and they sent me home. Just sat around reading magazines.

    The ER doc then said " look, Mr -----, there is nothing wrong with you." I am going to give you two atavans and you are going to leave." Call your wife...and I don't want to hear any more about it...and he walked out. He waved his amrs in dismissive this conversation is over. Even his little staff would ignore me if I called out for some assistance. My bladder was urging so bad every 10 mintues and I was so weak and in pain I didn't think I could make it to the bathroom. So I was calling out for a portable urinal. They heard me but ignored me. Once they were told by their boss what he thought of me I was left a paraiah in that room.

    Part of their method of getting you to leave is to ignore any further calls to them once the doctor decides you are a mental case.

    The ativan did stop my shaking but I told them the pain was still 75% as bad as when I walked in and I was still as weak. But the doctors irritated and disgusted tone was the most pronounced I have seen yet. Now I am afraid to go to our only ER at all lest I get humiliated again and again like that.

    No matter my 54 years of never ever going to hospitals or ER's like this...and working, raising a family, never drinking, smoking or seeing a psychiatrist for anything. Those 54 years mean nothing in these doctors summation that because they can't find anything when you come in complaining about pain, that you must be exaggerating this and this seems to infuriate them. But you had thought I was a criminal the manner in whioh I was talked to. This has happened so many times now. I just crawl out of the ER and sit on an outside bench waiting for my exhausted wife.

    One of the head nurses in the cardiac wing who has known me for 20 years ( our daughters were close friends and went all through school together) saw me on the outside bench as she was arriving for work and I told her about my new fibro and nerve system and feeling like I was dying feeling problems and she seemed concerned but said nothing. I told her everybody has written me off as a nut. I think she must have at least thought back to the last 20 years when nothing like this was happening in my life, but she didn't want to say anything.

    I am building up my courage but not yet enough energy and pain lessening to write the story of my experience with all this and shop it wround to all the news media.

    54 years of normal physical problem and psychological living, then instant psyche case with daily commplaints of extreme pain, muscle weakness to the level of not being able to do a push up, nerve hyper-sensitivity and so many other symptoms...and all the while you are feeling so tortured with all this, you are constantly treated like a psych case and even angrily talked to and told to move on , especially in the ER's.

    This Fibro suffering and added psyche humiliation MUST BE WRITTEN ABOUT. I am not a writer, but since no one here or anywhere else seems to be writing about this and trying to get this story out...I feel this must be my mission.

    To leave a job and family situation where you are treated with admiration and respect and dignity for most of your life ...and then in one year to be run out of ER's by an angry, blunt and humiliating ER doc is quite a shock and humiliating nightmare. There are many many days I just can't believe this is happening. But it is.

    And it shouldn't be like this.
  2. Cinlou

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    I am so sorry that you have been treated this way, it is an outrage! I think you write quite well, do write your story.

    Have you had your wife take you to a different hospital ER? I think I would try it.....I have found not all ER doctors are rude and insensitive. Maybe go out of town, way out,like another county or something.

    I am so sorry, I feel your pain. I hate these DD...whatever they may be.

    I will keep you in my thoughts......let us know how you are doing.
    Take Care,

  3. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I am shocked at the treatment you received. I have not had an experience like that..{knocking wood}, but my doctor did warn me that many doctors shun the idea of fibromyalgia...apparently when a cause can't be found for all of our pain some doctors call it fibromyalgia then others call it "all in the head syndrome" or depression. I am actually embarassed to tell people I have fibro because of responses it might bring. Thats a shame!! It just makes me so angry that anyone would have to defend themselves like that. You should write that story!! And send a copy to that hospitals director!!


  4. justjanelle

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    have some kind of patient relations department? Or a customer-service type office? I would definitely find out who to contact to make a complaint about the treatment (or non-treatment)you received there.

    This behavior is absolutely unacceptable, and I doubt patients with other serious conditions would be insulted like this.

    With best wishes,
  5. joeb7th

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    There is only one hospital for 35 miles and I have gone to this other ER and incredibly it was almost as bad.

    As long as their basic tests aren't showing anything, you simply can't be feeling as bad as you say. In their minds.

    This disease is the most horrible combination of not being taken seriously because tests don't easily show it's presence, cause and and damage and at the same time you have to fight off the psych labels while you are suffering with it. This combination makes these immune system diseases true nightmares. The real making of a horror movie.....dying feeling...yet you are not taken seriously and if you complain to much you end up in the psyche ward. One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest 2007.

    I am working ( it takes forever ) to get at least one of my doctors to get me out of this horror movie, denialsville, smaller good ole boy medical community.

    To get me to UCLA, Stanford University, etc.

    I have an appointment with a doctor Stuart Silverman of Beverly Hills next month. And maybe I can get seen at Stanford some day too. But even so, it sounds like even the top people have a tough time helping you with these immune system breakdown diseases. But at least I can escape this bad horror movie scenario where when every doctor looks at my local hospital records they see all the psych referrals and from that point on their whole approach just immediately runs over to that view.
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I would be tempted to print out your post here, and the responses - then visit the hospital administrator. Ask for a appt.

    I know you are sick and it is very difficult - perhaps your wife could intervene here. If this happened to my husband, I would be a maniac with anger.

    I would take your post, and ask the administrator to read it - it pretty much says it all.

    This treatment is inexcusable and you do not deserve this. How about your regular doctor?

    It seems if you can, you might want to go to somewhere like the Mayo Clinic or some large university teaching hospital. First make a appt. with the best doctor on their staff.

    I took my husband to UCLA in Los Angeles to the head of the pulmonary medicine. I researched it on the internet, then emailed his office. (he has COPD, asthma, etc)

    A miracle, they called the very next day and said they had a cancellation - it normally takes 3-4 months to see him.

    My husband was so grateful to see this wonderful doctor. Yes, the really good doctors are hard to find, and it takes time to get in - but worth the effort.

    Montel Williams saw 28 doctors before being diagnosed with MS. What a shame!!

    (oh, I see you have appt. with Dr. Silverman at Cedars. I heard he is very good and has helped alot of people).
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  7. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi joe--
    i am so sorry for what you went thru, and i do understand the tone of your posts--this is so INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING to get SOMEONE to believe us!!!! Unfortunately, you have been "branded" as a psych pt. (the psyche admission will be the first record they look at) and probably as a drug seeker.

    I TOTALLY understand, but in this age where prescr. drug abuse is SOOO prominent, there are people who make their rounds to all the neighboring ER's, and even if you go out of town, the ER's communicate. One thing i noticed on my last LTD denial was a statement of: "There are no records of seeking acute care like one would see in these cases", meaning , all of us "shoppers" go to DR to DR to ER to ER looking for drugs, it really ticked me off, but it is a fact.

    It IS a humiliating nightmare, and yes, we have had "EGTKTM" or whatever it was, that is the nature of this problem and i do understand.

    i think the post about taking a copy of this to hosp. administration is a good idea--BUT--GO as the person you were a year ago--an upstanding member of the community, so they can see that you aren't just a "druggie".

    do you have any doctor to back you up in any of this? I know most doc's think we are crazy, too, this is the most humiliating illness!! At least with some of the "big gun" illnesses, once you have bees diagnosed, you get some understanding instead of ridicule.

    if my brain weren't so far gone, i would help you with that book, and i think it is such a great idea--maybe Montel or someone would be interested in reading this entire thread.

    Good luck, joe!----L
  8. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    That is truley unbelieveable, how can these so-call professionals call themselves professionals???
    what is this health care system coming to, I am so so so
    sorry they treated you like that, can you not contacted his supervisor or the head of whatever and report him??
    just because we don't look sick does not mean we are not.... I'm telling you if that were me and that idiot was talking to me like that...well he probably would not be alive today!!

    again I am so sorry for how they treated you, I wish I was there to give you a hug..but since I am not, I am sending you and BIG but gentle cyber hug. Take care.

    Love to all, Ann
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  9. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I am very sorry for what you are going through. You sound like you are having a much harder time than most of us at this stage.

    Unfortunatly if all of your probrlems are fibro related, most likely, all of these x-rays, MRIs and alot of other diagnostic procedures will show noting or show so little that it will not raise any flags. And in the ER...a "little red flag" is something that is not addressed aggressively. Afterall it is an ER!

    And this is why I believe that there should be a place for us chronic pain patients to go ...not necissarliy a whole ER dedicatd to us, but somwhere to go in case of an emergency and we cannot get ahold of our docs.

    Lets face it...most regular ER docs either 1.) dont understand the pain 2.) dont know how to treat it or .) are are afraid to touch us due to the other meds we are on. AFter all...they are not pain specialists. I find it hard to sit in pain in the ER waiting rooms for almost a full day jus tossing and turning, getting up and pacing due to my restless legs etc....its horrible. I wish there were some sort of accomodations such as a stool or ottoman to put our feet up on for example...nothing big.

    It seems though from your posts as though you have had MANY medical tests done that have shown nothing, Perhaps you could look into other kinds of therapy. I belong to a pain management forum and there are many memebers there who have basically maxed out on evey pain med on the market....nothing works for them. They claimed to have been in the "i want to die now" stage. But tney opened their minds to therapy...specifically therpay for chonic pain. over 90% of them were happy to report that those feelings were gone. The pain is still there but they are learing coping skills.

    Please dont think I am implying that you need psychiatric care or that you need to be in a phych ward...because that is far from the truth. The root of your anguish is the unrelenting pain. Try possibly looking into a therapist, many of us on this board have one,,,they somehow keep us sane sometimes.

    Just a thought...hope this helps.

    Take Care,
  10. cajunv2001

    cajunv2001 New Member

    i live in a one hospital town too,and they outdource these er dr's, i've been there myself,trated very badly caused i asked what pain medicine the dr was going to inject into me, he came around the corner and asked"what does it matter?",it was 2am i am in my nightgown,inpain draggin my sleepy hubby,and this 30 yr old dr,asks me that.i about come unglued,i told him i had kids to get off toschool the next day,would i be a zombie?
    i know what i've had befor,and just wanted to make sure i was not getting anything i did not know, i was 42.
    my blood presure was 180/120, i thought the nurse was gonna faint,i was crying,mad as hell.he gave me a benadrill
    for my sinuses ,from the mad crying i was all stopped up.
    so to get to the good part,i wrote a nice letter to the chief of staff of this "hometown hospital" i grew up with,and know half the peaple that work there, and told him everyting,Dr's name,all he had said,how bad i was treated,etc. told him if i did not get an apology i was going to our hometown newspaper with my story,how our hospital really treats er patients who come in at 2am in pain and get treated like drugged up kids.
    well about 3 day's later,i answer the phone,and i hear a man who say's Mrs Morgan,huh this is dr so in so,and I AM SORRY FOR THE WAY I TRATED YOU.i like about fainted,he appolagised again,saying he get's a lot of peaple coming in just for a SHOT, and they want Demeral,or morphene whatever,kinda like a fix, so when i asked about the kind of meds it set him off, but i told him a 40 yr old woman ain't gonna drag her sleepy hubby to the er.unless she needs too!,and if i tell you i'm in pain i should not have to prove it,when your exam told you what was going on.
    i must admit,i forgave him his slip,but i reminded him as patients he is there to help us not humiliate us. he said,i had taught him alesson, i guess he got a ass chewing from the hospital board, so pick up that pen,ans start writting those letters,don't take it anymore.
    you may be the one who changes things there. lisa
  11. Chinlover

    Chinlover New Member

    Wow, your story is great - not the pain part, but getting the drs. to think a little that we are living, breathing human people who would like to keep our dignity intact and feel better as soon as possible. Way to go! I am proud of your job of taking this a step further and bringing this issue to light. Chinlover
  12. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    your right, it shouldn't be like this.

    I went to a walk in clinic years ago when I first got sick.. They asked me if I was a drug addict... Also had a doctor tell me how I "look like a healthy gal" to him...

    It's humiliating, degrading...

    I'm so sorry you were treated this way.

    You need a good doctor... and they are just so hard to find.

  13. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I would report his mean self to the adminstrators office ...

    I have accepted that no one believes me and no one cares.
  14. Reidsbeads

    Reidsbeads New Member

    I am so sorry to hear that you were treated this way!!
    I too have been labeled a "frequent flyer" and actually have had drs walk-in the room already with an attitude about you and have made up their minds in advance about whatever. I went in with an asthema attack and they put me in the waiting room without ever listening to my lungs first.
    You must write your story as should all of us. We have all had a journey getting to where we are long or short most of us have suffered dimissive behaviors by medical staff leaving us feeling humiliated and sometimes left alone in so much pain you do think your dying and then the panic attacks kick in and make it worse but we would rather stay home and dye than to be treated like that in public! The saddest part about all of this is we are paying them to treat us like that.
    I finally found my current physician who listens when i talk, has helped me get my diagnosis and got me on my medications. Unless I am really dying or in the hospital with someone else they will never see me in there again.
    Their is only one hospital where I live the other one is 20 miles away. It is so sad that they treat us like this and can get by with it. To any medical professionals who may read this..... Just because you cant see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist! Only the good Drs stand up and take notice when there are many people suffering the same symtoms all over the world and they try to help you. To those of you who have shunned us......
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tam
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  15. Rnclegal

    Rnclegal New Member


    You need to notify the Department of Health Services for your state and lodge a patient care complaint with the licensing and certification department. What your ER did to you was illegal and may have well been a Federal Violation of patient care under EMTALA guidelines.

    The nurses that work in licensing and certification are trained to investigate patient care in regards to the hospitals policy and procedure as well as federal EMTALA guidelines. Were I still investigation (Im not due to my own fibro and possible MS) I would also review the hospital's Bylaws for their rules and regulations regarding physician conduct and patient's rights. Just looking at what you wrote in this short note I can see at least 4 areas of investigation.

    Please Joe, contact Licensing and Certification in your State and make a formal patient complaint.

    Carolyn Bowen, RN, HFEN (Ret)
  16. Rnclegal

    Rnclegal New Member

    Just an addition to what I just wrote. Having a nurse investigator walk into the administrators office with a complaint especially against the ER will make them sweat and do their in house investigation because findings against an ER, that may also involve EMTALA violations come with a $50,000 fine. No hospital wants that.

    All of the hospitals are ruled by the same State and Federal legislation and so anyone of you that have written here about rotten treatment have the right to file a formal complaint with Licensing and Certification, Department of Health Services for whatever State you are in. Dont be shy!. I loved my job as an investigator, trying to nail these guys when there was bad/disrespectful care. Your Gov't in this case is your best shot because they have laws that hospitals must follow.

    Carolyn Bowen, RN, HFEN (Ret)

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