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  1. hagardreams

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    Just wondering if anyone on here knows are is dealing with kidney failure.

    This last few days, I have been having problems with swelling, dizziness, worse than ever concentraiting and memory problems, thin blood, and strange urine color, and thickness, burning and pain, and chills.

    Also I have been having problems with my digestive system not working very well. I didnt know if that could have something to do with the symptoms or not.

    Any advise before I call the doctor, would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless, Julie
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  2. Jillian40

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    Hello -

    I don't have any advice for you so am bumping so someone else may read this and help.

  3. luvnewcomb

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    I have a similar question so I know how important it is to Julie to find an answer.

    Bumping for her...
  4. Juloo

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    Get yourself in to see a doctor NOW!

    At the very least, you might have a kidney or bladder infection. That needs TREATMENT!

    Here is the treatment flow chart from the 6th ed. of "Take Care of Yourself" by Dr.s Vickery and Fries:

    Difficult urination for women...

    Best known symptoms of bladder infection are:

    -pain or burning on urination
    -frequent, urgent urination
    -blood in the urine

    1. Are symptoms associated with fever, vomiting, back pain, or shaking, chills, or is pregnancy possible?

    Yes (see doctor today)
    No (next question)

    2. Is the problem associated with a new, irritating vaginal discharge?

    Yes (If also associated w/abdominal discomfort, see doctor today -- If a venereal disease is suspected, make an appointment to see your doctor)

    No (next question)

    3. Is it possible to obtain a urinalysis without examination?

    Yes OR No (See doctor today and obtain urinalysis)

    4. Is infection present?

    Yes (See doctor today)

    No (Home treatment -- drink lots of fluits and acidic juices, such as cranberry. If relief isn't substantial in 24 hours and complete in 48, call the doctor.)

    I don't always agree with this book, but given your symptoms, I'd call to see the doctor FIRST.

    And that's just for an infection.

    If you truly suspect kidney failure, you should know that waiting around is pretty dangerous. I have a family member that had dialysis treatments 3X a week for several years. That is NOT something to take lightly.

    Now get off the computer and go CALL YOUR DOCTOR!
  5. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    I have to go get some urine tests done. Oh fun! Anyway, I guess I wont know until after the tests what the problem is. Something about a 24 hour test.
    For those of you who pray, please say one for me. I told my family that I dont want to go through dialysis, so hopefully this is just an infection.
    Thanks for all the prayers, God bless, Julie
  6. kholmes

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    I'm glad you're getting help and doing the 24 hour test. Hopefully, this will turn out to be just an infection. You'll be in my prayers.

    But I have to say; David Lee Roth was a better frontman for Van Halen than Sammy Hagar! LOL

  7. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    kholmes; Ok, every person is entitled to their own opinion. LOL! I think Sammy and Dave both brought something different to Van Halen.
    I have been a big Sammy fan for years. I never got to see Van Halen when Dave was front man. I did go to the Sam and Dave tour. Seeing both of them, I can say they both have their own styles, and music. I just wish Dave would have given in and gone on stage with Sammy to do at least one song. He kept refusing to, and it made him look bad. Sammy tried so hard to get him out there, but he kept refusing. Oh well, it would have been very interesting.

    Hopefully this only is an infection. I really dont want to do dialysis, the way I see it, is if its my time to go, then I am ready to go. I would like to see Sammy one more time in concert, but oh well. I didnt get to go to the last tour, he played in Dallas, but I just could not make the trip, it was just too far to ride.

    Thanks to all for the prayers! God bless, Julie (redhead forever!)
  8. kriket

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    I am glad that you are getting yourself checked out. My dad has kidney failure. He has not had to go on dialysis yet and he's been dx with it for about 7-8 years.

    His kidneys function at about 15%. They sometimes get a little better, but usually maintain the same percentage. He really has to watch his diet and not eat a whole lot of protein. He juices a lot too.(NO CARBONATED DRINKS)

    He takes all kinds of natural herbs. Doctor's don't know what caused his kidney failure. He has scar tissue buildup inside his kidneys.????

    I hope that you don't have kidney failure, hopefully it is just an infection, but at least there is hope if it is.

    Please let us know how your results turn out. Another symptom of kidney failure is pale looking skin. Hope this somehow helps.