Kidney pain or......sacroiliac?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sleepyinlalaland, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    First off, I thought a sacroiliac was one of those phantom areas...only referred to by old movies and bad sitcoms.

    But I've got a weird pain that I can't quite place. It is in waist area of lower back, sore (achey) on both sides (mostly left side) of spine. It rarely hurts when standing (for short periods) or sitting straight. I notice it most when trying to leverage weight from front to back. Like when transitioning from sitting straight, to leaning back; from lying down to getting up (can be breath-taking).

    In researching looks kinda like sacroiliac area (YES, there really IS such a thing), could be KIDNEY area. While the area does not feel sore to push on it, it is definitely a constant internal achey soreness. When I torque my torso, it seems to run up my side ribs also.

    Any guesses?

    This sensation is familiar and I'm sure I've had it before, so am not far it is just....ONE OF THOSE THINGS!
  2. bettydroop

    bettydroop New Member

    HI! Yes it probably is your sacroiliac area. If it were kidneys I would think it would be higher than that. I would think, check with DR.

    Try laying on the floor(I know its prob painful) and bring your knees to your chest and gently rock back and forth.Then try locating "sore spots"... place a tennis ball there and gently roll around and try to "release" those areas. Just be careful and it may help. Moist heat is always good. Also try streching there too. Knees up and then side to side.
    I hope you find relief soon. Bett.
  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I have the same pain.
    Odd,...I have narrowed it down to the same,either my left kidney or the sacroiliac joint on that side.
    I've had problems with both in the past so its a bit confusing to know what it is.
    Drs. have checked a few things out and all tests are good so far.
    I've had surgery on that kidney for clots.
    and I have a very small fatty tumor on or right near that sac. joint. coincidence??
    The tumor they say should'nt cause me any pain. But half the times I no longer believe drs. much. Hell! they're the same ones telling me "Fibromyalgia is'nt debilitating'. well after almost 12 yrs with this,...I say it sure is!!

    Wanted to add,or ask: my pain radiates into that hip area also.(and groin) wondered if yours does too??
    So far the only help or pain relief is when I take a hot bath and then take my pain meds. Heating pad helps to.
    But nothing really takes away the pain.

    I don't know what this is from?? I just roll with the punches~
    Hope this helps~
  4. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    Yes, I do occasionally feel the pain radiate towards front groin area, and sometimes hip as well. I may tentatively try the tennis ball trick, but I'm suspecting that would be way too painful (will give it a light try).

    From my own research, I've learned that if it IS the 'ol SAC, the cause is not understood....could be from a joint that is too TIGHT (as in locked), or ligaments that are too LOOSE (hypermobility). This is more common in women, and I'd guess it to be my case as I have always had great flexibility.

    Also googled "kidney pain", and seems that in addition to it be an indicator of REAL problems, ....chronic pain in that area can be another.....mysterious SYNDROME. There's even a name for it (which I've forgotten).

    Great. Another one.
  5. Krisanna

    Krisanna New Member

    The kidney punch test is not a "punch". It is more like a gentle to moderate tap over the area of the kidney. It is not excrutiating to have performed but is very reliable for determining things such as kidney infections. However, if you had a kidney infection I doubt you would be up and about. Believe me, I had one. It started out as a bladder infection which quickly went up to the kidneys thus relieving the bladder infection symptoms. Then I felt like I had the worst flu in the world. That very quickly progressed to the point where it took me hours to be able to get the energy to get out of bed - both physically and mentally. (Similair to the extreme, extreme fatigue from fm or cfs but totally different). I actually got the shakes - not shivers but violent shakes where I would rock back and forth uncontrollably.

    Relative to your sacroiliac joints. These are the joints between your sacrum - or bottom most vertebrae (five fused together) and your hip bones, the iliacs. Chiropractic help can indeed help with restoring function of these joints but be aware of what is causing it. I have been going to a chiropractor for many years and have very rarely needed an adjustment on my s.i.'s. Since I got sick my sacroiliac's have been in almost constant pain, although thankfully much lower level than the remainder of my pain. They are stiff and can get quite hot. i.e. - they are inflamed, in other words this disease is causing some form of arthritis to occur. I do not allow my chiropractor to adjust my s.i. joints right now because of this. As always, know your own body.
  6. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member


    In my research I realize that even the most professional fo professionals find this a difficult call.

    I can't afford a chiro., but I think I can safely ask my daughter to perform the "punch" test as described! I really don't think it is kidney, but sacroiliac. I can put pressure on the area myself and not feel the slightest intensification of pain.

    I really appreciate everyone's input. This New Year's Eve, I want to say how appreciate I am that there is a forum for folks to imput these vague but really annoying (and worrisom) ills, and get so much concerned and experienced feedback.


  7. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    Check out a post by Shinlee. I think it was called adrenal insufficiency and ligament stretch syndrome. That was me all of the way. Daneen
  8. Barbarasimmons

    Barbarasimmons New Member

    I have been suffering with this pain in my groin area for so many years that I feel like I have a high tolerance for pain( I'm smiling. yes I can smile when I speak about it. My way of dealing at night is the long pillow under my knees and the legs open to a comfortable degree and 2 soft pillows under my head and at my sides. I look like a bubble gum pack, but it helps. forget how you look and enjoy a good nights sleep

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