kidney problems

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  1. lillieblake

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    I read someplace that kidney problems can cause or aggravate FM.

    The doctor just ordered a 24 hr urine test to determine something about my kidneys.

    I noted in the MRI of my lower back, a note was made that I might have cysts in my kidneys.

    Any ideas on if this is causing/aggravating the FM?

    Thanks, Lillie
  2. randired

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    I have been diagnosed with FM and have kidney stones. Your doctor might be trying to determine what kinds of stones you may have if thats what they are. A 24 hour urine test will tell him a lot about the make-up of your urine. The cysts could be stones/cysts or anything else. The test will help.

    As for aggrivating the FM, all I have ever had was muscle cramping when I was starting to pass a stone or while passing. SOmetimes i get back cramping when my stons move around. I have 2 stones in one kidney that are just sitting in there.

    Your best bet is to wait for the results of your urine tests to see whats going on.
  3. Khalyal

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    I have had several of them over the course of this disease. My personal opinion is that it's a byproduct of the illness, not a cause. I think our bodies really struggle with toxins, and detox pathways include the kidneys and liver.

  4. meandkac

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    I was born with a kidney birth defect and have had surgery to correct the issue. But I ended up with Chronic Kidney Disease and Infections.
    When I finally got dx's with FM; my kidney specialist told that my low kidney function causes muscle pain and several other chronic pain issues. So my kidney causes some pain and my fibro just ampflies it. So I end up hurting worse in the end. It is a double edge sword because each working to make the others pain worse. But I am learning to deal with it in different ways. And Vit D has been a God send for me because VIT D not only helps with my fibro issues but VIT D is needed for your kidneys to function properly so when mine is found low...I get a dose for a few months and the level goes up and helps all the way around. But it essential to keep the level of VIT D at steady rate so blood work is needed ever month.