Kidney stone question...please help

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    I had an IVP done yesterday and it appears there are 2 stones in my uthera area. sorry, i know the spelling is off. this is causing on and off pressure feelings in my pubic area and sometimes, it causes intense pain. the IVP place said my doctor will probably get the results in a couple of days, so i'm thinking, around monday.

    after she goes over the results, what is the next step? i've had the pain in the exact same area for over 3 weeks, so i keep thinking, if i was to pass it, wouldn't it have passed by now?

    i have been drinking just about a gallon of water a day, so i know my fluid intake is huge.

    i just want to know, what is the next step? i've been out of work just about a month now because of this and it's all unpaid. everytime i think i'm feeling OK enough to go to work, something happens and i get very sore and can't work more than 1 or 2 hours.

    i just really want to know, what can i expect to happen next? i am tired of feeling crappy and want to get back on with life.

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    Kidney stones. I have passed about 2 dozen in just under 18 months. The worst attack was 6 weeks long. This gave me intense pain and UTI symtoms. They finally passed, 2 at the same time. They were very large (so large they shocked doctors)!!!! I hope you get relief soon. I am told I have several stones in both kidneys. I pass them all the time, often 2 at a time. I suffer with such pain on a daily basis, I just can't tell you. Most of the time, unless the stones are blocking your urine flow or stuck in the kidney (which can cause shock)
    you will be left to pass them. I am certain that the biggest contributor to my stones is my well water. Alot of minerals and iron. My stones have been analyzed and they are made up of calcium, which is common.
    Contrary to what doctors will tell you, I have NEVER seen dietary chages make a diddly-squat of difference in having stones. My Dad has had them over 30 years. Changed diet took meds, etc.. nothing has done a thing.(Even drinks a couple of beers a week, supposed to help the kidneys, cranberry juice too, I'm telling you, I haven't seen anything help him)
    We are now trying to get a water purification system, just don't have the $.
    Let me know if I can be of any help. I have so much to say (from experience) about stones.
    (so sorry that I didn't figure this one out for you. I have had so many stones that gave me UTI symtoms, but I hear so few people say they have stones that I don't think of it.)
    And, in case you have this happen I don't want it to freak you out, but sometimes when the stone moves, not only does it cause extreme pain, but you may pass some blood in your urine. Kidney stones are very pften jagged and will cut or tear urinary passages as they travel. Usually you can tell where the stone is by the pain. Sometimes after you do pass a stone you might get an infection. This is because of the irritation the stone caused.
    Having the stones "blown up" has its' own set of problems and isn't used for every stone. Most stones ARE left to pass.
    Like I said already, unless the stones are very large or are blocking the urinary tract or kidney, most docs give pain med, a strainer and tell you to drink lots of water. (which in my case is the reason I get so may, lol!)

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    My last "Large" stone was caught in the urethra and I was 2 months away from giving birth. They put a stent in so I could pass urine and then 2 days after giving birth I had Lithotripsy done. It's a painless procedure (they give you meds first) then they use a large machine which sends "shock waves" to the stone and breaks it up, allowing you to pass it pain free. The worse part was having the stent removed, they didn't give me anything for the pain first and it had become incrusted so they had to literally tear it out... OUCH! I have permenent nerve damage now, so if you can go for the Lithotripsy without the stent do it. My cousin also gets them frequently and swears by beer, his doctor told him to drink more beer (something in it helps break up or pass the stones easier), you might want to try a few buds while waiting for the doctors decision!