KIDNEY STONE UPDATE:spent weekend in ER & Hospital

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by another_painful_day, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. another_painful_day

    another_painful_day New Member

    Ok...I was SOOOOOO sick Saturday vomitting , crying and doubled over in pain. My mom rushed me to ER Hospital Saturdya morning while I knelt on her floor in the back seat sitting doggy style becuase it was the only semi-comfy position I could sit dry-heaving and screaming bloody murder from the was a nightmare! Giving birth was less painless!!!The half hour ride was incredibly long and painful. I felt every bump too!When I got to ER a man had to help me off the back floor of the car into a wheelchair I could barely sit in from pain and was still vomitting while a nurse just shoved me aside in waiting area. I was crying so hard and vomitting that all the other people waiting their turn yelled at the ER nurses to take me in right away because they felt so bad for me (I thought that was nice of all of them I ad my mom go out and thank everyone once I was in). I couldnt even give my info becuase I was labor breathing doubled over and wretching. The nurse was losing her patience with me too it seemed like becuase I couldnt talk and when I did she couldnt understand me between crying, wretching adn the labor breathing I couldnt talk right....HELLO IM IN PAIN IDIOT I CANT TALK RIGHT NOW!!!I felt like smacking her... I tell ya, doesnt matter where ya go...all ERs suck!

    Evidentally, after going to ER and being heavily doped up they found via CAT scan a HUGE stome stuck in the ureter along with the small one in Kidney. Looks like the ultra sound missed that biggy!!!!SHould I go back and smack her one since she, the ultra sonographer, wasnt a nice person to begin with?LMAO! It AMAZES me our lives are in hands of idiots. If she would have scanned my Ureters she would have seen the biggy.

    Never-the less, they admitted me overnight, went thru cytoscope yesterday morning (Sunday)in the Operating Room as an emergency surgical procedure (Doc wasnt happy, I ruined his day off LOL) and had to lazer the stone to pieces to get it out and stent the Ureter(tube from rt kidney to bladder.)Then I was allowed to go home in afternoon.I cant stop running to the potty and Im in AGONY tonight peeing blood and lots of clots.I have to strain my pee everytime I go too which is kinda yucky. I did pass two tiny pieces of the stone. I did NOT fill RX for percocets because I vomit from them so nurse told me at Hospital to take Advil. WRONG MOVE! I cant sleep pain is so bad! Id rather be throwing up and painless right now in the middle of the night. Im ALMOST as bad as when the stone got stuck as far as pain. I cant sleep and I keep pacing the house.
    Anyway thrusday I go to Urologist office where they remove stent and I heard this is painful and Im scared. I told hubby to go ahead and work today becuase I didnt think Id be this bad but now I think I need him home. Percocets sound good right now!

    ARG! Im sooooo tired of Hospitals and being sick. I have had so much radiation from my surgery and now al this in the past two months Im going to be considered radioactive matertial soon and have to wear a sign. HEck at least Ill glow in the middle of the night now.

    ANYWAY Id do ANYTHING right now at 3:00am to dull the pain....this really stinks!!!!I could spit fire Im so sick of all this.
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    to hear our having such a horrible time in pain.

    do you have anything to take besides advil to ease the pain until maybe yo can have the dr. call in new rx.?

    it sounds like you really needs some sort of narcotics for a few days at least. may the dr. can call in something else beside percocet that won't maybe make you vomit. or maybe you can eat something to help w/the vimitting.

    i wish you a painfreee night.

    thinkiong of you sorry to hear what's going on.

  3. another_painful_day

    another_painful_day New Member

    Im calling today. After taking mega doses of Liquid Advil even though it is bad for my stomach, it dulled the pain enough so I could sleep 5 more hours on and off. This is such a horrific feeling though. Feels like I have a knife in the right side of my back and someone has been kicking my groin a million times (like a horrific bladder infection).
    Anyone out there have this procedure done?
  4. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Sorry you're in so much pain. I went through same thing with my husband three times. They say the pain with a kidney stone is worse than having a baby.

    Hopefully they can analyze the pieces of stone and give you some insight into what kind of kidney stone it is, and then you can maybe figure out what is causing them and make some adjustments in your diet or drinking water.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. ibisgirldc

    ibisgirldc New Member

    Percocet is your friend. And it not percocet, perhpas you'll do better on percodan. Dunno... but I was in so much pain after my kidney stone surgery (on my third of 3 stones), that I needed the painkillers for another few weeks. The shunt that they put was more uncomfortable than the stone itself. I think it became infected or something...

    Anyway, when they did a CTscan on my third stone, they, too, told me that it wasn't there. Seems that scans do 5m slices and my stone was exactly 5mm... and it didn't show up on the scan b/c it fell right in between two slices. I'm still mad at the radiologist who did the scan for not saying that this was a possibility (instead of him declaring that there was no stone and i must have been having residual pain from a stone that had passed. Idiot.)

    Point is, it happens. Nice thing about stones is that as bad as the pain is, it goes away and no, it won't kill you. It feels like it will, but all it is is pain. You'll feel better soon. Good luck!!
  6. darude

    darude New Member

    Just been thru this myself. Had stone tested and no more supplements. Too much calcium and VIT D. Is awful pain and my body seems to be taking a while to get strength back.

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