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    Im curious ...has anyone out there experienced Kidney Stones? If you have Im asking for your input please?

    Doc thinks thats whats going on with me. Last wednesday I started with severe pain on right side to bladder and frequent trips to the "potty". By friday, the pain was worse so I gave in and went to see doc. He found Blood (microscopic) in my urine specimen and sent it out for a culture. I thought it was a bladder infection (UTI). Well, results were negative so he feels strongly it oculd be stome(s). so today I had to go for ultra sound on Bladder and Kidney (right side). I wont hear anything for two days (of course, and how frustrating). In the meantime I still run to the bathroom ALOT and the pain gets bad (on side, sometimes lower back and in bladder) and then subsides for a while. Its intermitant pain. I had Kidney stone when I was pregnant with my first child who is now 12 yrs old. I actually thought I was miscarrying her until I had an ultra sound showing the stone stuck in the Ureter (small one). So becuase I do have apast history Doc said it could be happening again.

    Can anyone out there tell me if this sounds all too familiar for Kidney Stones?

    I have NO CLUE what else it could be that is producing pain and blood in my urine.

    Thanks for input!
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    Yes I have had kidney stones and pray I never have them again...

    This was several years ago...It started out I would feel like I needed to go to the bathroom..But when I would go..Nothing!! Just the pressure of feeling like I had to go. Well I figured it was a bladder infection and it let up after a few days.

    Well one morning I was driving my husband to work(his car was broke down or somthing) and I had the most terriable pain hit me that I have every had in my life to my side and back. I had to pull the car over and have my husband drive me to the ER..I was almost in the floor board of the car in Pain. I thought something had ruptured..

    Well I get in the ER they start running blood work, urine samples etc.. while im laying there crying for them to give me something to knock the pain out...anyway came back said probably Kidney stones and they sent me to a Kidney specialist. I had to have this dye ran in me so they could see my kidneys, bladder, tubes etc.. and sure enough I had 3 stones to being very large.

    I was giving something for the pain and sent home to strain my urine for a week to see if they would pass and they didnt. So eventually had to go in for surgery and they went in with a basket type thing to grab the stones and remove them.

    Doctor told me it was very possible to have them again years down the road. Something about once you have them you usually will have them again later in life...Geezz I hope not. Was told to drink plenty of water a day!!

    Sounds like you probably do have kidney stones...Mine were very large and extermly painful.

    I hope you get relief soon and find out for sure whats going on..but it does sound like Kideny stones..The larger they are and the more they move around...The more pain.

    Keep us posted on what the doc says..

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    The most probable cause for this Exxon Valdez oil spill worker would be a metabolic problem relating to the thyroid.

    The blood in urine, with those exposed to 2-butoxyethanol, would be the fatigue doctors are looking for in CFIDS: compensated autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Something separate than kidney stones
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    Increased risk if you are on Topamax
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    Yes, I too have had kidney stones. 3 to be exact. The first attack I was at home and the pain made me double up. Went to the hospital where they confirmed. Sent me to a specialist. He did a lithtripsy (don't ever do it) it cost a lot of money, and I was back within a few months to do surgery. I also had basket that went in to grab it. I had to wear a catherater for 1 week. I am a female and as much as men complain, it is just as hard for a women. Since then I have had 2 more. My tricks are drink water all day long, lots of it. Not just sips, gulps. And no chocolate. Impossible for me so I cheat ever now and then. Good luck.
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    Boy, your name just fits the topic (another painful day!!)

    Yes, I have had 5 episodes of kidney stones!! OUCH!!!!! I have had 3 different types -- calcium oxolate, struvite, and can't remember what the last one was called.

    They were ONE of the most painful things that I have every had.

    Most were brought on by sudden pain. With a couple, like another poster said, I would feel all the pressure to urinate but couldn't do it. Then, the pain would hit full force, and after having them before, I knew what it was!!

    With my first stone, I didn't know what was going on. My hubby took me to the ER. They did some tests and said that all I had was a UTI and sent me home. I had no vomiting this time, and the pain had subsided--that's why they sent me home. Before we got out of town, the pains started again. I told hubby to take me back to the ER. By the time we got back, the pains had stopped again. I didn't care--I wasn't going back home!

    The ER did not want to keep me because the doc said it was JUST an infection. I told them that I REFUSED TO LEAVE!! Then they did an IVP dye test/scan and saw a huge stone and admitted me!!

    And, there was another time that I had an attack at 6:00 am which was right before I was ready to leave for work. I knew what it was and had my hubby take me to the ER--only to a different hospital this time (we have 3 hospital nearby). The ER doc held me in the ER for a while because the pains would come and go, and wanted to send me home.

    Again, I refused to leave the ER!!!! I told him to call my Urologist and talk to him--the one who treated me for the previous stone. He said he wasn't calling him that early in the morning. So I refused to leave until they called him when his office opened. The ER doc called him at 9:00 am and the Urologist said "ADMIT HER!"

    Yep, after testing, there was another giant stone!!

    After the first two stones, my patterns changed. The pain was no longer intermittent -- it was continuous!! And, from the continual pain, I would become nauseated and start vomiting. My pain would be a lot in my back, too. And, yes, I always had blood in my urine.

    This is the closed pain that a man can experience that will compare to our labor pains!! (I would still like to see how a man would handle the pain of a 42-hour labor, then give birth to a 10-1/2 lb. baby who is 24 in. long!)

    I'm not sure about your case. I just skimmed over what Acesnanna had for you--but I bet you will find your answer in what she replied. I just had to tell you about my refusal to leave the ER when I was in such horrific pain!! My first stone was 24 years ago. I haven't had one in 10 years -- knock on wood!!

    I hope you don't have another stone!!!

    Hugs, and take care,
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    I have had pain and recurrent uti's for over a year. Found out in June that the reason for so many infections was struvite staghorn stones, so big they have damaged my right kidney to the point that it is only functioning 6%. I am scheduled for surgery to remove the kidney on Sept.6. There is no chance to save it now. I had a nephrostomy catheter but July 25 the dr. who did this said he has never seen a kidney that black before. Please do not let dr.s tell you it's only an UTI when you continue to need antibiotics constantly for them. Fight to be treated correctly and given the right test. To bad I didn't do this a long time ago could have possibly saved my kidney if I had. Also the Ureter is full of stones that won't pass so I am in pain constantly. sorry so long but good luck.
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    Sounds like it could be kidney stones. My husband had them several years back.

    Was a simple solution in his case. Fortunately he passed the three episodes he had of them, and I did a little researching. In his case, I was "healthily killing him."

    We were having brocolli with cheese sauce several nights a week. It was the only way I could get him to eat brocolli.

    Well, whatever it was in the brocolli was combining with whatever it was in the cheese and forming the stones.

    Sometimes it can be even the water you are drinking that causes them. If you are fortunate enough to pass one of the stones and have it analzyed ( my husband was using this screen thing when he went to the bathroom, and he was able to catch some of the stones,) then doctor sent it to be analyzed, and it fit into the category of the brocolli/cheese one. So, no more brocolli and cheese, and knock on wood, no more kidney stones for him. Thank goodness!

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    I have never had kidney stones, but my brother and my dad have had them. I do have vuvodynia and I suspect a link between the two. Both may be helped by avoiding oxalates in food. For a list of foods go to and type in "oxalate content of foods".
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    A LEMON A DAY KEEPS THE UROLOGIST AWAY is what my urologist told me for my chronic kidney stones (only if the stones are calcium oxylate). That, and drinking lots of water and avoiding the high-oxylate foods. Peace
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    I have a small kidney stone stuck in my kidney and blocking some of the urine flow in right kidney. I called the Urologist Doc wants me to see and they will see me monday.
    In the meantime if the pain gets worse and I get real bad they told me to go to the ER over the weekend.
    Im SO SICK of Docs, SPecialists, Hospitals, ERs and Tests I can really scream. Im a hurtin' pup though. I took kids on a 7+ mile hike today (this is before I found out results) and I had no place to "pee" so holding in my "pee" has now put me in ALOT of pain.
    I hope I make it thru the weekend.

    Thansk for the replies everyone! I appreictae it!
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    Did he send you home with a bottle of percocets? And a filter for your urine? Instructions about heating pads, not to go anywhere where you might find yourself stricken by an attack of pain and unable to take the pain meds (e.g., don't go on a long car ride if you can't pull over, take your pills, and let someone else drive home.)

    And I keep bottles of minutemaid lemon juice in my freezer and regrigerator at all times. I drink all of my water with it now. I've had three...
  14. another_painful_day

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    I spoke to my Doc on phone. He told me the Urologist he wanted me to call. They set appt for Monday and told me if I get bad to go to ER (how lovely of them).
    No one instructed me on anything (how even lovelier of them).
    Im drinking as much water as I can and dealing with the pain. I feel like my Kidney is swollen and it feels like someone has been punching it a million times. Its going to be a VERY L O N G weekend.
    Im sick of ERS and such so I hope I dont have to go.
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    Just gone thru the same thing and a heart prob check out my post.