Kidney Stones!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Angel6801, Nov 4, 2005.

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    Well! As I posted couple times in past that I mentioned that I had been battle with my kidney infection and UTI. It has been going on for a month. Well I just finish my last dose couple nights ago. And.. Not to mentioned that I had horrible stomach flu that caused me lost seven lbs over weekend. Overall, I felt horrible, well I was getting better but then I had horrible headahces along with dizzy and my back was killing me, and that is when my symptoms all flares up. Ohhhh I have those tingles in my legs, my stomach, my back, it was horrible! It makes me sooo cold and... I cried couple times. That was the worst feeling ever I had! Fear that I might have UTI again I went to hospital. So My wonderful dr tested me everything, checked my blood test, my urine sample, and cat scan... Everything came back normal and... Except that the cat scan confirmed that I have kidney stone in right side.. I never had it before. Now I wonder if that is related to UTI or FM? I remember some of you guys posted about kidney stone and I had never really check it since I never experience with this. NOw I do. ANd I wish I could check them out to see what you guys had said about it.
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    Bump for some info! (-:
  3. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    Thanks for help. I can see no one really has anything to say about kidney stones.
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    UGH! So sorry you are dealing with that...nasty things!

    I had trouble at age 17... they though it was appendix, as I never had mine out, and big bro had his out at 15 or 16 - none of my other sibs had appendix removed...

    Anyhoo, went to the hospital and the were prepping me for tests and surgery at the same time. But instead, while they didn't se the stone on the IVP (already passed), I did have all the other stuff to show that's what the big deal was....

    And it reared its ugly head again when I was in my late 20's. I had constant low back ache, protien in my urine (which they read as blood) etc.

    This was too big to pass - as big as a pea. So I had lithotrypsy 2 times. Crushed it up, but where it was sitting in the top nook of my kidney (rt side also) I peed the broken bits for a week after each litho, but the rest of it re-formed and got larger.

    Another uro told me they could stick a tube in my side, into the kindney, send me home, and theen in a few weeks replace that with a bigger tube, then a bigger one, and so on, until it was large enough that when they did another litho, they could suck the gravel out.

    I had 2 kids - one in grade school, and a toddler at the time. We were remodling out 100+ yr old house, and I worked full time swing-shift in a factory!

    Was that guy nuts??? NO way I could be walking around with a tube in me for months on end - I'd have died of infection! Not to mention nobody could care for the kids, and I'd have lost my job.

    They gave me no other way to remove it, but told me this was a really rare case., and they weren't sure what would happen. Maybe the stone would rupture the wall - and that could be dangerous...

    Well, I'm still here, and the stone is still there, LOL!

    I can still feel it when I lay down, but it doesn't usually hurt, and I haven't had any kidney infections in over 10 yrs, rarely even a UTI.

    I have no idea if this is more common in fibro or not, but stones are common in everyone.

    I'd guess things have changed a lot since my experience, so let us know what happens, and good luck!


    This time they saw it
  5. JLH

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    I have posted about kidney stones before, too, if you want to look them up.

    Basically, I think I said that I have had 5 diferent kidney stones in my lifetime. I have have 3 of the 4 different types of stones. I have had: struvite, calcium oxolate, and a uric acid stone.

    There are four major types of kidney stones:

    The most common type of stone contains calcium. Calcium is a normal part of a healthy diet.

    Calcium that is not used by the bones and muscles goes to the kidneys. In most people, the kidneys flush out the extra calcium with the rest of the urine. People who have calcium stones keep the calcium in their kidneys.

    The calcium that stays behind joins with other waste products to form a stone.

    A struvite (STROO-vite) stone may form after an infection in the urinary system. These stones contain the mineral magnesium and the waste product ammonia.

    A uric (YOOR-ik) acid stone may form when there is too much acid in the urine. If you tend to form uric acid stones, you may need to cut back on the amount of meat you eat.

    Cystine (SIS-teen) stones are rare. Cystine is one of the building blocks that make up muscles, nerves, and other parts of the body. Cystine can build up in the urine to form a stone. The disease that causes cystine stones runs in families.

    Chances are that the stone that you have is as a result of your UTI and *NOT* fibro.

    In order to get rid of my past stones, I have drank gallons of water until I passed it.

    I have also had to have them surgically removed (they go up through your bladder and find the stone, crush it in this little basket, and pull it back out. Yuck. You are under and don't feel a thing.

    I have also had one stuck in the tubes between my bladder and urinary track or someplace that blocked the function of my kidney and I had to have a tube put in my kidney to allow it to drain. The tube stayed in me for over a week waiting on the stone to move, etc. The tube ended up migrating out of place, causing undo pain, and I was in an awful shape!

    What does your doctor plan to do about your stone?


  6. Angel6801

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    Thanks for the information! That helps a lot. Yes, it sound like it prop from my UTI. I certainaly hope it is not cuz of calicum stuffs since I love dairy stuffs. And, sound like some of you guys went through hard times with kidney stones than I do. I guess I should be graceful.

    As far for my kidney stones, there is nothing they can do, they said it is small enough to pass along and... They gave me mortion for pain. So that is the story of my life.
  7. Ninas

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    Dear Angel

    First of all take the advice and medicines from your dc.
    I believe so much that many cures are founded in nature, “remedies” that mother nature provide us with…..Once in a naturopath conference it was mentioned one of the cures for kidney or blotter stone is BEET JUICE, I recommended that "remedy" to my brother in law who was going for a blotter surgery and before his appointment he expulsed the stone by itself …..he went through a lot of pain but just while expulsing the stone, luckily for him he did not have the need for the surgery any more.
    Here is how to prepare it if you wish to give it a try.
    Boil a large beet in three cups of water, when the water is dark purpled put the beet away and keep the water in the refrigerator. Drink only three times a day one ounce of this juice. Do this for five days ONLY.
    It might help you out, no lost by trying this out!!!
    Good luck and God bless you.

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