Kidney stones

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    Hey any of you guys out there ever have and pass a kidney stone I’ve heard that it like trying to pass a cockleburs. My right kidney is really hurting. Called the doctor only to find that he is closed at noon on Fridays. That left me to wait until next week to try and get in to see him or go to the E/R. That isn’t going to happen, cost to dang much. I just started taking scrip for uric acid, guess my numbers were off the chart. I just started getting some really hellish joint pain about three weeks ago.
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    If you look at a kidney stone under a microscope,they say it looks just like a sticker bur and that that is why they hurt so bad. My b/f has had them 2 times.

    The pain is usually so bad, that you have to go to the er and get something for the pain till you can pass it. Your side,low back, and groin can hurt really bad when you have them. Hope you don't have them, and if you do, I hope you get some comfort and pass them soon.

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    I'm not a guy, but I have had 5 or more episodes with kidney stones.

    If your uric acid is high, you might be forming one!

    I've had stones of 3 different types.

    I never did go to the ER until I was doubled over in pain, started vomiting (only lasts short time--always happened at on-set of the most severe pain). I always had back pain, too.

    The pain is as severe--for a woman--as labor pains are. Very intense, very severe pain. So, men can experience what labor pains are all about when having a kidney stone! Ugh!!

    I was always encouraged to drink gallons of water so that when you do urinate, you have a full bladder and can get some "force" going when urinating, so the stone will pass less painfully.

    You should see if your pharmacy sells strainers for this purpose and strain all of your urine in order to catch and save your stone when passed. Your stone can be analyzed to make sure it was composed of uric acid.

    If you've had UTI's frequently, it could be a struvite stone, which is caused by infection.

    Most likely, yours is uric acid, due to your numbers.

    Have you been told how to lower your uric acid level? Duh, I guess not, since I just re-read your post and you said you can't get in to doc until next week.

    If your right kidney is hurting now, I would suggest that you call your doc's office phone number tomorrow morning. Most docs have an answering service who picks up and will tell you who is "on call" over the weekend. They will page the on-call doc. Have them tell this doc that (#1) you know your uric acid levels are high, (#2) your right kidney is causing you a lot of pain, and (#3) can he/she call you in some type of med to help you until you can get an appt. with the doc the first of the week--and that you can not afford to make a trip to the ER. My doc will comply with this approach.

    Do some research on the web to find out what foods cause your uric acid to raise, so you can immediately cut them out, and see what other suggestions are offered.

    I was given a med to lower my uric level at one time but I can no longer remember what it was.

    Drink plenty of water!!!!!!!!!!! My doc said even if it causes you to get up in the middle of the night to urinate, get up, go to the bathroom, drink an 8 oz. glass of water, and go back to bed!!! LOL Even time you get up, drink a full glass of water!!

    Hope you get rid of this stone as painlessly as possible!!

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    Some stones can be so tiny that they are hard to see with the naked eye, that's why you need to strain your urine.

    Some are the size of the top of a straight pin, which is large.

    But when one of mine was examined under a microscope, it looks like the edges of it are all razor blades --- that's why they can do a lot of damage when you pass them, and why they are so painful.
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    I'm sorry to hear you may have a kidney stone. I have had over a dozen of them since I was a teenager and they are definitely no picnic. Several of them had to be removed surgically because they were stuck in my kidney and wouldn't move enough on their own to pass them.

    There can be a lot of things that cause stones, one of them is stress.....hummmm, imagine that, stress causing something else painful.

    My doctor told me one of the main causes can also be the TYPE of water that you drink. I was on city water and he said that is the worse you can drink. We now only drink distilled water. Don't just get spring water because the minerals are still in the spring water, you need water that has nothing in it.

    Another cause can be from drinking too much tea. I don't understand it, but there is something in tea that can cause a build up in your kidneys and develop into a stone. I used to drink at least a half gallon of tea a day. Now I have a glass now and again.

    Since I switched to distilled water and gave up my tea addiction, i have been fortunate with the stones. I've only had 2 since i changed my drinking habits. That may seem like a lot but considering when I was going thru my divorce, i had a period of six months that i had 8 stones that i passed or had to have removed. I was in the hospital 3 times in that six month period.

    You may also want to try taking cranberry pills. I can't stand the taste of cranberry juice, that is why i take the pill form. This helps with the uric acid as well.

    Good luck, let us know how you are doing. I truly empathize with you.

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    Dear Dan:

    My brother has had kidney stones. He lives in Berlin, Germany. I had to drive him to the E/R once, as he was unable to sit up, and we had to stop often so he could vomit.

    They hospitalized him, and the doctor there told him to hop down the stairs (with both legs together). My brother was a bit skeptical. The hospital was 10 stories. By the time my brother got to the bottom the first time, he had some relief, and the stone passed.

    Just thought I would share his good outcome.

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    I am almost 34,but I have had aout 3-4 dozen stones...yes that many. They range form tiny specs that are like a sesame seed to the size Of peanuts (my average one are like matchheads...yes big!)..I have stones that big in both kidneys/per radiology.
    I have passed 2 at the exat same time that we the size of garden peas....they are excruciating.
    Mine are calcium that does not mean stop calcium..dr used to think that, but it is more the way you metabolize.
    Some dr think that in hot areas like Florida,where I am we sweat more and pee less so our kidneys do not get the cleans they should.
    Drink lots of water and cranberry juice some ppl use lemon juice in water helps.
    Thre are meds ot ther like uridium and stuff they think help keep you from forming them but no one is postive (no tea,no cola,etc...).
    My family has a lot of trouble...I think well water is worse for you I filter my water with Pur filter.

    I sometimes do not notice then..I have a lot of pain with RA..but large ones need to be surgically removed..the blasting and breaking up of my experince not so good...that an be awful to go thru and require surgery anyway.
    Sorry about my typonese..RA hands.
    Kindey stones hurt so bad (equivalent to normal childbirh contractions)the only pain worse I think is burns....I am a woman so I know.
    P.S. Kideny stones look like tiny shards of glass stuck togethre when magnified...they often cut as they move and cause blood in urine. Once a stone gets into the bladder it can take days to get out or not time at all..the more fkuid you pas the better even a beer can helps speed passing urine.[This Message was Edited on 07/29/2006]
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