kids and cfs question

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  1. painandagony

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    I am wondering how many people with cfs have children who get it.

    Who here has cfs/fibro and has kids with or without the illness. (kids at least into their 20's so we know if it's hitting while they're growing up)

    I've asked doctors and they never know anything about it. They tell me no, don't worry about it.

    I've read from some of the folks on here that they have kids who have it. How many have kids who don't / didn't get cfs?

    Thanks very much.
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    I have 2 daughters, 38 and 40. They don't have CFS; however, my grandau., whom I carried around the first 5 weeks of her life cuz mom had a cesarean, was diagnosed at 15, missed last 3 yrs of high school, and cannot be awake during the daytime, only nights.

    My two daus have SOME symptoms, one more than the other (the mom of the granddau who is diagnosed). I have told them both they must take control of their health NOW, as the "dangerous years" are on there way!

    (Many women get sick in their 40s or around perimenopause time).

    I've heard being pregnant makes you feel so much better, maybe because of the increased blood flow.

    I have no real answer...except maybe wait a year or so, let's see what all this new research will tell us. Maybe there will be a universal treatment and our doctors can actually prescribe something, finally!

    Hang on, there is hope!

  3. painandagony

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    Thank you for responding so quickly, I really appreciate it. Yes, there really are some possible breakthroughs happening and maybe it's worth the wait. I've been sick 18 years already. However, whoever responds, I am kindly not looking for opinions on what to do, just looking for people's family history....if there are some folks out there who don't see it running in their family. If there aren't many or any, that tells me something. Besides me, I don't think anyone in my family (going back a couple generations or so) has ever had cfs or anything like it.

    Having said that, my heart goes out to you two - seeing possible symptoms of it and the granddaughter, uugghh...I want a child so bad, but I just cringe at that thought.

    hugs, hugs, hugs
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    No prob, no stress. Just didn't want 20 people to start replying with their advice.....:)

    I hope more people respond as I am still very curious about the genetic link.

    Hugs and hugs

    Mayline-I too hope your middle child is not showing signs of beginning cfs....but good to know the other kids haven't had any signs at all.