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  1. mattnoti

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    Just curious! Anyone w/ FM have kids w/ symtoms? I have a 7 year old boy is seriously struggling in school-concentration,squirming,disorganized,what seems like constant pains everywhere and the list goes on-He has improved in school but they are trying to label him as ADHD and I want to cover ALL the bases before he is labeled.Any info would be appreciated:)
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    I've been questioning my youngest daughters (age 7) 'growing pains'. I had them as a child, and have hear quite a few people here state that they had them to! She also is showing signs of IBS, and has frequent headaches. I was diagnosed with IBS in highschool, and have always had problems wit headaches.

    I pray that I have not passed this on to her, but if I did I can at least have the peace of mind that I know what it is and can get her help.

    before you go with the ADHD diagnosis, have you considered the restlessnes and concentration may have to do with the constant pains he has? I know on my bad days I can't concentrate on anything and am very scattered brained!

    If they (dr.) does say ADHD, consider going with behavior modification instead of medication. My oldest(16) was diagnosed ADHA 12 years ago. We have never medicated, and he is now an absolute joy!!!

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    My oldest son has symptoms I worry about also. He is 12 yrs. old. He has growing pains off and on. He also has a lot of headaches and starting to have IBS.

    He also has attention problems in school. He is also extremely clumsy. I was wandering if your child has the clumsiness also? It just seems like his cordination is off.
    It worries me. I guess My hope is that they`ll find a cure for this in the next five to 10 years so they won`t have to go through what we did.
  4. tannat

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    Do your children also get unexplained fevers? Breezy has 100-102 degree temps sometimes with no other symptoms.


    PS yes, she is clumsy at times.. not all the time, but will have days at a time where it seems her coordination is off.
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    My breath of fresh air, my 8 year old has so many symptoms it makes me weep. I see dark circles under her eyes and wish I could take them away. Her legs, feet, and ankles hurt her so much sometimes that she limps wherever she goes. If the TV is too loud she is just like me...she cannot tolerate it. The doctors all say she is healthy. I pray every day she does not have this. I will never tell her I think she does until I am quite sure and she is quite older. No need to pin this crap on an 8 year old.
  6. tannat

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    I need to stop thinking about this, because the more I do the more symptoms come to light. Breezy also frequently has dark circles under her eyes, and is up a lot at night complaining she can not sleep. She also has days that she puts herself down for a nap (now how many 7 year olds do this??)or goes to bed at 7:30-8:00 pm. She had MAJOR problems as a baby with sensory overload. I couldn't take her anywhere where there were florescent lights or lots of people. I would have to take her into a dark quiet room and rub her temples to get her calmed down.


    PS should we just let this go for a while or talk to a DR. now.... is it possible that symptoms can be lessened with eary intervention? I know most of us were dealing with this for years before a symptoms get worse without treatment?
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    Awful! My son is 11 and has been showing these symptoms for years. He too has been labeled ADD on and off. He just gets sensory overload. He suffers from migraines, muscle pain etc. He is very athletic and active but does take alot of bad falls and broken bones because he gets dizzy. I try to give him copy skills that will help him through his life.

    I make sure he gets a multi-vitamin in the AM and he gets a chewable calcium supplement at night. It has really helped. The calcium chew helps with his sleep also. Did you hear that? I have told him it would and it really does, both psych. and physically.

    I also have him take warm baths when I see him struggling with his coping skills. I buy things for him to make his bath more enjoyable... Toys, bubbles, bath salts aromatherapy stuff etc. I just keep it in the bathroom and he is welcome to draw a bath and choose fun any time.

    Last but not least, If he is having a bad migraine or horrible muscle pain I give him a half of vicodine. (they give him this if an ER visit is needed anyway. He needs to know that he does not need to suffer and deserves some relief! Its rare 2x a month maybe. Hope this helps....
    Tina Mom from California
  8. Dorothy45

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    My 20 year old has constant sinus, and yeast infections. She also breaks out with fever blisters.
    My 16 1/2 year old has trouble with concentration, but yet scores very well on PSAT test. The school wants to put him in honor classes, but he has trouble with the work load. He sleeps all the time, and is very sensitive to lighting. He has commented to me frequently that "something" is not right. Frequent headaches too.
    My 13 year old has "stomach" problems, and frequent headaches. She also has problems with "growing" pains. She breaks out with severe fever blisters frequently.
    I am new to fm, so it didn't even occur to me that they might have inherited the illness. Oh, this is depressing.

  9. tannat

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    Breezy also gets a lot of cold sores, and has had many yeast infections.... Both of my girls have these problems...

    Should I have them checked?? Would there be any benefit to detection at an early age?

  10. Dorothy45

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    I don't know what we should do about our children. I am so afraid of making them "think" about their problems all the time. They are coping so far, but what can we do? There is no cure. I am new to all this, so I need input too concerning our children. I'm worried about my son,because he shows the most symptons of my three children. My psychiatrist is the doctor that told me that I have FM. I will be seeing him the end of the month, and I will bring the subject up.
    As inregards to your girls yeast infections, I had terrible problems for years with this. My oldest daughter does too. An internest told me that she thought that over use of anitbiotics caused this. I took antibiotics daily for acne, and my daughter has been on antibiotics off and on for frequent sinus and ear infections. There is something the doctor suggested to take, but am having trouble with fibro fog, and I can't remember right now.
  11. gottalottalove

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    If they are having chronic yeast infections etc. this could ware them down so much. Also remember that it is normal for teenagers to require more sleep, sometimes 10+ hours. Chronic infections like these can also cause them to CRAVE carbs and can effect their weight because of energy level and diet. All a horrible combination later on with FM. I am living proof.

    PS for younger childrens bath fun try pool toys and squirt guns from the dollar store. My son also received a shower radio for christmas that he loves and we all walk around the house getting our groove on and singing while he relaxes in the tub! (Im sure gonna miss cleaning up the flooded bathroom when he grows up and goes to college. although there's always my hubby "Big Ed"! LOL) hehehe Tina
  12. tannat

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    Both of my girls have had ear infection and sinus problems, but neither have been on antibiotics more than what I think is 'normal'. They both do have asthma and had problems with bronchitis this winter. I limit their sugar intake and NO bubble baths. Neither of them have had a yeast infection for a few years. Both had thrush and multiple yeast infections as babies, and Breezy had the yeast infections till she was 4-5 years old.

    Let me know what your Dr. says when you see him. I will check with mine when I go in next week, and see what he says.

  13. mattnoti

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    All I can say that I am so totally overwhelmed w/ everything I have read from you guys-Thank you sooooo much! I thought maybe I was just making it up in my mind and plus I have had my Ped. and my Occupational Therepist say that they just didn't think it could happen to kids at this age(like there a miracle age it suppose to appear)!I am going tomorrow w/ Matthew for a full physical and some blood work soooo MAYBE something will show-I have had this gooofy thing for almost 12 years and it just came over me that we had NO warning!All I can say is that exercise works for me and of course hot tubs are a huge help!Some of Matthew's other symtoms are the cold sores that can last for months, very poor hand eye coordiation,he also has no dominace as far as left and right. The strange thing about him is that he could go to sleep at 11pm and can get up at 6am to watch his favorite tv prgram with no problem?!?!?
    I'll definitely let you know how it goes w/ the DR. tomorow- Praise the Lord someone to talk to !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. mattnoti

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    Sorry it has taken me a few days to respond to you but yes coordation is off by along way!But Matthew's is more than just that,we did some testing school and have found that he has no dominance which pretty much messes up everything from simple skills as buttoning to putting straws in juice boxes to which direction(left or right of the page) he starts reading from.He has a very short memory,he views objects from top looking down,our big one is he is a perfectionist w/ his school work only and the list could and does go on and on.We also just discovered that Matthew is double-jointed- I found an interesting article on this on the web by Miryam Williamson ( anyone else have children that are double-jointed w/ any of these symtoms? I get lab results back tomorrow-My Ped. was very open to anything I thought and said we start ruling out other things anyway. I would LOVE to compare notes w/ anyone and everyone to learn anything new!A :)
  15. mattnoti

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    Tanna- Even though my Ped is somewhat open now,he was not when I first brought up the subject-And dark circles live in my house-Have you ever had your angle tested for allergies? My youngest two have moderately bad allergies and when they act up their circles appear-it's only a thought?! A :)
  16. goingslowlycrazy

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    Mattnoti - I have CFS and possibly/probably FMS too.

    My son is 12 and has
    Migraines since age of six...very severe,
    hospitalised at 3 for query rhematoid arthritis - he just stopped moving! His ESR was sky-high but they filled him full of IV antibiotics (another worrying thing, looking back) and he seemed to resolve after two weeks in hospital,
    He now comes home from school and goes straight to bed, three nights out of five.
    He has been complaining of bad backache and lately, ribs aching.
    He has dark circles under his eyes.
    He is constantly cold.

    I am so torn, on the one hand I would like to get him 'diagnosed' but on the other hand, I worry that I am putting two and two together and making ten, because of my own illness.

    I have not mentioned it to him at all, nor will I, until I am really sure what to do....but he has been missing quite a bit of school - going to bed at 5pm and sleeping through til mid day the next day...can't be normal?

    I am seeing my GP soon to try and get a referral to a specialist so I will talk to him about it. He is very open and helpful, thank the Lord.

    This is so sad...bad enough that we have it and that our kids have to put up with what that means for them, without them suffering it too.

    My 14 year old daughter is fine, though, thank goodness.

    Mary x


    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Going threw
    I Have 4 Kid"s 9,10, 16 &21 , the 15 yr old has ADHD
    ,my main concern is for my 10 Year old , Like many Mom"s hear , have said he get"s headacks, pain"s hear thear ,(everywear,(speling not to good,
    Anyway , i have to agree w/ the Mom who said , she wont say anything ,Entill the child is older !!!!!!
    I fill the same way, My 10 yr old son, see"s thing"s on TV, and say"s oh mom& dad maybe that"s whats wrong , I say No baby dont worrie that"s for older people ect,,
    Right now we found out ,He has small leack in hart , but antibiotics ,before denist ,Surgery ,
    Now the hart Dr called us he has to wear a monater for a mth, I don"t think thears anything wrong( but will deal w/ that if so,,,,But In the back of my Mind I think (OH My God ) what if he has Fms,,,but will deal w/ that if its so when he get"s older
    Dont want to add stress if ,Its just ME worring
    Good Luck i Will pray for you& you"r Child cindy
  18. gottalottalove

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    Our sons are twins separated at birth! LOL This is very interesting stuff and am curious to the advice you get from Ped. Please keep responding to this most important topic of our childrens future. Tina
  19. mattnoti

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    Hey ya'll-The labs are back ALL was fine-the Ped did a the normal run plus a thyroid(which is where all my craziness started),he also gave him a good check up and really saw nothing out the normal BUT he did want to wait for all the testing to be finished!We still have to two more test to take-NAPISE?(forgive the spelling I'm not sure of it) and one the Speech Theraphist at school wants to do!Truthfully -We let him go home with my mother for a long weekend to see if that would help destress him (and me)!
    I'm a little out the lingo loop so please help with some of the abbreviations LLO? and what has your Ped said about FM in kids this young?and I'm not trying to say anything one way or the other say far who has what and at what age.I am purely on information gathering mission-the way I figure it the more I know about FM and kids the easier it will be to determine what is going on my wonderfully little dooblebug!A :)
  20. mattnoti

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    If you don't mind -what were your son's "symtoms" for that lack of a better word and when at what age and does he have FM "symtoms" also? These four letters(ADHD)do a serious number to my stress level! I'm trying get ANY info. I can-being a liitle prepared is better than not prpared at all Right?!!!!!Any books you might recomened would be wonderfully! A:)