Kids wipeing me out.

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    My kids last day of school was last Thursday. They have keep me going and going. I need to get some rest. I suppose I have spoiled them the last 8 months of feeling a bit better. Trying to make up for the years I had been bed ridden. I am at a lost and the summer has vacation just started I have 9.5 more weeks to go till they go back to school. I feel like if I tell them I need a few days off they we be hurt, I don't know how to explain it to them. One would think I would after having been ill for over a little of 10 years. Friday I am going to buy a 4 foot 16 feet round pool for them, I am hoping this will help myself, seeing I am not a beach babe I have heat intolerance and I can not spend 14 + hours at the stable.
    Thanks any advice would be much appreciated. I feel like I am being selfish.
  2. dleaning

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    Don't think of yourself as being selfish. Yes, it is hard having kids with this DD, I have 2 boys, 14 and 7, and yes, I haven't been the greatest "soccer mom" so to speak. I never had the energy to take them to the park, zoo's, museums, etc.... but kids adapt. Just learn to pace yourself. I guess its hard to explain to them in terms that they will understand.

    I think the pool will be good for you and the kids. THey will love it!

    Good luck and remember we are here for you!!!


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