KimDC - Explanation of Herxing and my treatment protocol

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    Sorry to hear you too, are so sick. I can relate to how you are feeling. When your doctor put you on the antibotic, it probably caused you to begin hexring, which is what we call the die-off of the mycoplasmas and CMV Bacteria. When we have symptons like this we know the medication is working. It can really bring on a major flare of symttons, plus create an unplesant cascade of side effects.............

    If you have been diagonised with CFS/Fibro., you are probably aware of just how sensitive our systems are as compared to a person who has a healthy, strong immune system.

    From how you describe your symptons of vomiting, I'd say that is what happened to you. I'm no doctor and by no means intend what I described above to be your case. But, it sure sounds like me and others on the Message Board who have gone through herxing (the dying-off state) of the critters invading our bodies.

    In answer to your other question regarding treatment options, I am being treated by the FFC (Fibro/Fatigue Center) in Atlanta. The doctors at all locations across the country are well trained in treating the type illness you have. If your aren't familiar with the FFC, you may call up the Website, it is: There is a wealth of information in additon to contact source and all locations. Hopefully, you live near one.

    I truly believe in their approach to wellness and look forward to when my body is rid of these infections.

    Hope I've answered your questions and you will find the correct treatment. Please let me know if I can be of any further help to you..........any more questions, please feel free to post............the people on the board are wonderful and understand what these infections can do to one's will probably get numerous responses from others, everyone wants to help each other.

    Good Luck,

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