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    I answered your thread about CMV and mycoplasmas but don't know whether you saw it as it rolled to page 3 very fast.

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    Transfer Factors 11/13/05 01:15 PM

    TF's are amazingly effective and because of that, they do elicit a strong immune response. The good news is that the capsules can be opened and you can start out slowly and increase slowly.

    Get some general info on Transfer Factors and if your doc is willing to try them, he can contact ProHealth. They have a website for physicians but I can't remember the name of it. You might want to e-mail them and ask. The TF for mycoplasmas can only be ordered by a medical professional.

    The TF C, TF 200, TF 100, TF Liver Plus, and the TF Nile all target CMV as well as other things. Check them out to see which one would best fit your needs.

    Also, I have used my zapper for pathogens in the blood stream. I got mine from the Hulda Clark website and have been really pleased with it.

    Good luck to you. BTW, Minocin, Zithromas, and Cipro are all effective against mycoplasma infections. I would not take the Cipro as the first drug of choice as it is really a heavy hitter ABX and many have reactions to it. I am allergic to fluoride and it is a fluoroqinaline so I cannot take it.

    Love, Mikie

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