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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fivesue, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Hi Kim!

    I just checked and saw you have been having some more/different back problems. I am so sorry. After your traumatic back surgery and all that went with it, this must just be too much to bear. I am hoping it will improve as it is just a reaction to your auto swerve, etc.

    We have moved! After all the talk of moving, all the looking, pondering, etc. we are in a beautiful home that fits our needs and so many wants more than adequately. I am just so amazed to be in this lovely home, so thankful and so surprised. I never thought I'd live somewhere so nice.

    Nice neighbors, lovely area. I am learing to adjust to the heat, keep the place shut up to lessen the need of the AC. We have gotten some tips from long time residents and it is working. Thankfully it isn't as hot as it will be. It gives Felix and me time to adjust.

    Felix did amazing well with the move. This last week has been so chaotic that the first night here, he barfed in almost every room. (-: He wasn't sick...just ate too much too late and with climate change etc. his tummy rebelled. He loves our do I.

    Just trying to touch bases...will keep this bumped. Take care of yourself. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Thank you for checking in!

    Your home sounds beautiful, as does the area. I'm happy all those months of ups and downs are over!

    My laptop had the nerve to 'break down'! Now I have a 'new' baby and hopefully will stay connected!

    Speaking of are your 'grand' ones???? Jim, your kids, etc??

    I've missed you! Just so happy you are moved and able to 'nest' now!

    Love you Susie Q !!!!!!

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    So good to hear from you! Glad you have a better 'puter now.

    The house is wonderful. Felix is even getting into this place with the big backyard, etc. Knows better than to go outside during the hot part of the day.

    Jim is still working in Eureka...yes, he's retired but hired back as a contractor. He will be working probably until September. With gas prices as they are, it's a horrid time to be commuting. It's OK.

    Grandkids good...Ben spent 4 1/2 hours in the pool yesterday. Just thrilled and moving the whole time. Baby Elsa is 3 months old and at the cute, smiley age.Emily and Arthur are out of school and will be coming here this weekend. Emily has a basketball tournament at Chico State; she and Sean will stay in the dorms but Arthur is staying with me.

    I'm delighted and he's thrilled to have a place with a pool. Works well for all.

    How are you feeling? How is your back? Better? I do so hope so. You have gone through so much.

    I'm having a bit of a mini breakdown today...not really, but after all that has gone on in the last few weeks, I slept most of the day. Felt very good. The only thing I have left to do is take the garbage cans to the street for pickup tomorrow AM.

    Hope to bump into you more often. How is Kev? Jim? DD and SIL?

    Just take care of yourself.