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    Ok I need some help or advice please…don’t mean to be long winded but there is a ? at the end…just some background info if you feel you need it to help me…thanks for reading/responding!

    In September I found a doc that I just knew was my life saver. He totally acknowledged and validated my pain and issues. He promised that he would make me better (or as better as he could). He promised he would help control my pain. In some ways I am better, like I do have some more energy and stamina b/c I am no longer so deficient in so many vitamins and minerals. Otherwise not much has changed in me, but in him there has been huge change.

    He told me on my first visit if I ever felt like he wasn’t listening to me to tell him b/c he wanted to know. The last 3 visits I have tried but he not only didn’t listen he often just talked over me. I have heard myself him dictate my chart and put wrong info in (he said a med was working and that I stated I liked it…I told him I didn’t yet know if the med was working).

    Another time I specifically held back info I knew about a drug he wanted me on to see what his response would be…he flat out lied and blamed the pharmacy for “getting me all worked up” He tried to tell me there was no such thing as seratonin syndrome or risk of seizure with ultram/ultracet and things like cymbalta and lexapro. I knew darn well there is such thing and was cautioned by a friend who is a pharmacist…she said she could not and would not fill a rx for me that she “knew and felt” posed a risk for me. I did my own research and agreed with the pharm. But he lied to me.

    Since September I have seen him approx. every 2 weeks. He has relied on shots in my back and shoulders for pain. They however only make me worse for a week and then I return to my baseline pain level. The last shots he gave me caused me to just lay in the floor and cry for hours. At that same visit he said that not only was I on enough but too much pain meds…2 ultracet a day, 2 nor flex a day, celebrex once a day, and 2 ultram a day for breakthrough. I tried to tell him numerous times in that visit that the ultram/cet is NOT working anymore for my really bad days…and he said ok here’s your refills see you in 2 weeks.

    In the meantime I was able to get an appointment with a doc I use to work for (Neurologist) we are very good friends and he felt that my other doc was not really helping me which I agreed with. He is more than happy to give me whatever meds I want…although I have no intentions of abusing that fact…he just is one of those docs that believes in pain relief. He is willing to run all tests or do whatever I need/want him to do. With him (since I know him so well) I can get many of my meds as samples, he will call in meds and work me in if need be. He only sees me regularly about every 2 months but I can call anytime if I need to.

    So my Neuro friend/doc is of course the better pick for me…

    Ok here is my ?

    I need/want to fire my doc…strange I’m trying to fire him and most have wanted to dumb me.

    I HATE confrontation of any kind I get all nervous and weird…and I usually end up crying. So I’m not sure how to go about the firing and obtaining all of my records from him.

    I am not trying to hide anything but I would prefer that the two docs not talk to each other and neither has really showed any interest in talking to the other…I like it that way especially if I will not be seeing one of them anymore anyway.

    I know that many docs charge for records (which is really pissy as I freakin own the dang thing anyway…and the crap about it paying for paper and the time it takes to copy is bull too. All records (unless you have a huge file which I don’t) are neatly in a folder, it is easily found (by the amazing thing called alphabetical order…hehe…And I know enough about paper that it is not going to take $50 worth of paper to copy my file…unless it is a freakin novel. Further more many docs now use computers so all they would need to do is click print.

    So how do I go about this without having to deal with the doc and get my records?

    I saw a post about getting dumped and it is very good info…but I am thinking this is a little different as I am tryign to fire him…no reason for him to squirm really?


    Thanks again!
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    I think you are going to have to talk to the current doc, or at least his office, to get your records. I don't see any point in paying for an appointment just to tell him that you are not going to be coming to him any more. Just call his office and ask to have the records transferred.

    Is the current doc a neurologist? If not, you could say that you think a neurolgist might be able to help you with your pain, if any explanation is ever needed. You could say something like "I was talking to the neurologist for whom I used to work and he thinks he will be able to help me with this pain".
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    I just changed Gyn's because the last one (that I received after my first one was put on probabtion for child abuse) wouldn't stop pushing antidepressants. Anyway, I made an appt with the new one, changed to her on my insurance, and she gave me a form to send in to the first office to have my records sent over. You shouldn't have to deal with anyone.

    Good luck!
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    I wouldn't worry about the old doc unless of course you want to tell him off. You can get your records by having them transfered or just go to his office and tell them you would like a copy of all of your records sign a form and let them know when you will be back for them.

    I do have a suggestion though for when you start seeing the new doc let them know that you keep a medicel file at and that after every visit you want a copy of the notes or transscription for you records. I've been doing this since I was dx with FM since last June.

    That way if you decide to move again you already have a copy of your records for the next one. Just make a copy of yours to give to them.

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    If you want your medical recorde just call the office and tell them you are making a file of your medical records, at home, and want copies of all your office visits, labs stc.

    You may have to pay a fee but it cant be that much. If you dont want to pay the fee then have your new doc request copies of the records. There is usually no fee fro doc to doc.

    When I quit going to my old gp, a nice but useless man, I just quit going and never called. A year of two later I needed some copies of old labs and called the office girl and she she did it for free and pdq. I couldnt believe how nice she was about it. I was very nice about requesting the info.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the new doc.
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    Like someone else said .... all you have to do is sign a release at your Neurologist's office for THEM to obtain your records from your other doctor. They can get them for free. That's all there is to it!