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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by akandmk, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Well I had all those Halloween plans right? I didn't factor in that a thunderstorm was going to hit and then of course the pain hit me like a darn train. So I didn't want to slow my kids down and opted to stay home. My middle boy is sick so i just laid back with him and we watched survior man until his dad and brothers came home. Of course my meds were'nt working and i fell asleep not even five min into the movie i was supposed to watch with my hubby. I've also been going through some weird emotional bioclock stuff lately and becoming moody because of it. I am anxious because my husband is an SA and has bipolar and i don't want to push him into the wrong direction. Oh update on my son and his now exgirl friend. We haven't heard anything back from social services, but we did find out that she was lying the whole time about being pregnant and she will call either my phone or my husband's and then ask for some other name. She did it last night on my husband's phone while they were out and i called her back on mine when he came home. Her sister answered and tried to say she just got that phone number a few days ago and other people have been calling it asking for the girl and what message would i like to leave if she calls she will give it to her. I told her to tell the girl to stop stalking my 17 yr old son and we know all about that fake pregnacy thing. Okay so we know that it was her sister when she said oh i haven't heard that one before and she would give her the message if she talks to her. Why would some call that number if she isn't using it anymore? I asked my son if her sister likes to drink like she does and if she has a deeper voice and sure enough she does. Hmm why won't these people just go away?

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