Kinda Gross, but Scalp Bumps w/Hair Loss Anyone?

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    Hi Everyone: I've been holding out asking this question, but does anyone get weird little bumps on your scalp? I've had them before, but they went away. They start out kind of like a red (small) bump, painful to touch, and then open up and form a small scab? they don't "pop" like a pimple, but they're about the same size. Sorry, I know, kinda of gross, but it's driving me crazy. I first noticed them when changing to Paxil, but not this bad. Had them again when changed to Prozac, but again, they went away. Been back on Prozac for couple of months and they're back and won't seem to go away. I really don't know for sure if it's the medication that's causing them. Driving me crazy because I know they're there and then I start scratching (like a loose tooth you can't leave alone) and I'm really scratching my scalp raw. My scalp seems to be really dry all over and I'm pretty sure I'm losing more hair than is normal. Anyone? Appreciate any answers. Thanks.
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    "The most common reason for itchy or sore bumps on the scalp that recur is a condition called acne miliaris necrotica or, in easier language, scalp folliculitis (although it technically is not truly a folliculitis). It can range from an occasional nuisance that many people experience to a chronic problem that can be quite troublesome. It is not dangerous.

    Acne miliaris necrotica starts as small juicy bumps or little blisters that form around hair follicles. The condition is more common in people who are doing activities that make them sweat or who wear occlusive head gear. Stress often seems to trigger outbreaks as well.

    In the occasional form, no treatment is necessary. If the condition becomes more widespread or aggravating, treatment can range from antibiotic shampoos such as Capitrol, astringent compresses, topical antibiotics or steroids to oral antibiotics or in extreme cases, Accutane."

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    Yes, I do get bumps on my head sometimes, around the hairline on my neck.

    But I am not losing my hair, also I do not take any meds except Xanax once a day.

    I would suggest that you call your pharmacist and ask if your problems are related to your medication. Lots of meds do cause hair lost.

    You have got to stop scratching them. The bacteria under your fingernails will only cause you more problems breaking the skin.

    If possible, untill you find out the cause use an anti itch cream on them. STOP SCRATCHING.

    This is not a disgusting subject, we all have problems and need to talk about them. So just say what is wrong, you are not 'grossing' anyone out around here, take a lot more than a few bumps on your head to do that one :).

    Hope you find the problem soon.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, there is an awesome shampoo that is called 'Ional T' that is great for any kind of scalp irritations, but you may have to ask the pharmacist for it. It stinks (HA!), but it does work.
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    major symptom of lupus is bumps on scalp and hair loss.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone for responding. Bakron's description pretty much matches. I just got back from the store after buying the T-Gel shampoo since I couldn't get into my doc's this week and I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow. Once again, everybody has made me feel better just by taking the time to write back. I've been to all the speclsts, had all the blood tests, etc. (everything negative) so I'm pretty positive it's not the lupus or the thyroid thing. I'll try this shampoo and hopefully these creepy little things will go away! Soft hugs to everyone!
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    I can't sleep on a feather pillow (featherbed but not the pillow), I get night sweats, and my head and face suffer the worst for it, the feather pillow just makes it worst.

    I found that a 'Buckwheat' pillow is the best, it does not get hot, for some reason it stays cool. I could not sleep without it.

    It takes a little getting used too, but believe me, you will love it.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hope I don't scare you here, but, I had the same symptoms, had a biopsy done and I have lupus.

    I would recommend having a doctor take a look at it. Could be something simple or something more serious,,,best bet would be the doc.

    Best of luck to you and let us know how you make out. Tulip