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    I've been reading through the posts here, and it's really beginning to hit me. I was diagnosed officially I believe just under a year ago. My doc, fortunately, refused to just write me off as nuts. When he finally told me it was fibromyalgia, at first I felt relief...finally a name for what was happening to me. But the more I read..I think I am reaching some sort of breaking point, or acceptance, I'm not sure which at the moment. I have noticed over the last few months the pain has been getting progressively worse, more flare-ups, and those damn roaming burning sensations in my skin. I really don't feel like my family understands, although my oldest son is trying to. My mother is one of those "just buck up" types. I have come to the conclusion I can't talk to her about it. From what I see here, this is what I am, for the rest of my life. I know I have to deal with it, it's just right now, it seems so overwhelming.
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    Hello and welcome to the board but I hate to hear you have fibro. I think you will find plenty of support here. It is not one of the easier diseases to have b/c alot of people don't believe in it and it is an invisible disease. They say oh well you look good. It is frustrating. It makes it even harder when your family doesn't understand or doesn't want to understand. Alot of the people in my family are like you say your mother is, and I am sorry, but hopefully you can get the support you need here. Also one other thing you mentioned is that it seems to be getting worse, well alot of doctor's say that it doesn't get progressively worse, well I think they are wrong! I have lived with this darn disease for at least 12 yrs and I know it does. When I first got this disease I still worked for a while and now I can't even keep up with my housework, my husband is so supportive and does alot of the housework and has a full time job. It makes me feel so guilty but he is so understanding. Also now I have to ride one of those motorized scooters when we go to a store. If I win my settlement I am buying one. Or most of the time I send my husband to get what I need b/c I am too tired to go anywhere.

    For me I have had fibro for 12yrs. I also suspect I have cfs, and I have R.A., O.A., degenerative disc disease, herniated and bulging discs, diverticulitis, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, gastroparesis, tachycardia, hypertension, restless leg, major depression, fibro fog, ibs and chronic headaches. I am trying to get SSI disability, I just recently had my hearing and my lawyer isn't sure if I won or not. I pray I did, I have been fighting this for years. My medical file was about 8 inches thick so it's alot for the judge to look at. My lawyer said if for some reason I was turned down by the judge that I have a good case for appeal.

    Well Best Wishes to You, Pamela
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    Thank you so much for your support. I was just having a really bad night. That is something else my doc mentioned, that stress aggrevates the condition, and yes, can make it get worse.
    My family has recently gone thru a lot of unusual stress. Back in December, my mother was hit by a van in a grocery store parking lot. Thankfully she only got a broken leg out of the deal, but I took it upon myself to be her caregiver while she recovered. I didn't anticipate the affect this would have on me, both physically and emotionally. Being in her 70's, she needed physical assistance getting around.
    Anyway, I think last night was just a low point. And again, thanks so much for your support. I really needed it.
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    I am sorry you're having a rough time. We all understand how that goes, trust me. This is one place you can always come for understanding, and good, caring people to support you.

    Learning how to live with this DD is near impossible. Particularly if you work, have a family to take care of, etc. My biggest problem is finding the time to take care of me the way I need to. I am usually at the bottom of the priority list, and so feel like crap most of the time.

    It is a very delicate balance. I have to say learning to say no & to let things go has been the biggest help to me. You can't be everything to everyone, so stop trying! That's what I was doing anyways, I obviously can't speak for you & don't mean to.

    I used to be a really clean person. Well, my house is a complete disaster. It bothers me, but not enough for me to kill myself doing something about it. My fiance does a lot around the house to help out, but he works full time too, and his job is physical, so I don't expect him to do it all.

    Then there's the kids. I don't know how many you have or how old they are, but mine are 7 & 8 and they don't really get it too well. When I tell them I need help because I'm feeling really bad on a particular day, they are usually even worse than usually. Nice, huh? Oh well, such is life.

    Anyways, I do hope you are able to find that balance in your life. If the pain is keeping you from doing the things you need to do, talk to your doctor about it. I would have very litte functionality and no quality of life w/o my pain meds. Just something to think about.

    Take care,