Kinda New...Where do I start?

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    I've been diagnosed for the past 6 months. But I've had this darn thing for about 5 years. I'm only 25. I have a huge array of symptoms but I don't feel that my treatment at my rheumatologist (sleeping pills, anti-depressants) are helping. In fact, yeah-my brain may not be as on edge, but my physical symptoms are getting worse. Even though I eat better than ever before, i excercise every day, do yoga two-four times a week, meditate before i go to bed, take my meds, have a very non-stressful lifestyle (job pretty easy and under control).

    Im starting to get pain in my finger joints (arthritis?), itchy fingers, i have pain during sex, my heart beats a million miles an hour, im always thirsty, anxiety at times when i dont know why im anxious or nervous, Im chronically constipated if I dont take magnesium and eat a very high in fiber diet, i get mentally confused/cognitive problems but i dont really feel depressed anymore, muscle spasms and twitches (i keep thinking im getting parkinson's or something), hot and cold flashes, lightheadedness if i dont keep drinking water or when the weather gets warmer, i just got diagnosed with scoliosis and a bunch of structural problems, TMJ, allergies, chronic post nasal drip, sometimes im really tired, and other times my brain is just wired or something... blah blah all know the story.

    So with all this...where do I start? Im going to a homeopathic doctor and he's going to do the whole electro dermal screening thing. And im going to the gyno next week for the pain during sex (plus, this is gross but sometimes when i should be getting an orgasm, i feel like im going to pee-almost like my bladder is spasming). Are there any other tests i should get and who do i see for those kind of problems....i've thought, could i have diabetes? thyroid problem even though the TSH has come back negative before? MS? But I dont know where or who to go to.
    Live in the Outerbanks of NC would love if someone could give me some direction cause im LOST! THanks a bunch!
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    I am sorry you have so many health problems. I personally know how overwhelming it is. I would start by reading books written by Devin Starlyn.She has articles on this site in the library that you can start with.My local library had her books and I checked them out untill I set the money aside to purchase them. She is a doctor who has FM and talks in plain english. You will find a wealth of info from her. The other book is by Dr. St. Amand. He also has articles on this site. He will give you information you will not find elsewhere. Feel free to ask questions from all of us but also do your own searching through the library here on this site and also by putting in whatever you want to know about in the search for old posts and read through those. The first thing you will find is that we are all at different places in this battle and that what works for one may not for another. You have alot of people here who will help you along the way. Also, always remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Trust me....when you are first tackling all this info it can be confusing.Never be afraid to ask.Blessings to you on your journey to better health.....Kathleen
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    Well thanks for the responses:) Yeah-I need to get a new doctor in this area, cause i just moved. I've suspected a thyroid problem, but I need to find a doctor to check my T3 levels...i have heard that the TSH does not work for borderline cases. Thyroid problems and diabetes run in my family. I just don't feel like my doctor's have been thorough enough.
    It used to be that i couldn't get passed the "you look fine stage". It always seemed like my doctors were very old school and lived in the stone age-anything to mask symptoms but who cares what's causing all of this. I have millions of symptoms, doesn't it make sense that something major is going on with my body? I swear, i could be pregnant and my doctor would say "oh, take some cough medicine and you should feel better in the moring!" So clueless!
    Thanks for the advice on books...I have read Dr. St. Armand's book. I went off of guai a bit ago and think im due to go back on it again. It just got so expensive. But now i know that it was helping alot with pain symptoms.

    oh, my mom always used to call me a spaz, cause i was always super physically active when i was younger. quasi-ADD child. Spaz-monkey just makes me laugh!