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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by morningsonshine, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I had something really neat happen over the weekend.

    It's kinda hard to explain the whole story, but i'll do my best because it was such a blessing to me!!

    If you've read my profile you will know i have horses and love them.

    6 years ago i had bought a three year old Arab stud, He had a very sweet loving personality, but was also very hyper, and super sensitive.

    After realizing he was too wild to remain a stud, i gelded him and started to work with him off and on between having kids, and being unwell.

    We made very slow progress, but we were making progress.
    Meanwhile my family was continally telling me to get rid off him.

    But i bonded with the horse very strongly, he represented so much to me, good and bad. I can't go into all the details because it would be a novel.

    Working on the ground i got to the point that horse trusted me and would do anything for me.

    But I could never carry it over to the saddle, I could ride him in the round pen, and yard, i even took him on a trail ride once away from home. But he was always like an overwound rubberband.

    I would become anxious, and he would feel it, and think he lost his leader.

    Plus, he was still a bit in stud mode, i had some mares, that he "took" care off, and i think he thought i was one of his mares, once he tried to protect me, from a friends gelding.

    But the riding experience became too stressful, and i have my horses to release anxiety, even tho we were still making very small baby steps forward, I finally decided i was never going to change his basic temperment, to suit my riding needs.

    My dad offered to trade with me, for there older Quarter horse they wanted to retire, that is very broke, but still a fun ride (no deadbeat) trustworthy, but not an affectionate people horse.

    So i closed my eyes and let go of the horse i loved sooo much, because i finally admitted we were not well matched, i was never going to have his energy, it would alway be a struggle with us.

    Well, anyways my horse ended up going thur the sales barn.
    And ever since (it's been two years) I have worried about him and wondered where he was.

    I even tried to find him once. I just wanted him to be okay, and find the right person, i always believed in him, and new he had alot of untapped potential.

    And i prayed about it, when ever i started worrying he was in some kill pen, or being abused by someone who wouldn't understand him.

    Well it's been two years, I got a letter in the mail on Friday, it was a lady asking if i had owned this arab, and it was my horse!!

    She has had him for a month, and got him from a place that uses horses for the handicapped, he was to hyper for there program.

    Get this, she's an arabian endurance rider, she rides at the national level!!! She took my horse on his first 25 mile ride this sat. and he won rookie high point, 97 point out of a 100!!!

    She is perfect for him!! I talked to her on the phone, she is a high charged super energized person! Perfect fit!

    His papers are missing that's why she was trying to locate me. She only had a photo copy with my name on it.

    I checked into the arab assoc. to see if his paper had ever been transfered and if someone was using them on another horse (that happens)

    His papers are still in my name, i can request a dupicate copy and sign them over to her!!!

    Wow That's so incredible to me, i just bawled when i found out my horse was safe and with such an incredible individual.

    That was answer to prayer!!!

    I'm floating!

    Oh-get this, I'm in MN and the letter came from MAINE!!

    She will be sending me pictures, and i told her, that now that she owns my horse, she's stuck with me.

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  2. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    He does give us gifts in strange packages sometimes.

    Misty that so wonderful. I know your elated and just think in this computer age you can keep track of him and watch him develope.

    You can email and send pics. He is truly good medicine for you.

    And quess who made this all possible? Bet you got the answer to that question.

    You are truly a VERY LOVED child of God. Blessings, De

    PS. What are the odds of this happening......Looks like a miracle to me.
  3. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    Isn't God wonderful! He loves you so very much that he made contact with your beloved horse again! Are you jumping up and down praising God (don't hurt yourself, lol!)? I am praising God for you! Love, Tam

    P.S. Looks like a miracle to me too![This Message was Edited on 10/02/2006]
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Pam, you are so right, he did take a piece of my heart with him.

    De, Hangin, and Tam,

    Thanks guys, for rejoicing and crying with me.

    I think i will repost this on the main board, others may enjoy this that don't come here. What do you think??

  5. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Thanks for sharing a lovely story. Animals need to be a match with their owners. My first dog was a cockapoo. I had him only four months, he was hyper and I was teaching school. He thought his name was "NO". I gave him to a student, he had a wonderful life and home.

    Later I got into Shih Tzu, and breeding and showing them. They all had such distinct personalities. I kept a G/W male out of a superior breeding to show. But Quincy and I had no chemistry together. I sold him to a pet home where he and the owner were happy together.

    A wonderful ending to your horse story. Makes you feel good.
  6. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I hope you're doing okay, you bless so many of us with your playing hymns.

    You are right about needing to match, but i was so stubborn, and i really loved his affectionate personality, that i wouldn't admit it and i didn't want to "quit" on him.

    But, i finallly had to admit that the right person, could take him so much farther than me. I'm just really blessed he found that person.

    We both were to much the same in the overly sensitive department, but i must say the whole thing really taught me alot, and helped me to learn alot more about horses, and training.

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  7. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    Wow that is an amazing story Morningsonshine, I would be crying too!!!

    What a great thing that happened to your horse!! I am so happy you found out so you would not have to worry any more.

    I was glad to hear from you today, I had missed you

    God Bless and Take care


  8. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I am so happy for your horse!!! And that you can rejoice in his safety and well-being. You must feel so proud also for his achievement.

    What a wonderful story!

    I just picture him running, and running, and running. So satisfying.
  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    thanks for sharing your own story, i enjoyed it. You understand and know exactly what i went thur.

    Kgangel, so nice to see you, hope all is well.

    Littleblue, thank you for sharing my joy, i believe you to had to sell a beloved horse friend, And yes she did get 2 for 1!!LOL

    Hi, windblade, haven't spoke with you for so long, i've missed out on the other posts with the gang!

    I tried to catch up with some of it the other day, and it sounded like you are doing really well right now!! So glad to here it.

    I've finally cooked supper, and cleaned up the kitchen both the other night because i could!! Such "normal" things can become so hard for us at times!

    Hugs to all my friends,

  10. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    You are such a kind, gentle person. I think that it is a special person to love so deeply God's creatures.

    I am like you....I love with ALL of my heart. That can sometimes get our heart broken...but, we still love!

  11. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Thanks you Mari, You are precious, hope everything works out for your aniversary.


  12. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Thank you sweetie. I am tempted to delete it...I am embarrassed that I was so emotional!
    It has just been so hard lately with hubby on one leg (broken ankle) and I have to push so hard to do so much with this pain.

    I hope that you are doing well today! I wish that I could see your horses!

  13. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    There is a song, i think it's by Chris Rice

    It says

    "Sometimes love drives a nail through it's own hand"

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