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  1. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    Hi, my name is Karen....I find your post very interesting!
    It seems though you just eat veggies & fruits! Right?
    What about getting your whole grains?
    I am trying to sike myself up for trying this!
    But I'm not sure I could give up my meat, I love chicken the best!
    I just dunno!
    But losing 100lbs. in 7 1/2 months, wow, that is fantastic, and just might be my driving force.....
  2. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    Yes, I am completely 100% raw, but I am also a very driven person, and very desperate due to my illness......I never thought I could give up meat, pop, sugar, starches or any of it, in the beginning.......But I dedided to give it 1 month of trying it, figuring I could always go back to my old lifestyle.......Well, needless to say, after 2 weeks, I realized that I was on to something, it was/is very exciting to see your body go through these changes for the better.....I think I lost 30 pounds my first was incredible......And even more amazing, once you cut out all the foods with "excitotoxins", such as MSG (which is in almost everything packaged or canned), aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and other lovely additives, you no longer have the serious hunger cravings.......It is really an epiphany......

    I highly recommend looking at "Shazzies" website, Alissa Cohen's website and RawFoodTalk......for a good over-view......Now, if you dont think you can handle this much change Karen, you may want to look into the Hallelujah Diet, by Rev. George Malkmus, he started Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina........he bases much of his diet with biblical information........In addition, he promotes a raw diet, but allows 1 cooked meal per day, usually dinner, where you can enjoy your piece of meat........Many people find this much more practical, so you may want to start with his diet and then evolve into the raw diet or what is most comfortable for you........Check into these things Karen and then get back with me......I will help you any way I can.......John
  3. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    You have been very helpful, thanks for taking time to give so much info, I will be sure to check out those sites, I am one that loves to research a subject I'm interested in!
    I "must" lose this weight!
    Let me tell you what I've done so far, just in the past 4 years......for a little background.....
    I have done Low Carb, Low Fat, cutting cals. WW, and didn't lose except for LC, which was 50 lbs. But fighting this in the last year has been hard, because my weight loss stalled and then nothing, zilch!
    Had been previously also turned down, for Bypass surgery, by my Ins. CO.
    I have also been off sugar for about 4 years now!
    Many diabetics in the family!
    But so far, not me!
    But this sounds like something I need to try , at least give it a month...and besides the weight, look at all the other benefits of how well you feel...I will certainly be keeping in touch, John,Thanks again....Karen
  4. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    with questions...
    What are Mycoplasms?
    What toxins/tests should I ask the Dr. to check out?
    What do you think about Splenda?
    Ok, thats all for now :)
  5. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    Sounds like you have been through all the diet phases that I have been on......I tried Atkins, Blood-type diet, WW, T-factor, Slimfast.....etc.......I have tried everything and it either stopped working or I gave up.......usually both......The raw diet and Hallelujah Diet are so much more different, in my opinion......You really incorporate quality food, you dont have to count calories, and you will drop weight like there is no tomorrow.....I promise......And you will feel better than you can even imagine......Just remember, the first 2-4 weeks are the toughest, but its not too bad, since you will notice the weight loss immediately........I eat more now than I have ever eaten, as far as the number of times I eat each day........But its always good food, nothing that is bad for me.......

    As far as Mycoplasms, look at Garth Nicholson's website, just google his name.......Mycoplasms are viruses without cell walls, from what I remember, and they are being developed by our military as "biological weapons"........Which would explain why CFS and FM are not exactly getting the publicity that we deserve.....Its very political........Please stay away from Splenda or any synthetic sugar......use Stevia, which is made from the stevia plant, you can get it at health food stores.....Or you can use Agave syrup, which is very good for sweetening too.......

    As far as asking your doctor for certain tests, I really dont know what to tell you......Most doctors wont even acknowledge CFS or Mycoplasms, so he/she will probably just look at you funny.......I recommend going to an FFC or trying to get your doctor to test for EBV, mycoplasms, Lymes, and heavy metal toxicity.......But I really dont think many doctors will listen, at least not in my experience.......But maybe you have found a good one......Let me know if I can help in any way......John
  6. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    Well I've been looking at raw food sites off and on for the last 5 hours, pretty interesting stuff.
    As for as Stevia goes, I have always stayed away, because it was not FDA approved, maybe I'll give it a chance anyway!
    The metal toxcity sounds like something to check into, and Oh, btw, I had Mono as a kid, so EBV should be in my system, that probably why I have FM with you later....
  7. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I feel sick.......yesterday too!
    The raw way is looking better all the time....
  8. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    Sorry you are not feeling well, I know the feeling.........I used to have daily headaches, nausea, digestive problems including bloating and constipation, tingling and numbness in the face and arms(which I later found out to be from MSG) and a number of other symptoms........I have not had any symptoms in over 5 months, almost immediately, once I switched to the raw diet......It was simply amazing.......I am still upset that I did not look into it sooner, as I had friends who were doing it back in the mid-90's while I was in Chiropractic College.......Of course back then, I thought I knew everything and I was not open to new ideas.......With age comes wisdom.......:)

    If you are going to give this a try Karen, I will help you any way I can......I had people who helped me get started, so I dont mind sharing with you.......Just let me know when you want to start or if you need more info......John

    PS......I highly recommend you looking up info on "excitotoxins" that are in our food supply......It is so important to know what you are putting in your body, especially since you wont hear it from our media.......Excitotoxins actually cause lesions in our frontal lobe, and wreck havoc on our body and immune system......Not to mention that MSG and Aspartame actually cause more hunger, which only perpetuates over-eating and digestive problems.......
  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Kingneptune has given you some solid advice in suggesting alternatives that aren't as radical a change as a total raw food diet. You've done the yo yo dieting thing and know it doesn't work, because if it's too hard to stick w/, you just won't.

    So if you love chicken and grains so much you'll be gritting your teeth not to eat it, it won't last. You are probably best off to start w/ figuring out which foods contain MSG, sulphites, artificial sweeteners and phase them all out. This takes a while to get used to all in itself. Start your day w/ raw produce and add something raw to every meal, this will give your metabolism and digestion a boost by adding live enzymes to aid digestion.

    Then try the diet that lets you eat a regular meal and the rest raw w/ juicing. Stormyskye has had great success w/ that, not only in getting healthy, but also in enjoying it enough to stick to it.

    Then maybe, if you like it enough, you may want to go all the way. But you can't hate the diet you are on, you need to enjoy your food.

    Btw, if you love chicken and want to keep eating it, it's so important to find healthy hormone and abx free meat that is free range. Doesn't have to be organic even. I found a source of local farmed chicken, and I can eat it w/out feeling nauseous. I pretty much disliked chicken for years and mostly avoided it, unless it was a tiny bit in a stirfry , because it made me feel sick, weak and tired. You probably don't want to know what they do to supermarket chicken to make it the sickly and abused animal that's mass produced. But naturally raised chicken has a darker flesh (more mineral rich), a more robust flavour, and best of all, makes me feel energized like it should.

  10. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    You too have gave great advice....thanks, I will start back juicing again ( have done it before) in the morning, since I haven't felt well, I will give my tummy a rest, and just have some fresh juice......I have watched for MSG for years now!
    I also have heard the chicken stories.....ugh!
    Sometimes, when I start to "really" think about meat! I feel like a will go vegan for sure :)
    I know I have too start slow.....
  11. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I'm getting overwhelmed with so much info now, and getting confused!
    I read the other post on Fredric's therory....and hoping I won't eat the wrong combination's of food's or to much fruit! Too little fat or too much!
    Can you pluuuuuzzzze, give me a few sample menu example's you might choose in a day! Thank You for ALL your help,
  12. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    You may want to read my "long winded" response to the good article on Fredric, posted by Victoria.........Fredric has some great points, but I dont agree with his assumptions.....Most raw foodists dont eat only a high sugar diet or a high fat diet, they eat moderate amounts of good quality raw food.......In summation, the key is to eat a little of everything, and not too much of one thing......You dont want to eat 8 avocados in a day or 8 apples, try to eat things in moderation and listen to your body......

    My biggest recommendation is to build your diet around 2 or 3 salads a day and use alot of different veggies in those salads......As far as dressings are concerned, I recommend olive oil, lemon, balsamic vinegar, mashed avocado, fresh herbs or any combination of the above.......It is very important to take in alot of greens, so salads are going to cover that for you......I buy the pre-packaged spinach or mixed greens, so there is no preparation, except the veggies.......

    More times than not, I start my day with fruit.....In the summer I ate alot of melon, sometimes combining different types like honeydew, cantaloupe, and such.....It is recommended to not eat fruit with anything else, its hard on the digestion......I would then eat some raw nuts for a mid-day snack or a protein shake with undenatured whey protein, with frozen bananas and flax seed oil........

    Lunch is usually salads, followed with more fruit in the afternoon......I also supplement my day with a handful of raw nuts 2 or 3 times a day, just dont overeat on the nuts, it can be hard on the digestion......Make sure you buy raw nuts, if they are uncooked, they are much more healthy and easier to digest.......

    Dinner is usually salads or protein shake, sometimes I will make raw soups or flax crackers with raw butters on top.......Look at Shazzie, Alissa Cohen and Rawfoodtalk's websites, they have great ideas for recipes.......I keep it simple and I dont eat very much now, my diet has evolved into very simple meals and they completely satisfy my needs........For every craving you have, there is a raw food recipe that addresses that need.......There are all kinds of great recipes on the internet and books available in health food stores.......

    I drink fresh juice 2 or 3 times a day, I consider this very important to an all-around good diet.......I would not be too concerned about eating too much fat or sugar, as long as you eat a variety and build your diet around good salads and protein, you will be fine.......
  13. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I laughed when I read your first sentence, in your last reply....thats the reason I wrote back "Help John" because I "did" read Victoria posts, and "thats when I got confused...LOL No offense to her ofcourse!
    Anyway, I juiced carrot, apple orange this morning, sure was good!
    I have also checked out all three web-sites mentioned, as of right now, I believe there is no way on earth I will ever be able to go 100% but I think 75% maybe would still be very good for my health, and weight!
    I shall see....
    Thanks again, Karen

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