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    I came across something in my readings yesterday and thought it so interesting, I wanted to share it....The author of this article is: Tony Beckett. I'm not quoting this article word for word, because it is very long, only the gist of this article. This article talks about the word kiss- now I don't know what comes to your mind when you think of this word, but I think of kiss as a form of affection, for you spouse, a peck on the cheek of your parent's showing your love for them, etc...But here is another way of thinking of this word kiss according to Tony Beckett:

    The Kiss of Life

    Sometimes we need to be reminded of the importance of kiss. There is another version of kiss. It is "Keep It Strictly Scriptural." A great admonition, sepecially for those who teach the Word, but it's not just for the teachers. All of us should want to live a strictly scriptural life, doing and saying and thinking only what is based on God's Word.

    Maybe Solomon heard of kiss when he summarized all of what is important in just six words. He wrote, "Fear God and keep His commandments. Remember this "kiss."

    Put this word into yor memory, say it daily and live it always. It is the Kiss of Life.

    Again, the author of this article is: Tony Beckett.

    I just thought this was such and enlightening article, but then here lately, it does not take much to excite me! Hope that some of you here enjoy this concept of a little common word like kiss as I did!

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    Sure makes me think and reflect, God bless.

    Does he anyone know the singer named Sade?
    She has a song on her greatest hits called
    Kiss of Life. Very beautiful song. I listen
    to her music alot, cause it also puts me in
    peaceful frame of mind. God bless everyone.