Kissed off by former GP via certified letter....Update.

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    Hi all,

    I have been going thru a lot this past mo with extreme fatigue which I know a lot of you can relate to, I have been just mostly FMS so this whole new set of symptoms has been hard to take, I have to say I have a whole new respect for you CFS ers as I had no idea how horrible this fatigue can be, I have a really hard time just keeping my eyes open these days, even tho my mind has been doing the same old thing we all do, I have LUPUS, no, I have PARKINSON'S, no, I have MS, no, it must be MYASTHENIA GRAVIS, no, etc, etc, blah blah blah.

    Anyway, I had 2 tumors show up on CT scan, one is adrenal and one is thymus, so Madwolf's plan & mine is to go to my prior GP from here, Tri Cities with my CT results, have him refer me on in my town for further investigation by neurologist, (Madwolf is not a specialist and is 3.5 hours away) so I go to my former GP last week, he refers me & gets me in right away to a neurologist, I go, he is an %$#% and he acts like I am a head case, (probably am these days) and he does a half$%^ exam, rolls his eyes, is condescending, treating me like I am the lowest of the low, sends me out the door with the instructions that he will send his findings on to my GP........IF he can find anthing of concern. He hardly even wants to even hear my symptoms, does not mention anything about what will happen next, further tests to look at the thymus tumor, all of my symptoms are neurological in nature, I ask what will happen next, he tells me "WELL, NOW, I DON'T KNOW THAT DO I SINCE I HAVE NOT HAD TIME TO GO OVER ALL OF YOUR LIST OF SYMPTOMS AND EXAMINE YOUR CT RESULTS, HISTORY, ETC. WHY DON'T YOU JUST LET ME DO MY JOB?" I go home. Next day I get a certified letter notice on my door, I go to Post Office today and pick it up, it is a letter from my prior GP saying he is not interested in being involved in my situation since I am taking opiates, that Fibromyalgians are a unigue binch of people and the pain does not necessitate opiates."

    Anyone else seen this happen??



    Update: I got my letter from the neuro, his "diagnosis" which he sent to me and to my former Gp who fired me, he said in the letter, there is nothing wrong with me neurologically or otherwise as far as he can see, I need to see a psychiatrist, perhaps if I could get to the real root of my obviously emotional problems then I would not need all these pain meds. I need to exercise. I need to get a hobby, one that gives me personal satisfaction. I never complained about that, ( I actually love how I spend my time puttering on projects at home, right now I am finishing up some beautiful drapes for the LR and making an incredible quilt. I have never in my life had the time to just do these kind of projects. I am thankful for that.)
    Anyway, that was his professional opinion. I am really glad that my hubby was there to see all that and how he treated me and acted like every single thing I said was a lie, sometimes I feel like he thinks I overreact or take things too seriously, after we got the letter he was more shocked.


    ps, I am going to an Endo of Madwolf's choice after Madwolf gets back from vaca.

    I am anxious to get this darn adrenal taken care of as I sweat about 50 lbs a day, it is so embarrassing. [This Message was Edited on 07/05/2003]
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    but I'm livid just reading your post. How dare they? What a a*****e they both are. So, do you think the Neurologist called your GP and that is why he sent the letter? I would be tempted to turn both of them in to ?? somebody, I don't know who. Can I ask what area you live in? I am in Portland, just want to make sure these so called doctors aren't from Portland.

    I am sorry this has happened to you. It must be very humuliating. I really can not even imagine what you must be feeling, or worse yet, thinking about those jerks.

  3. JaciBart

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    I will give the letter or show it to Madwolf if he is interested, I am not so much interested in "getting even" as I am to just get diagnosed and or something figured out on these tumors. I feel like I am just told "yup, tumors".

    I guess we all are wrong for treating our pain, makes me furious, I just posted another rant about the pain & opiods issue, does the world want us to live in excruciating pain??? I honestly did not want to live before I started on the pain meds. Now I have very productive days just puttering at home & doing crafts, sewing, etc. I am making a quilt, my first one and I am so excited to get it done, I am not happy I got this dd but I can accept it and just live my life, I am tired of judgement by people who have no clue.

  4. Dara

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    that we have the right to be as pain free as possible. I have had FM for many years. I used to be able to work with the pain and live my daily life, but as I have gotten older, darn!!, I find that the pain is something that I just can't tolerate anymore. I made up my mind about two or three years ago that I was not going to live that way any longer and that if there was a medication that could help me, I would take it.

    I don't want to get "bashed" on the board, but I'm to the point that I really don't care if I am dependent upon pain medication to live a somewhat normal, if that's what you call it, existence. I don't feel that this is any different than the fact that I take high blood pressure medication or if I was diabetic and took insulin.

    I didn't mean to "get even", with the doctors. I just think they treated you very unprofessionally and without regard for your health. It was as if they were "dismissing" the tumors. It's my belief that tumor's are nothing to fool around with.

    I hope you'll find a kinder and more compassionate PCP.

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    I had my last DOC tell me flat out that I was just trying to get drugs from him. He told me this the same night I went to ER for pain from H***. This was before my diagnosis. This really ticks me off. What happened to their "Code of Ethics" to treat people and help patients? This probably is a blessing in disguise for you. You will find a better DOC who can give you the care you deserve. I know that as soon as my past DOC was so rude and degrading towards me, I found a specialist (Rheummy) that treats CFS and FM, and he found a mycoplasma infection AND he believed me! Consider this a blessing, Iggy
  6. Jen F

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    I'm so sorry this happened to you Jaci.

    boy that Neuro guy was being a cold-hearted so and so.

    and that GP has found some new way out of the "problematic FM patient situation"...geez...

    i say problematic, because i think fm or cfs patients are a real "problem" with a capital P to some gp's - since we/they tend to require frequent visits, treatment on many different levels, longer appointment times, and we/they often don't improve much.

    Especially if the GP has not learned about the reality of FM.

    Remember the recent posting where AC77 confirmed my suspicion that they do not teach properly about these illnesses at med school? These docs are often taught that it is a psychological problem so that is all they know. Very uninformed.

    Try not to take it too personally. You have found doctors that don't have it in them to help the person at least not in your situation. They could be docs for the money, not for the love of people.

    You will have to find better.

    But that really sucks.

    I can imagine how awful you feel - you need the help, help that everyone is entitled to and you get this crap.

    Geez, I thought things were bad when i got kissed off by my vet by mail in the past year. I have a sick cat who requires ongoing care, and with that care has a decent quality of life. But, apparently I question their care too much [?] and they get the impression that I am not happy with their services and so i should go elsewhere. Despite the fact that I have spent more than $2,000 there in the last 4 years.

    God forbid we as patients have a brain in our heads and not act like cattle.

    Maybe the vet's office thought I would sue them or something. My cat got an abscess during an overnight vet visit which was a mystery at first. But, I figured out how it happened. However, when I mentioned it to the vet, he said no way and I didn't push it since it was an accident and my cat had to be on antibiotics anyway. And excuse me if I am surprised that suddenly using alcohol before perforating the skin is no longer protocol - I always get alcohol wiped on MY skin before shots, so I was surprised when I was told that alcohol has now been shown NOT to reduce bacteria and only moves it around, unless contact with alcohol is more long term. [I asked about the wiping of alcohol because I have to give my cat a needle several times a week.] Could that be part of the "questioning their care"?

    But it must be an even worse experience when it is your G.P.

    I sincerely hope that you are able to make lemonade and find the more well-informed doctors that you need.

    Please try not to let it get you too down.

    And my condolences on your 2 tumors. Doesn't the adrenal one at least for sure need to be treated???
  7. franners

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    I too had a neuro from hel#.. He treated me so bad I cried for days. I was so humiliated. The man called me "crazy" using that word even. Then he said it was all in my head. I am lucky, however, cause my GP wants to learn how to treat me. That is great cause I have gone to him since I was a teenager then he was the House Physician at my work for years.
    call different docs in your area and ask if they are willing to work with you and your fibro...
    Best wishes
  8. Mikie

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    For a doc to refuse to treat a patient because she takes opiods for her pain is such a show of ignorance that, frankly, you are better off without this idiot. Find another doc. In the end, it will be better.

    Love, Mikie
  9. KayL

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    Just reading your post makes me angry. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this on top of everything else.

    Things like this also make me angry all over again about the stigma attached to using opiates for pain control that is associated with drug seekers/drug abusers, and that so many docs *automatically* assume the worst if you are on opiates, or need them. They certainly don't hesitate to prescribe anti depressants or antibiotics or decongestants to people who need them.

    I wish you the very best of luck, Jaci, in finding some real answers and help.

  10. klutzo

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    I had to take ten deep breaths after reading your post...either that or take a tranquilizer!
    1) there is a law now requiring adequate pain treatment. I don't know much about it, but you can report both of these idiots if they refuse to treat your pain. I believe in karma, and have seen it work over and over. Someone that Neurologist loves very much is going to get this "non-existant" illness. Too bad he will have to learn the hard way.
    2) You need a holistic doctor or you will just keep going round and round with these over-grown Hee-Haws who call themselves doctors. Please see my suggestions on how to find one in Beckster's post, entitled "Hello, I'm Back, Need Help".
    I am so sorry this happened to you,
  11. Spoonerpaws

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    I am so sorry this happened to you

    I have been treated similiarly by doctors

    As if we don't feel bad enough as it is!!

    Can you file a complaint against him? I know my insurance company always asks if I wish to file a complaint

    Hang in there
  12. Jen F

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    Just like my vet, he gave me a deadline at which time their clinic would no longer provide care for me [well my cat]. I called the Veterinary equivalent to the AMA and asked about my rights and was told that a vet [so maybe similar with docs] can fire you for any reason they want to BUT if i understand correctly, they cannot deny necessary treatment/medications to my cat. I gather that meant that if my cat needed their treatment to survive, they are not allowed to deny that without repercussions.

    I did actually ahve to go back to that vet more than once during my "notice" time.

    you might have to do the same with your GP if abs necessary.

    Maybe just do what i did with the vet. Take a deep breath, have confidence in yourself, but humility, acknowledge the letter you have received and ask very kindly for their help in the meantime, please.

    Things will work out for you. And hey, as you say in your profile, you have a great hubby. that's a help! :)

    Those 2 doctors will reap what they sow, eventually.
  13. Jen F

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    isn't that a TV show?


    "Doc's Gone Wild" could be a video including this neuro guy you mention and the one ? went to that complained about the money he spent on the good quality office chairs that no one was sitting in...

    Sometimes you've just got to laugh....
  14. 33CUTIEPIE

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    I was diagnosed with adult growth hormone deficiency in June of 2002 and given Humatrope. Over a period of 8 months I felt terrible after starting the injections and broke out with a rash on my torso. She finally said "fine, Just quit taking it! I can no longer treat you!" I have been off of it since Feb. and now have a full blown case of fibromyalgia. I went to a new endo last week and my growth hormone level is back to <0. I am waiting to hear what he wants to do next. I have been miserable for the past year!
    Anyone out there know what I can do legally to my former endo who kicked me out the door for no reason?
  15. Kelly12

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    Contact your State Board of Medical Arts (located in your State Capital)... and tell them you wish to file a complaint. They will send you the forms.

    It may prevent these doctors from treating anyone else in such a dasdardly manner.

    A doctor doesn't need a reason to refuse to treat a particular patient. They must, however, give them a prescription for 30 days of medicine to allow time for finding another doctor.

    Be sure and get your records from the doctor that dismissed you and the Neuro. You have a right to them and they have a right to charge you for them, but,the amount they can charge is limited. If they don't respond promptly report that, too. Many will ignore you hoping you go away.You should always get your records from all docs that you see. You will be astounded at some of the things you find in them. Lots of it isn't relevant to your medical history at all.

    Take Care

  16. FibroNan

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    What do you call a medical student that graduates at the bottom of his class? "Doctor"


    PS You don't need any doctor who would treat you with such disrespect. Maybe the next one will be much better.
  17. kadywill

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    Hey girl!
    I cannot ell you how pissed I was to read this~~~
    I don't believe I'd be on the opiod med I'm on if my MRI hadn't shown the severe spinal stenosis and other back problems and that's a shame, because I've lived with chronic pain for many years. YOU should not be chastised or punished for taking a med that was prescribed by a physician!!!! This is crazy, but I know too well that many, many doctors do not believe that FM pain requires the "heavy" drugs. I work with doctors and I've heard it all, I can tell you. I have to bite my tongue to keep from being fired, because I often speak without thinking of the repercussions.
    You MUST follow-up on the tumors. You just must. I also know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be to be tested for this and that and to have conflicting results and questionable diseases. I've often left the office thinking I was crazy and that I wasn't going to further humiliate myself with further tests. I went through this recently with my Rheumatologist and my Neurologist.....they were SURE they were on the right track in testing for certain things, only to have my results return normal, so the docs just threw their hands up and said they really didn't have anything else they could try and that we'd just have to treat my symptoms. They said they'd be supportive with my SSD endeavor, but I don't think they were, as I was denied. I gave up then. No more for me unless new symptoms show up. I think I was smart to avoid doctors and tests for so many's humiliating and frustrating to prepare myself for certain things only to feel like a hypochondriac when the tests results were normal.
    I am so sorry.
  18. Achy-shaky

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    My jaw dropped when I read can they call themself a doctor????

    I haven't had a doc do this but I've been getting the cold shoulder attitude from my GP lately and wondering if this just might happen. I'm sure that GP needs to give you notice. Sounds like he didn't even refer you to the right kind of doctor for tumors...shouldn't you see an Endocrinologist?

    I would report that so and so neuro ...this sounds like misconduct to me!

    I did a search for Wash state medical board and found this:

    If your complaint involves a regulated health care provider,
    please contact:
    Department of Health
    Health Professions Quality Assurance
    at (360) 236-4700

    Please call and see what it takes to report him.

  19. JaciBart

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    You wrote such a lovely message, thank you.

  20. nancyneptune

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    I'm about to get fired by all of mine I think. I have pushed the GP, Rheumy and pain specialist about as far as I can I think.
    The last visit to the pain doc he told me I don't have FM even tho he had the Rheumy's diagnosis sitting right in front of him. This guy knows more than the Rheumy I assumed.
    Then he said; and I don't give opiates to Fibro patients! I said "Who asked YA?" He got that look on his face. You know the one right before they ask you if you have a shrink?
    I am so used to doctors looking at me in this manner now that I am certain I'm to be black balled soon. You know like Elaine was on Seinfeld? That's me!
    I don't care anymore. We are not going to re-educated those swine. They are stubborn mules and we can't possibly know squat because we didn't pass the medical boards.`
    uh oh, I have become a rant. Sorry. N