Kittie's Are HOME!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ksp56, Oct 26, 2012.

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    They are both adorable. The male has been checking out the entire house. He like's to be petted, but he is a dominant cat. On the other hand, our sweet girl did minimal checking out and ran behind the sofa, where she has now been for 30 minute's. Should I just leave her? I hate she is so scared! They've been shown litter box, food and water.

    The dog's are barking to come in, but I think they'll stay in one area tonight and the kittie's in another. I hope little girl isn't frozen in the same place tomorrow at this time!

    just a quick update! Thank you for your kindness and support!


  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    Take a damp cloth and wipe one kitty around the mouth, around the underneath of the feet and down the back and the head, then use the cloth to do the same with the other cat. Keep doing this and it will mix their scent and help accept each other's scent.

    You can also use the cloth to wipe it on both dogs so they get used to the cats' scent too. It will help the dogs adjust a bit to the cats' scent so they don't think it is odd or wierd and break any attempt to perhaps try to pee on areas to dominate the territory.

    Good luck with the kitties and everyone.
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    I appreciate your advice and I will put it to work! I'm hard pressed to get the girl kitty out from hiding, but I will do this!

    Hope you are doing well, Two Cat!!

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    Glad the kitties are home. How funny about little Lulu being so afraid. I'm sure she come out sooner or later especially if and when she gets hungry or thirsty. Neat that 2CATS gave you some ideas on what to do to get them all to used to each other. It is her first day or evening home so everything is so new to her. Sounds like your young male is not afraid at all.

    Keep us updated on them. I'm sure it will be interesting with all of the animals too. Good idea, at least for now to keep the kitties and dogs separate.

    Have fun trying to get Lulu out from behind the couch :)!!

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    she turned out to bre your berst friend and wanting comfort from you from time to time. Perhaps Lulu will do the same. It will just take a little time I imagaine. Talking to her , saying her name , and trying to play with her some (if she ever comes from behind the couch) :)!!

    Faithy sounds like little Lulu and may be in your lap sooner than you think but not to rush. Diane I think has good advice as well as that from 2cats. I had a kitty many years ago when I was a child and she was so sweet but we think she either got run over outside or someone took her. She ws such a pretty and sweet black and white kitty. Then after that we got a psychotic dog - omg a wild terrier . Pretty much a one person dog and scared lots of people when they came to the door :)! She wasn't big but she was loud.

    Keep us updated. on little Lulu and Frisco. Diane sound like you have your hands full with little Rosie :)!!!

    Hugz to you all,
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    in getting back to all of you. I'm sorry, my back is acting up and I am flaring at same time. I hate Indiana weather!

    We still haven't settled on 'real names' for cat's. They don't look like my original name's! I know it sound's silly, but we still have till their checkup, next week to figure out for sure! Jim call's the male, Buster and that is exactly what he look's like! As for the little girl, she look's like an Annie or Hattie to me. Yesterday I said we should call her Garbo due to keeping to herself. All in all, they have made great stride's considering there are our 2 dog's and our son's dog, for the time being living with them. Both of them are out and around. Buster, much more so. They are very loving. Very.

    You have all been so wonderful, I can't begin to express how much you have all meant to me. I'll being hanging around chit chat more so I can keep up with what is going on with you all!

    In a lot of pain, so will end now.

    Many hug's to all of you special women!


    P.S. If you are able, remember to vote Tuesday!

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    How are you feeing? I know you've been in pain for quite awhile. There's no way to really describe pain,unless you're the one dealing with it. I've thought good thought's for you over the last several week's.

    Would love to come to lounge. Honestly, what's held me up is my memory and inability to type long message's on someday's. I cannot remember huge list of people's name's and what has been said and it is embarrassing. But I guess there is no better place to have these problem's than with other's who truly understand!

    Please let me know how you have been. You are in my thought's daily.

    Gentle Hugs,