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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    My cat's behavior completely baffles me, he is so obsinate!!

    They really are odd creatures!!

    First of all my kids say it should be illegal for him to be so soft, and cute, but NOT cuddly!!

    He has these huge saucer like green eyes, and fluffy coat that feels like velvet bunny fur.

    And he will not allow anyone to pick him up and cuddle or hold him. He's not mean about it, he just lets ya know he's NOT enjoying it, and will escape as soon as possible.

    My youngest son gets batted in the head for trying!! LOL
    Kitty's fairly gentle about it, but sounds ferocious.
    And he never purrs for us.

    This is the same cat who comes and trys to sleep on my head in the middle of the night, and purrs like a steam engine the whole time!!!
    Go figure?? I woke up last night with my face buried in his side, breathing thur a cat hair filter!!

    He's just so silly. As soon as it's morning he jumps out of that bed, and won't have anything to do with ya, unless it's to play. Loves chasing string!

    The other morning i was sitting at the computor and i hear him coming up the basement steps. I look up and there he comes with my son's slipper dangling out of him mouth like his latest kill. He took it into the living room and laid on it.
    Gee, and i thought it was the kids who messed up the house, and left there stuff lying around!!! :0)

    This kitty really thinks he's a jungle cat, he stalks me around the house and mock ambushes me, if i catch him first he takes off like a streak of lighting.

    Aren't our kitties entertaining!! LOL, I still don't know why he won't allow us to snuggle and cuddle him when we want to!!!
    Right now he's playing with my other cat, they sound like a heard of elephants!! Or a couple of kids rough housing!!

    Goood Day, have you pet your pet today???

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Survey says: KITTY!

  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I loved your story-kitties are just too cute, My Smitten Kitten, who is 4 now, was never a cuddler and still is not.

    She was a stray that could sit on the palm of my hand, so cute and funny and that is how I came up with her name. I had a older cat and he was my cuddler and her protector against the dogs. He would back them up in a second, it was too funny. Then he died 2 years ago and she retreated and now won't come into the house, she lives my bathroom. She chose the room. I have a large sink cabinet that I emptied is now where here food and water is and a pillow for naps. I have open shelves on another wall where the washer and dryer is and she hangs out there or on the dryer by the window that looks out into the woods. The room is large and could be 2 baths but she seems very happy there.

    I always pet her and she is fine with that,she loves to be brushed but don't try to pick her up or she is gone. I buy her toys and she loves cat nip but I feel so sorry for her. The girls think she is a chew toy so I keep the door shut all the time. I have tried working with them but after my older cat died, they took over- He was the pack leader.

    Thank for sharing, I love kittens and puppies- Have you ever wathced the Animal Planet Super Bowl- They put puppies in a football like set with cameras in the bottom of the water bowl and different areas and you watch them play, then at half time they put the kitties in. It is so cute- Carla
  4. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I'm definitely a 'cat person'.

    My cat's not a cuddler either -- I got her at the county animal shelter about 13 years ago as a kitten. I think her parents were feral. She loved to play then, but really didn't like to be held like my cat before. Funny how they have such distinct personalities.

    The little twist now is that she likes to nap on the master bed -- will even holler in the morning after she's eaten and used the litter box. Our bed is pretty high, and she isn't getting any younger, so she demands that we lift her up and put her between the quilt and the blanket, with pillows on either side, like a nest.

    She LOVES to have others nap with her.

    When my son comes home, she seeks him out. She stretches just out of reach when he plays PlayStation and dozes.

    She's my baby!
  5. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Sounds like a Kool Cat!,,,,Very entertaining!,,,,Dog Lucky has alot of those same behaviors,,,,but does Cuddle! at times he thinks he's a lap dog!,,,,,,,,,,,at 65lbs thats sort of a problem but not to much!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It sounds like he's a garfeild like Kitty!,,,,,has an attitude but also likes to have fun!,,,,,,,Hope your havin' a great day!!,,,,,,Sis,,,,,,p.s. it's a balmy 36 degrees in MT today!,,,,,,Yea!
  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    love your kitty stories - I have two, one allows me to lift him and adore him, the other squeals her little head off if I lift her - but crawls all over my husband.

    They allow us to love them on THEIR TERMS.

    What would we do without our wee kitty cats.

  7. jole

    jole Member

    is just the opposite. She wants held all the time! Sometimes I just don't feel like it and she gets her feelings hurt and goes off and pouts....just like a kid. Then I feel bad and she gets her way. Talk about spoiled! She sounds like yours....will bat at us as we walk by, then take off, like she's playing tag.

    My daughter had a kitten that was abandoned, and we all called it the cat from hel*. It would walk around their house and let her pet it, but would hiss and growl and hit everyone else. It did not quit or back down so they had to shut it up in the bedroom until company left.

    I just never saw a cat hiss and growl like that one did. Not a nice personality at all!

    They are definitely all different.
  8. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    has never gotten into my lap. Or my spouse's lap.

    I'm usually sitting Indian style (Native American style?) on my bed with TV on, reading, writing, or whatever...if she wants loving, she puts her two front paws on my knee and bumps foreheads with me. Then, off she goes.

    If she's really in the mood for love, she will climb up on my rack, right in front of my face, and stand there while I nuzzle her fur with my nose.

    Not once, ever, has this cat stepped onto my lap.

    But she'll lie down beside me. Juuuusssst out of reach. :)

    Weird little girl.
  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Had to go to the Chiropractor yesterday, and then my kid had a friend over.

    Kitty was just playing with them this morning with string, but the moment someone tried to pet him, Zing he was off!! LOL!

    My kitty is alot like Jewels, he'll bump noses with me during the day or lie next to me, just sharing space together.
    Yesterday i laid down for a nap and he came and laid by my head again. So i guess he is affectionate in his own way.

    It's just that he's the softest cat i've ever owned, and it's hard to not try and snuggle with him!!!

    I think he knows he's got it on!! And he's just too sexy for his loving!!! LOL!

    He doesn't meow neither, just does this quiet little murrph. He's a rescue kitty too, the pregnant mom was abandoned she was a Bobtail cat, they have that super soft rabbit like fur.

    Hey rosiebud, i remember your Devon Rexs, that the right name, right??

    Hey Sis, I think he's a garfield kitty too! Our old Spring Spaniel dog is going to have to be put down here very soon.
    I'm not sure if i'm going to get another dog, i've kinda changed into a cat person. I don't have the energy for that whole puppy thing right now. Cat are so much easier and less demanding than dogs.

    Carla, never heard of Animal Super Bowl! Your Smitten Kitten sounds content with her room. She's alot better off than being stuck in an animal shelter, if she's health and happy i wouldn't worry about it.

    Thanks for all the kitty responses, enjoyed reading everyones replies, keep them coming!!

    Take care all,

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  10. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    We had 2 because, silly me, I thought the first one was lonely. The 2nd one we got from a shelter - her parents were feral - and she would not allow anyone to pick her up. If you tried, she would hiss, spit, and lock her paws. The other cat hated her and would whack her and spit at her every time she walked by. But the feral kitty loved to sleep next to me - just barely touching my leg. She also loved to play. We only had her 5 short years, sadly.

    The other cat (who is now 10), also hates being picked up and hates everyone except my husband and I (she'll hiss if anyone tries to pet her). She hates to play too. But she absolutely loves sitting in a lap, or on either my husband or I. Neither of us can sit anywhere for more than 2 minutes before she jumps onto us and settles in - and she'll remain there for hours.

    Cats are strange creatures - which is why I love them!
  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Your Kitty sounds a lot like my Sophie. She's yummy-looking but will not allow herself to be cuddled. If I must pick her up, I must move quickly with her to the spot she needs to be because every ounce of her is squirming and fighting to GET DOWN! Sophie does spend a lot of her time around me and likes to let me know when she wants attention, right NOW. Like her walking back and forth in front of the monitor as she just did....

    At least your cat sleeps with you. Sophie won't do that but she loves to play with (me) and a length of gold elastic cord. I can't let her play with it alone because she could swallow some of the "gold" as it unfurls and hurt herself, but she loves to grab the end and run away. YIKES! When it snaps back, it HURTS.

    Also, if she can get me moving fast through the house with something pulled behind me, she thinks it's great sport. Even greater to sit and watch while I move and she does nothing. I swear there's a twinkle in her eye.

    Last night she was part way under a little bench I use for a coffee table and I realized she thought she was hiding there. As long as she couldn't see me, she thought I couldn't see her. After I'd said, Where's Sophie?? several times, she came running out with a look in her eyes that said, HERE I AM!! Nutty cats.

    They're all different, these cats who have us as pets. At the shelter it's interesting to watch the various personalities there. Usually the ones who don't like to be handled were mistreated when they were young, like MARTA, the new kitten there. Hmmmmm, no one there admits to naming her but how many cats do you know named Marta??

    Seems she came from a home with small children in it who overhandled her. They didn't mean to mistreat her but weren't shown how to gently hold and manage a kitten. She no longer growls now, they say so maybe Marta will find a good home - with NO young children in it.

    Marta, the person who can't spell today
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Cats are just plain INDEPENDENT !! I don't have a kitty now but did as a child and also most of my kids have cats and or dogs also. I have found most of them to be very independent as well as just having their own personalities. Some you just cannot change at all..

    I loved hearing your stories. They were just to funny and real. Most kitties are lovable in their own way (even if they didn't want to be held or picked up).

    However, one of my daughters at one time had 3 cats 2 were great except Harry. That was one psychotic cat and one time he really bit me hard, as I was petting him. It was a long story but lets suffice it to say that I never did pet him again.

    Good luck and keep loving those independent kitties.


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