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    This is Cesar the cat and I have to tell you about a "Kitty Prank" that my sister Shelby pulled on two contractors that were here last week. The two contractors were upstairs with Momma talking about what had to be done. Shelby was at their feet and started hacking like she was going to hack up a hairball.

    The two contractors pulled their hands up (as if Shelby shot hairballs upwards into the air like rockets) and the men had faces like "oh my God, that cat is going to blow any minute."

    But Shelby the cat had no intention of hacking up a hairball. She doesn't hack up hairballs sitting up nor does she hack them up in front of people, and she only hacks them up between 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM on any day and only in the kitchen. So Momma knew she didn't have a hairball, had no concern and kept on talking about the work to be done.

    Shelby said she had been listening to the TV commercial for the coffee creamers where they sing "express yourself." So Shelby decided to "express herself" with a cat prank against the two big burly contractors and it caused them to have faces like they suddenly were up to their waists in dirty baby diapers. Shelby said it took a small cat like her with the threat of a hairball to put real fear into these big guys.

    Shelby said she enjoyed the cat prank imensely and recommends all cats do it to contractors.

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    I'm sure Tweety would enjoy this story but she is asleep on my soft throw on the loveseat. It's thundering outside and she doesn't like it. I'm so proud of her because the gardners were cutting the lawn today and she ran under the cars to get away from the noise. They go waaaay too fast on those lawnmowers and almost ran into me one day. Having outdoor cats is more worrisome.

    Thanks for the much needed laugh.

    Love, Mikie
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    That was really funny and I don't even own a kitty any more. I did years ago as a child . Cats can have so many stories to tell us all. I like your anology of the faces those big men had on their faces like they were looking or thinking about a pile of dirty diapers or something. That would be scary wouldn't it:)??

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us, Caeser, Shelby and 2Cats..

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    The two burly contractors were outgunned.

    “I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” A quote from Hippolyte Taine. Isn't that some name! I looked him up. A 19 century French writer. He also said:

    “We study ourselves three weeks, we love each other three months, we squabble three years, we tolerate each other thirty years, and then the children start all over again”

    Thanks for the post Cesar.