Kitty troubles;

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morningsonshine, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Does anyone know how to keep a juvenille cat OUT of the toilet!!!

    I know, the obvious, CLOSE the lid, however i live in a house with one man, and three little boys!! Sometimes they don't even flush! Yewwwww!
    Solution just doesn't work.

    I'm renaming my cat from Ziggy, to Potty Paws!!
    I'm so grosssed out when i'm sitting there and he comes and jumps on my lap, and he's wet! I know where he's been!!
    And thinking of him walking around the house like that is disgusting!

    I really wanted him to be a house cat, but this is gross.
    We live in the country so are cats have alway been in the barn, or part house, part barn.
    This guy was born here and is areal love bug, the last cat i really, really liked wandered and disappeared. So i was going to make Ziggy into an all house Cat. I don't want to lose another friend. But, when he shows up with potty paws, out he goes!!

    I was thinking about putting vinegar in the toliets, I noticed yesterday, when i had bleach in there to clean, he left it alone, but that pretty harsh.

    He is just facinated with water, he plays in his dish like a two year old.

  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Put double sided tape on the floor leading up to the toilet and maybe a bit around the base...cats won't walk on anything they stick to.

    You can also get a spray from the pet store (can't remember the name) that is a cat repellant, it is a smell they do not like that you can spray in the entrance to the room and around the is almost not noticeable to humans.

  3. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Thank you thos are somethings i never thought of!

    Mr. Potty Paws is laying right here on my lap purring up a storm, i wonder if he knows we are talking about him!!

  4. cats3

    cats3 New Member

    Try using a baby gate at the bathroom door to keep cat out.

    You can get those at garage sales real cheap or they do have pet gates at pet stores.

    I have 2 used baby gates on top of my bathtub to keep my cat(s) from using the tub as a litter box don't know which one of my 3 cats did this but no more problems.

    You could also attached a screen door to the bathroom to keep cat out.

  5. Landy

    Landy New Member

    Well hi there, I too live on a farm in the beautiful
    state of Wisconsin. We had 15 barn cats, some walked
    off never to return. Some died of barn disease. They
    use to all follow me to the mailbox. We too brought one
    in, she too likes toilets. Good luck. Apple cidar
    vinegar isn't too harsh, it's good for them. We had
    something attack our cats in Dec and we are now down
    to four who survived. We saved two that had had their
    throats opened. Love the farm, find it so peaceful.

  6. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    We have fox here, i think they get some of our outside tomcats that wander.

    There is also coyote, we've never found injured ones before, they are just gone!

    The outside cats can be pretty friendly, they will follow us on walks, and hang out with the kids.
    One day i looked out the window, my son had been making a snow cave, and i saw him pitching about 3 cats out of his cave!! They had crawled in with him. LOL
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  7. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    One of my cats almost drown in toielt when she was a kitty. She was obviously, wet and could not get any trackion to get out. Be careful.
  8. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Use caian pepper around the seat and the floor and across the entrance, the smell my be enough to detur him and if not when he goes to lick his paws it will burn his tongue.

    Since it is natural it will not hurt him or your family.

    GL too funny though lol. My cats try to come in and hsower with me when i am in the shower and they try to get in the bath with hubby if he is in the tub lol.

  9. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Hi Misty.

    That's good....potty paws (smile).

    I hope you can find something to stop him. I've never had a cat do that before.

    Usually they hate water and will stay away. Looks like you've got a "swimmer".

    Oh, he may grow out of it. When my ziggy was a kitten, he would do that with his water dish. he's splash it onto the mat and then drink it.

    He grew out of it.

  10. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I hope he out grows the water dish thing, he just isn't happy unless he knocks it over.

    He also stares at whoevers in the shower, and lays on the egde of the bath tub.

    We are starting to get a little better at keeping the lids down.
    Everyone had good suggestions, i'm still carless, so haven't had a chance to look for anything in pet store.

    Have used stormyeskys idea, and run a little water in the tub, he likes that, he also plays in the shower after anyone is done in there.
    He is such a playful bugger, yet has remained gentle.

    How old is your Ziggy?

  11. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Will be five years old on April 26th.

    Your baby is sweet. Just love him as he is.

  12. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    OMG you are not going to believe this but! Right after I posted to you yesterday I went for a nap and hubby was working on our taps in the shower.

    He turned around to lay something down and here was our own cat Katzzzzzpurrrrrrrrr with his paws down the toilet too!

    Eeeeeeeeeeew omg we have our own potty paws too! I told hubby of the post that you made and he laughed.

    GL with yours! Brenda
  13. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    It was so funny. My brother was over there one day and said he walked by the bathroom and the cat was sitting on the toilet, using it.

    I wish I could get mine to do that.

    I have one that loves to play in water also. I usually keep just a drizzle running out of one sink for him. He always drinks his water here.

    Also, have you tried the fresh water tank things. I used to have one. It has a filter and a pump - like the faucet. I bet he would take to that like a duck to water.
  14. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    I wish zig would use the toilet. I could save the litter money (hahaha).

  15. starmom

    starmom New Member

    I have a problem with my cat peeing on MY clothes (not my husband's) if they are left on the bathroom floor. She will pull out MY clothes to pee on. She is my husband's cat, is perfectly healthy, and just has some behaioral issues.

    I solved this by getting automatic door closers that fit on the door hinges. My bathroom door automatically closes now, and the cat leaves my clothes alone. With these closers (mine are made by Stanley) the kids can open and close the door easily, but the door will swing shut by itself. I needed 2 closers (one for each hinge) and they were about $5 each.

    This might be the simplest solution - I know my hubby and sons won't close the lid.


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