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  1. tlayne

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    You are so wonderful about reminding all of us about prayer night....Thank You and a big Hug! How are you? What is your prayer request? Please share with us and let us pray for you also. May God bring you many blessings. Love you, Tam
  2. KittyCare

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    Dear Tam,

    Thank you so much for asking about me. You are such a sweet and wonderful person! How are you doing? How is the move going? You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I have got a lot of prayer requests. This is the first time in several days that I have felt well enough to check the board. (I have the flu again.} Your message meant so much to me. :)

    I will post my requests on the prayer thread. Love and Hugs

  3. tlayne

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    I did see your prayer request. I am very slow at responding lately, but I am here. I know what you mean by the flu...again. This dd feels like I have the "flu" all the time. I am like you....respond alot when feeling good, and then lurk and pray when not feeling good. I am glad to see that you are still here tho. Love ya, Tam