Kjade, karenweil, and all SURVIVOR fans == COME CHAT!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

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    Calling all Survivor fans!

    Whose your favorite? What do you think of the game so far?

    Usually, I tend to like the players who are good at everything, likable, help out a lot, not overly bossy, and don't create drama. I don't care for the whiners and complainers and lazy people! They all know what they signed up for.

    That scene last night with Kathy's breakdown was very strange. There she is, pouring her heart out, while the line of Barbie dolls stand around her staring motionlessly like pod people. None of them had a word of support or encouragement for the poor woman, except "we feel the same way". I don't think they did. Kathy had lost it. They were still functioning. James is the only one who seemed to care about her and gave her several needed hugs.

    I like James a lot! Such a happy-go-lucky guy, and he fits all my requirements above.

    (I am surprised though that there aren't more people who break down and have to leave. It's a tough game!)

    I was rooting for Ozzie, but last night I got the feeling he is getting a little full of himself. He wasn't like that in his previous Survivor game. Hopefully he will tone it down after what was said at tribal council.

    I liked Amanda until last night when she released the bikini puppies. Was that really necessary? I feel sorry for her mother.

    I never understand why, when couples pair up, they at least don't try to keep it secret. They tend to become targets when they pair up. And when it's two strong players like Ozzie & Amanda, or Parvati and James, they are even more of a threat.

    Was anyone else a little worried when Ozzie didn't play his hidden immunity idol? I was sure he was a goner!

    Hopefully there will be a few more Survivor watchers here who want to discuss.
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  2. kjade

    kjade New Member

    OK, I watched last night's show, and have a few thoughts...

    First of all, let me just say that I cannot STAND Amanda & Parvati! I could not tolerate either of them on their first show, and certainly can't take much more of them here!! Parvati and her annoying flirting!!! Does that obnoxious behavior really get her anywhere in real life?? Boy, what a lucky girl she is, to have aligned herself with people that are keeping her there.....maybe she is not so dumb after all!

    And Amanda!! Oh, I had enough of her big, sad doe eyes in her first season! She is a lot smarter than she lets on, but she irriates me to no end! She TRIES to play the "nice" one...but she is FAR from it!!

    Ok, on to the most recent episode. Poor Kathy.....I felt bad for her, I really did. But at the same time, she signed up for the game! She had to have known how brutal it could really get - although I know they don't show everything on TV! My dream for the past 8 years or so has been to get on to this show! NOT just for the money, but because I love this game so much! And here she is, on the show, and she just breaks down and gives up? Like I said, I felt bad for her, but I don't like quitters either. There have been MANY, MANY times in my life I wanted to just "quit" and "give up" because I couldn't take it anymore (or so I thought) - BUT I never did! That is not to say I understand how she felt, because I have never been in that position....so I guess I am not one to judge, but...........I guess it would take A LOT to make me give up like she did.

    And you are right - the other girls just standing there when she was bawling her eyes out..they just kept looking at her, and not offering ONE kind word or holding her! I was sitting there watching, and thinking....I would say this or this....not THOSE selfish, self-centered girls!! They just stood there looking at her! WHAT?

    And since she CHOSE to leave, why couldn't they bring back poor Jonathan to take her place? He didn't WANT to leave! Although I did not care for him on his first show, I really felt bad for his this time....he did not want to leave, and I don't understand why they are not allowed to return if they get a clean bill of health - it doesn't seem fair.

    I just ADORE James!! I loved him last season, and I love him now! He is so strong and macho, and comes off so dopey---he is like a BIG, GIANT Teddy Bear! I could just smootch him!! I thought he was being really sincere when he bid Kathy farewell......that poor guy - he is the only man left on that tribe! I really hope he is going nowhere! I would love to see him WIN! But I don't think that will happen because there are too many catty, manipulative women left (sorry, I am a woman, but I think some of them are playing dirty....)

    For instance, Ami.....she acts like she is everyone's friend, and has some really good ideas for the "game" - but for some reason, she always goes with the group in the end! It is like, she knows how to walk the walk, but gets talked into going with everyone else! She had a chance tonight (at least it "appeared" that way) to get rid of the biggest threat, and didn't do it! Who knows though......they only show us a "portion" of what goes on there!

    I just love Ozzie - but I MUST agree! He is getting a little too comfortable! He knows he has that entire tribe wrapped, and to have the Idol and not play it was just stupid; a big risk....luckily for him, it paid off. In all reality, he is the only one that is any good at any of the challenges or at camp (like his follower David Cassidy said) so maybe they all know they would be dumb to get rid of him! He seemed so much more likable on his 1st season though - didn't he come in 2nd place on that one?? This time, he seems much more sneaky......and he needs to stay away from Amanda! She is so annoying! What does he see in her?

    The one I would watch is Cirie! She is such a sneaky little devil, isn't she? She was the mastermind behind quite a few vote-offs (including Yau-Man :( ) - I just would not trust her, with that happy, sweet smile of hers!!

    It doesn't look like the "fans" are doing all that great though.....wow! I would have done a much better job (I think). I know this show inside & out, and I would just know what to do to win! Unfortunately, I don't think I could last one day due to the FM. I would probably be BEGGING to go home! And that would be if I was lucky enough to be picked! I printed the application once, and didn't even try because they do a medical background search on you, and I think they send you to a psychologist, to make sure you can handle it. I don't know that I could.

    My vote for the winner this year is either James or Ozzie, but I'm sure they won't win - they are too likable. I watched the previews of next week's show, and it looks a little scary! We shall see!!
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I agree about Cirie. She is sneaky and manipulative. And she rubs me the wrong way this time. She just sits back like the great omniscient queen and judges everyone. The way she was laughing at Eric for following Ozzie and trying to learn from him. What exactly is wrong with that? At least he strives to work hard. I think Cirie only strives for shade, and a comfortable place to lounge. Why would a person afraid of water sign up for Survivor? Was Cirie the same one who was afraid of LEAVES a few seasons back, when they first arrived? Whoever that was, it cracked me up!

    I hated it that Yao Man got voted off!
    I hated it that Johnny Fairplay used the show as a tool to improve his public image!
    I HATED that Incredible Hulk-like Joel! I cheered when he got voted off. Jerk! That challenge where he dragged poor bony Chet around like a big angry ox, that was about the most cruel thing I have seen on this show. Chet was weak and worthless, but still...deserved to be treated like a human at least. Plus, Joel didn't like anyone else showing any leadership abilities, yet he manipulated everyone to vote the way he wanted. Control freak on a power trip. Buh Bye.

    I agree on Kathy too, but I was afraid to say it. She knew what she was signing up for. And to give up 20 days in!!!! What I didn't get is why the Barbie pod girls didn't pool their tiny brains together and come up with the idea to lose the challenge and vote her off. Because at that point, they didn't KNOW they would win. They could have lost TWO members in one day if they had lost the immunity challenge. Plus, if they had at least tried to console her, pretend to care, or suggested that she take a nice long nap, she might have pulled through.

    I read that Ozzie and Amanda continue to be a couple after the game ends. Her bio says that she just moved from Montana to Los Angeles. Ozzie also lives in California.

    I have always liked Ozzie, both games. But I can't believe they had the perfect plan to vote him off and blew it. Not that I want him gone, but that was just stupid on their part. And it would have worked, because he wasn't expecting it. If they don't break up the two power couples before the merge, they are all gonna go, one by one. I say, vote the slutty girls off first!

    I have a friend who applied to get on this game of Survivor. He went through a lot of elimination rounds, and even made it to California, then got the boot. He was so dissappointed! He was sworn to secrecy, and never mentioned that he had even signed up to anyone, till he got eliminated.

  4. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I just re-read what I wrote.....how funny....I wrote in the 1st sentence that I had a "few thoughts" - WOW....I just tend to ramble on & on, don't I?

    I laughed at what you said about Cirie. Something about her being the "omniscient queen"! Which reminded me...does she ever do anything around camp? Or has she gotten really good at just "lounging"? You are right too - she is awfully judgemental of EVERYONE! I chuckled a little when she was talking about Eric, and how he would marry Ozzie, but then again, I like Eric. She has to remember that he is very young, and is a "fan" so he is probably star-struck by Ozzie, and really looks up to him. He wants to be just like him, since he is like an idol to him. And yes, every single Survivor show has been on an island with water. Why is she there if she's so afraid of the water? I don't remember her being afraid of leaves, but I do remember something like that. If you recall what that was all about, please tell me.

    I did not see the show where Joel was voted off. For 2 weeks, my STUPID DVR did not record the show, because my HD channels were not working (funny...wasn't I just praising my DVR a few posts ago?) I missed that week and the previous week. From what you say, I am glad...he did seem a little "rough around the edges" and he DID look like the Incredible Hulk!!

    Oh, and Kathy, Kathy, Kathy!! I am willing to bet that she regrets her decision so badly. And I agree...if the "Barbie pod" (I laughed so hard when I read that) had been a little more supportive, she may have changed her mind. I know I have made some really STUPID decisions when I was feeling really low too, so I guess I can understand, but geeez! She made it that far....why give up when she did? A little rain never melted anyone!!

    I also laughed when you said "vote the slutty girls off first"! Ozzie and James are really not thinking clearly....those girls would vote them off in a HEARTBEAT if they had to. Wasn't Amanda even talking about getting rid of Ozzie last night? Now that I think about it, WHY is she on this show again? Wasn't she in the final 3 last year and only rec'd one vote? People just see through her and don't like her!

    Come to think of it, who DID win last season? I can't remember right now to save my life! Is my memory really getting that bad??
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    No, its not that bad. I can't seem to remember last seasons winner either at the moment! Now I have to look it up!

    Final 3 - Amanda, Courtney and Todd .....Todd won.

    And yes, it was Cirie who was afraid of leaves! I googled it. All I remember is when they were looking for their camp on the first episode, she freaked out over leaves on the ground. I think she might have been afraid of what was under them unseen. I thought at the time, this one will never last! Then she made it pretty far and was quite popular with the viewers, who picked her to win a car.

    You must have missed the scene I was talking about with Joel. They had an obstacle course, with something like a maze of short fences. Then they had two opposing pairs, with each pair tied together by a rope. One pair would try to keep away from the pair on the other team, and if they could last a certain time without getting caught, they got the point.

    So we had big, hulky, angry Joel, (who thinks he is better than everyone) and he is tied to weak and frail Chet. And they are chasing this pair of girls through this maze. Joel is powering through in a rage, furious that Chet can't keep up with him. Chet falls, so Joel rages forward anyway, dragging Chet across the rough terrain like a chicken bone on a string. Poor Chet is getting all banged up and injured his foot pretty bad. Joel is screaming and yelling and grunting the whole time he is dragging him.

    As big and strong as he was, I don't know why he didn't just pick Chet up and run with him. But it seemed like it was all about calling attention to how inadequate Chet was.

    It was a very disturbing scene! Poor Chet was stripped of all dignity! Later he asked to be voted off because his foot was infected. I think he was using that as an excuse to bail though. He was definitely not cut out for this game!

    I think I can match your rambling any day! Even if no one else shows up to discuss Survivor with us, together we can create the longest thread EVER!
  6. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Was Survivor on this week? I checked my DVR and the college basketball was on & nothing recorded last night, so I am guessing (hoping) it wasn't on this week? If it was can you tell me what happened? Oh....can't they put the basketball on another station?

    Thank you for reminding me about winner from last season....Todd! That's right - smarmy "Todd". I didn't care for him, but had to admit at the end that he should have been the winner. With all his evil, childish tactics...isn't that what the show is all about? I remember skinny Courtney now, and how annoyed she always was with everything. She did make me laugh sometimes though. Oh and how could we forget Amanda! Who rode Todd's coattails the entire time! UGH!!

    Anyway, please let me know if Survivor was on - I was so obsessed with Idol this week that I forgot all about Survivor.

    Also, do you watch Desperate Housewives or Brothers & Sisters? Neither of those shows have been on for so long....have they been cancelled or what? I had another favorite.....Friday Night Lights - that one hasn't been on for weeks either - I hope it wasn't cancelled! What is this? I thought the shows all ended in the summer months, not in March?

    Well, if our show wasn't on this week, let's come back here next week and continue this discussion. I agree we can make it so long - maybe we can set a record!!
  7. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I completely forgot Survivor, until about 10 after, and freaked out! Then it wasn't on. How dare they put Basketball on instead of Survivor! Don't they have sports channels for that? I checked though and it will be back next week in the usual slot.

    Yes, I watch Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, House, and my favorite, Lost! I'm anxious for them all to return.

    The mess this tv season is due to the writers strike that went on for months. All production had to come to a standstill, and nothing got written till the strike ended. So now we wait. Everything is returning in April with the remainder of shows for the season. They have special little spring themed promos going now featuring all the favorite shows returning for the Spring season. It's been so long, I don't even remember where Housewives left off.

    The strike had no effect on reality shows though, because they don't need writers. So all the game shows, dancing, singing, cooking, dating, weight losing, spouse-switching & house-fixing shows continued on as usual.

    Last years Survivor with Todd, Courtney and Amanda... it was like "who do I hate the least?" I absolutely hate it when someone ends up in the final 3 who did absolutely nothing the entire time and was basically useless, like Courtney. (Amber was another one like that....or should I say "Ambuh.") Coat tail riders! Todd was so conniving, and controlling - he just irritated me.

    I hope this year's final three has at least one person I like!

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