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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Hi Kjade..hope all is well. I am having alot of difficulty with the previous post--I am getting locked out of it and receving numerous error messages on it so I am unable to see if my response to you posted. I have bee having some difficulties since 7/29 with this board, so I had my husband (who is an IT Director) read the error messages. He said it has nothing to do with my laptop, it's on Prohealth's programming side. Perhaps I will report it to Tech support. It's really a pain, because it gives me error messages, but will not allow me to exit. UGHHH!! Anyway, let me know if you got my earlier message today on your 'The Baby Is Here Post', but let me know on here if you can since I cannot get onto the other post.

    Hope all is well with you and baby!!

    Peace --Laura
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    Yes I did see your post on the other thread. Thank you!! That story WAS funny about the laundry. I too HATE doing laundry. It's not so bad in the summer....winter is so much worse. That sounds like something I would have done...just throw it all away!! LOLOL! That is a good idea about the baskets for each kid. They do have to put their own laundry away, but they usually just shove it in the drawers and wrinkle it all up.. DH usually does the folding, but since I am not working, I have been doing it all, which is ok. I just still hate it.

    I was having problems today with this site also. I thought it was my pc - I got stuck trying to click on a post, so I just logged out. I was afraid my pc was getting another virus. I just got another error trying to click on this post. So I hope this goes through.

    Last night, I slept for 9 hours. (DH got up with the baby) It felt so good, but I was still so tired. Then this afternoon I fell asleep again when the baby fell asleep on my chest. I felt so bad, because my mom was here visiting, and I just passed right out! Now I think I am ready for my week!!!