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    Hi, I think I just sent a reply to myself? I cannot lol at this one I am FRUSTERATED!!! It hurts sooo bad to sit here and peck at theese keys. Some one who replied to my first post , posted that people should say thanks or at least let people know they recieved reply. She sounded angry? I agree with her however she needs to remember that if they are like me,sometimes it can be DAYS, LOOONG DAYS in a row, that you just do not feel up to getting on the p.c. If this was intended for me, I am sorry. I am trying to learn how to post and when I read sometjing sometimes, I am OFF in a differant direction and the next thing I know is it is 1:30am and my xanex is kicking my butt and I HAVE to go to bed.
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    Oh bless you heart do not worry about that it was not directed at you honey. She wasn't mad just frustrated because some here post and never, never acknowledge that responses are even read but it was not directed at you.

    I posted on that thread to and I can tell you I was not referring to you.

    Trust me everything will be OK you will get some rest and try again -- when you have gotten some rest.

    At times it is all some of can do to get on a computer. I am luckier than most.

    You just do what you can and do not worry about it OK?

    Get some rest -- I will talk to you later,

    Karen :)
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